As the Summer season unofficially draws to a close, the SU crew have finally announced the return of the show. Steven Universe is slated to return to the air waves on September 10th with episode 68, Nightmare Hospital.

Steven and Connie must retrieve Rose’s sword from a hospital.

Grunkle Stan is hiring. . .again! It looks like Disney XD will be airing the remaining “Lost Mystery Shack Interviews” that were advertised last time, this Sunday (Sept 6) at 12pm ET. Promo after the break.



204 – “The Wanders; The Axe”

Written by: Scott Peterson, Craig McCracken; Mike Yank
Wander is split into multiple personalities; Lord Hater fires Commender Peepers.
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Here’s another promo for The Last Mabelcorn, now with unicorn, after the Break.


New Short: “A Banner Day”

a banner day

In addition to the sneak peak of Friendship Games shown today, a new short is out. Check it out on the My Little Pony Facebook page.


tumblr_nqvpfoWYQP1sj5dd9o1_1280[1]by Dennybutt

Canterlot High and Crystal Prep Academy compete in a series of exciting events, including archery, motocross and roller skating.

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The show that’s North of normal and West of weird took a bit of a trip South in the ratings. “The Stanchurian Candidate” drew an estimated 1.157 million viewers on Monday night on Disney XD. While it is the fifth successive episode to draw at least a million viewers, it is also it’s lowest mark in 2015. This despite the return of Gideon as an antagonist who had his number called to get revenge on the Pines twins.

The Season Two average now stands at 1.308 million when you factor the two episodes that first aired on Disney Channel. The average is 1.136 million excluding those two. Still, Gravity Falls is far and away Disney XD’s most-watched cartoon series.

Next up for Gravity Falls is the return of Bill Cipher in “The Last Mabelcorn” on Monday, September 7th at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.