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StatManDan: A Note to Readers

You might have noticed that I have not posted any Ratings Reports recently. This is something I am suspending with immediate effect for a couple factors. The first is that, especially in the case of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it’s rather impossible to truly measure how many people really watch the show. All we know officially are those who watch on Discovery Family every Saturday. There are also the online means of watching the show when it first airs. In some cases, those uploads on YouTube have more views than the estimated views on Discovery Family.

To an extent, this can be true for Steven Universe and Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Both can be seen on the Cartoon Network and Disney XD apps, respectively as well as online. With more and more people viewing episodes online when they can and when they want, It almost makes TV viewership on its own obsolete. Perhaps there will be a better measure that factors in not just TV views and same-day DVRs, but also same-day downloads of episodes from official sources.

As a result, I feel no need to continue the ratings reports at this time. I will still continue to review episodes of MLP and Steven Universe. I will also put my Statistics degree to use from time to time when I see fit. But for now, no more ratings reports for the time being.


Synposis: Steven tells people’s fortunes at Funland.

A fresh minute and a half preview of this week’s episode, Future Boy Zoltron.  Someone finding out they have future vision, or just having some fun.


Sometimes, you just need to have fun with characters. Such as the case with this episode with Discord, Spike, and Big Mac. Tuesday tea with Fluttershy is cancelled this week because Celestia has invited the Mane Six to an overnight goodwill tour of Yakyakistan. Discord is left with no choice but to spend the evening with Spike and Big Mac who have their super secret “Guys’ Night.”

It turns out Spike and Big Mac play a role playing game called Ogres and Oubliettes (Read:  Dungeons and Dragons). Spike is a wizard and Big Mac is a knight and Discord is not at all thrilled with being “Captain Was” (ranger). Discord prefers some sort of night at the jazz club straight out of some Tex Avery cartoon. Ultimately, Discord transforms the game making it all too real for Spike (aka Garbunkle) and Big Mac (aka Sir McBiggin).

Spike confides that he and Big Mac invited him over only because they felt sorry for him and Fluttershy told them that he felt lonely. After some thought, they call Discord back and ask for a toned down version of the game after admitted it was exciting to live out the game. After the Mane Six come back and see what is going on, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash join the game becoming a cavalier and rogue, respectively.

This was an enjoyable episode, it ultimately a filler episode. There’s no real lesson to learn here and it’s just having fun with the guys here. The best scenes were at the beginning when “Opposite Fluttershy” reads “Opposite Discord” the riot act and the end when we see Pinkie and Dash join the game. Outside of that, nothing really spectacular except a fun time, and that was really what the show was going for here. Nothing much to add after that.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Fun episode
  • +  Imagination!
  • +  Beginning and end scenes
  • +  Big Mac and Spike play D&D
  • –  Filler episode




618 – “Dungeons & Discords”

Written by: Nick Confalone
Discord unexpectedly joins Big McIntosh and Spike’s “top secret” guys’ night of fantasy role-playing.

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Steven and Connie are about to practice as Stevonnie in the Ruins, but Connie is haunted about an incident at school where she accidentally flipped over someone and Stevonnie falls apart. Garnet talks about how fusions need balance and sings a song about finding one’s self in the midst of things that are bothering you. Connie feels better, but then it’s Steven’s turn to feel awful as his is compounded by visions of Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball. Stevonnie falls off a cliff and de-fuses again, but Connie is there to rescue him to say that he needs to be honest about how bad it feels that he couldn’t help any of them as a means to get over it.

This was a very good episode even if you get that all too common feeling that the 11 minutes just fly by. Steven doesn’t like conflict, let alone bring harm to anyone. He tried to help Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball; but ultimately had to poof Bismuth, allow Peridot to do the same to Japser, and he to send Eyeball floating off into space. It still hurts him that Rose shattered Pink Diamond. But in all of those circumstances, he had to do what he did for the better.

This will likely be a plot point for the rest of Season Four as Steven deals with the fact that his mother had to shatter one of the diamonds and that he himself has had to action against someone he tried to be friends with—especially when that gem was trying to kill him. We’ll see where this goes from here.




404 – “Mindful Education”

Written by: Colin Howard, Jeff Liu, Takafumi Hori
Steven and Connie learn to focus better to help improve their training.

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