Happy Ask Strangers for Candy Day. The one day a year where you show your bank account, creativity and other *ahem* things using the costume on your back. It is a day of spooks and frights. It is a day to further fuel this country’s childhood obesity problem, but enough about that. I am the music critic, not cultural analyst. On this Nightmare Night I thought I’d have a Halloween special of my own. Instead of some overlong skit, a pretty picture, a grimdark fanfic, or a hastily put together album, have a song by song analysis of Aviators album Haunted House- And Other Stories.

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In honor of our weird new episode tonight, all of the people… er… sneeple on the Steven Crewniverse are sharing a fresh batch of Snupcakes! we’ll look for the truth under all that frosting! food prep: Christy Cohen

In honor of our weird new episode tonight, all of the people… er… sneeple on the Steven Crewniverse are sharing a fresh batch of Snupcakes!
we’ll look for the truth under all that frosting!
food prep: Christy Cohen

131- “Keep Beach City Weird”

Written & Storyboarded by Raven M Molisee & Paul Vicceco
“Steven is taken in by Ronaldo’s conspiracy theories about paranormal occurrences in Beach City.”
DN Rating: TBA

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Via Keep Beach City Weird Tumblr:

Check out what I found while skinning a bag of potatoes at the Fry Shop!  Does this studly spud remind you of anyone?

Maybe a certain blogger?

It’s me!  It looks just like me!

I’m sure the boys in the White House Science Lab would have you believe this agricultural abnormality is nothing to worry about, but my tater twin here is no doubt part of a plan to replace all of mankind with high carb clones!  Who could be behind such a ssssinister ssscheme?  The answer lies in all those extra s’s!  Ssssssee you next time, Weirdateers!

Beach City’s own Ronaldo Fryman asks the hard questions for tonight!

KEEP BEACH CITY WEIRD! Storyboarded by Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco airs TONIGHT @6:45 e/p on Cartoon Network!

Tonight’s Crewniverse Recap Universe Report has a sea of image galleries with props and backgrounds from the previous three episodes, Space Race, Ocean Gem and House Guest.  As for the next episode, we only have one title & synopsis.  Cartoon Network usually gets a little wonky with new episodes around the holiday season, due to specials, etc.

  • Sun 132: Fusion Cuisine - “To impress Connie’s parents, Steven asks the Gems to fuse together to pretend to be his mother.” (November 6th 2014)

The Universe Report after the page break.

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Ratings Report: Wander Shocker

For those of you who question the wisdom of Wander Over Yonder being punted to Disney XD, I present your ammunition. Friday’s showing of “The Date” and “The Buddies” drew an all-time low of 140,000 viewers. Since being punted to Disney XD in June, first-run episodes on the channel have averaged a mere 321,444 viewers an episode. In fact, none of the episodes that have debuted on XD have drawn more than a half-million viewers at the first run. Of course, the episodes have been rerun on the Disney Channel where the numbers are likely to be greater, but not on par with what it was drawing before being punted. All information courtesy of Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights and cites Nielsen Media Research.

The next episodes, “The Liar” and “The Stray” are due to air Tuesday, November 7th on Disney XD.

Ratings Report: Gravity Falls – “Society of the Blind Eye”

Back to Gravity Falls and back to Disney XD for this one. While there though, Gravity Falls continues to get high numbers for Disney XD. “Society of the Blind Eye” drew 1.074 million viewers on Monday night at 8:30pm ET. It is the second episode to break the million barrier on Disney XD with the other being “The Golf War” (1.272 M). The episode also outdid the newest Star Wars:  Rebels which came in at 946,000 viewers.

Gravity Falls’’ average per episode on Disney XD (excluding the two episodes that premiered on Disney Channel) now stands at 999,200 an episode from the five episodes that first aired on Disney XD so far. “Soos and the Real Girl” drew 837,000 viewers in case you are curious.

Next up for Gravity Falls is “Blendin’s Game” which airs on Disney XD on November 10th.

All ratings information comes from Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights and cites Nielsen Media Research as its source.


Disney XD has announced a number of new episodes and published synopses of already known ones. This gift has come to us in the form of their November 2014 programming highlights published by Nick and More among others.

Friday, November 7

Wander Over Yonder “The Liar / The Stray”
(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)
“The Liar” – Wander guides a family of aliens through the perils of an active volcano.
“The Stray” – Wander goes out of his way to help a cute little kitten, Little Bits, only to find that she is secretly a bounty hunter luring him into a trap. G Hannelius (“Dog With A Blog”) guest stars as Little Bits.

Friday, November 14

Wander Over Yonder “The Big Job / The Helper”
(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)
“The Big Job” – Sylvia is recruited by a rebel commando team to help steal Lord Hater’s latest secret weapon.
“The Helper” – One strange day, Wander is unable to find anybody who actually needs his help. Episode written and storyboarded by Aaron Springer (“Mickey Mouse” cartoon shorts, “SpongeBob SquarePants”).

Tuesday, November 25

Wander Over Yonder
“The Funk / The Enemies”
(8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)
“The Funk” – Hater is taught a lesson after he turns to pulling pranks on seemingly weak and defenseless aliens to make himself feel better.
*Prank-themed episode, part of Disney XD’s Pranksgiving.
“The Enemies” – Lord Hater and Sir Brad Starlight team up to fight the one person they hate more than each other, Wander. James Marsden (“Enchanted”) reprises his role as Sir Brad Starlight.

Friday, November 28

Wander Over Yonder “The Rider”
(8:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET/PT)
When Sylvia’s old partner, Rider, shows up, Wander wonders if the roguish Rider makes a better teammate for Sylvia than he does. Emmy Award-nominated actor Will Arnett (“The Millers,” “Arrested Development”) guest stars as Rider.


While Season 5 may or may not be a ways off, a little tidbit came across twitter from one Ms. Lena Hall and namely her role in recording some episode lines today.  If her name sounds familiar, you may have heard about her winning the 2014 Tony Music Award for Best Actress in a Music (for her role in Hedwig & the Angry Inch).  It may also be the fact she gave a shout out to My Little Pony when she was asked about inspiration.  The other was Marlon Brando.

Outside of the lights of Broadway, Ms.Hall also does some lead singing and song writing for a band known as The Deafening.

The Deafening is New York to it’s core. A ferocious four piece born of the city’s eternal energy. A raw tribute to it’s defiant crush. With blues beating back and rough punk ethos, The Deafening are the natural heirs to the Bowery’s big bad seventies sound. With wild man Burt Rock on guitar, Dylan Doyle on bass, Mick Harrison whipping back the skins, and Lena Hall wailing her little black heart out, this four piece seeks to return to rock it’s dirty sexy city heart.

With this announcement, it also seems to have brought up questions about Season 5 in general.

Understandable as the community is use to new seasons appearing sometime between September & November.  While there has been no official word from Hasbro, keep in mind the various other projects the DHX crew has been handling, such as Equestria Girls 2, the recent announcement of a MLP feature movie, and of course the laying to rest of The Hub Network and the rise of Discovery Family.  We know many hoped that the announcement of “2015” was like previous years when early announcements pointed to long off dates, but it seems currently rumor mill evidence points to Spring of 2015.


Ratings can be a game of Chutes and Ladders. One day you climb the ladder and reach dizzying heights. The next day you go down the chute. With Steven Universe and the rest of Cartoon Network’s Thursday lineup, the latter applies this week. “Island Adventure” drew and estimated 1.528 million viewers on Thursday night. That makes is the least-watched first run episode since “Rose’s Room” on May 14th and the least-watched since coming back from hiatus last August. The average for the show since August 21st dips to 1.992M per episode and is now 1.701 for the season as a whole.

All five of CN’s Thursday night shows were under two million in viewership with Teen Titans Go! the most-watched of the bunch at 1.826 M viewers. Regular Show dropped to 1.712M viewers after its first two episodes of Season Six were over two million.

All ratings information in this report comes from Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights and cites Nielsen Media Research.