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614 – “Stranger than Fan Fiction”

Written by: Josh Haber, Michael Vogel
Rainbow Dash goes to a Daring Do convention in Manehattan where she meets Quibble Pants who dislikes Daring Do; the two become involved in their own Daring Do-style adventure.

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The second half of MLP Season 6 is about to begin, and apparently today is known as “International Friendship Day“, a United Nation sanctioned day of celebration.  Oddly enough if you type it into Google, there is also another Friendship day coming up on August 2nd.  The reason I’m talking about this is because our friendly local public relations firm has asked us to spread the word, as Hasbro & My Little Pony will be “igniting a social media movement to empower fans to celebrate the magic of friendship through random acts, encouraging others to “friend it forward” in celebration of International Day of Friendship”.

We would love to invite you to get involved by performing an ‘Act of Friendship’ for someone and sharing your good deed with the My Little Pony community using #FriendshipisMagic and #FrienditForward. This could be as simple as bringing a coffee to your colleague or giving someone a new follow on Twitter! We also encourage you to use the special My Little Pony Snapchat filter, available on July 30th, to share your acts of friendship!

For each act shared using both hashtags, Hasbro will make a $1 donation to generationOn (up to $50,000) to keep the friend it forward movement going! In addition, the My Little Pony brand will be “friending it forward” to fans by offering online promotions on select merchandise and airing the mid-season premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic on Saturday, July 30th at 11:30am EST on the Discovery Family Channel. To learn more about how My Little Pony is “friending it forward” to their fans, please click here or visit MyLittlePony.com.

Thanks, looking forward to seeing how Derpy News spreads the magic of friendship with My Little Pony!

As a site which basically does the opposite of what makes a website popular (namely having public personalities connected to the site and using social media), that is a tall order.  So much like your good old Grunkle Derpy, we’re going to do a little bit of bribery.

The same PR firm sent us some ‘promo’ material, which much to my surprise was the 2016 SDCC exclusive.  Features Discord on his throne with his glass of chocolate milk and his best pal Fluttershy in a nice decorative box that has blue LEDs built into it.  Lucky for you, I really do not collect MLP merchandise (except all things Derpy), so here is what we are going to do.

Go out and do something good for someone, if you do not already do so.  Its becoming a lesser thing in this increasingly insane world, so be careful, and share your experience so Hasbro will cough up a dollar using the hashtags #FriendshipIsMagic, #FriendItForward, and #DerpyNews on Twitter & Facebook.  Sometime between Sunday & Monday, what is left of our staff will vote on who did the best deed, and will reward them with the SDCC exclusive.  I’m sure at least one of our three readers will go for it.



Alone at Sea

Steven takes Lapis for a boat ride with Greg. It’s a rental, but that will become important later. Steven tries to get Lapis to loosen up a bit and show her the foghorn and how to fish, but she’s still haunted by being fused with Jasper and previous things like taking the ocean. And then Jasper re-appears from the ocean. She wants to fuse with Lapis so they can become Malachite and become powerful. This time, Lapis refuses and when Jasper goes after Steven, Lapis uses water punch and it’s super effective. The boat becomes a ‘purchase’ after Lapis’s punch punched a hole in the ship among other problems.

This was a surprising episode. It didn’t really go anywhere until Jasper came. Again, it’s more setup for later in Season Three which is going through at rapid speed. I would call it a burn except that the show has a two-season renewal after this. It was an interesting twist as Steven tries to see the good in Lapis, even if she is not.



Greg the Babysitter

We get something of a breather episode here. It’s the story of how Greg got to work at the car wash. Greg decides to crash Vidalia’s place where she’s attempting to feed Sour Cream—then a baby. Greg is quite immature at this time, but has to become a babysitter after the original babysitter had to cancel because of the death of his hamster. Greg takes Sour Cream to the beach and Rose comes by. Rose is amazed about how humans grow up. Then, Rose is asked to watch him while Greg comes up with an idea for a song. Rose indeed watches Sour Cream—climb up a ferris wheel. Hi-jinx ensues and Rose saves the two of the them. Here Greg realizes that he needs to grow up in addition to growing up. So, he takes a job at the car wash where he’s worked ever since.

Again, it’s a breather episode, especially given that it followed “Alone at Sea.” We see Rose still in awe about human beings and that and that Greg was a bit of a louse in the early days. It’s a good episode that is just there to be a breather from the current round of stories and good backstory for Greg and Rose.



Some possible info for a future episode has shown up through Yahoo. Check out after the break for details.

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316 – “Greg the Babysitter”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Katie Mitroff
Steven learns how Greg came to work at the car wash.

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We return to new episodes this weekend, and the My Little Pony Facebook page has put up a short preview of tomorrow’s episode.


315 – “Alone at Sea”

Written by: Hilary Florido, Kat Morris, Rebecca Sugar
Steven and Greg take Lapis Lazuli on a boat ride.

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