618 – “Dungeons & Discords”

Written by: Nick Confalone
Discord unexpectedly joins Big McIntosh and Spike’s “top secret” guys’ night of fantasy role-playing.

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Steven and Connie are about to practice as Stevonnie in the Ruins, but Connie is haunted about an incident at school where she accidentally flipped over someone and Stevonnie falls apart. Garnet talks about how fusions need balance and sings a song about finding one’s self in the midst of things that are bothering you. Connie feels better, but then it’s Steven’s turn to feel awful as his is compounded by visions of Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball. Stevonnie falls off a cliff and de-fuses again, but Connie is there to rescue him to say that he needs to be honest about how bad it feels that he couldn’t help any of them as a means to get over it.

This was a very good episode even if you get that all too common feeling that the 11 minutes just fly by. Steven doesn’t like conflict, let alone bring harm to anyone. He tried to help Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball; but ultimately had to poof Bismuth, allow Peridot to do the same to Japser, and he to send Eyeball floating off into space. It still hurts him that Rose shattered Pink Diamond. But in all of those circumstances, he had to do what he did for the better.

This will likely be a plot point for the rest of Season Four as Steven deals with the fact that his mother had to shatter one of the diamonds and that he himself has had to action against someone he tried to be friends with—especially when that gem was trying to kill him. We’ll see where this goes from here.




404 – “Mindful Education”

Written by: Colin Howard, Jeff Liu, Takafumi Hori
Steven and Connie learn to focus better to help improve their training.

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Clip for “Dungeons and Discord”

New clip has shown up for Saturday’s episode.

IDW Solicitations for November 2016


IDW has released information on MLP books coming in November. Check out the details after the break.

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New Title and Synopsis for FIM 622

Zap2It has details for another episode of Friendship is Magic. Check them out after the break.

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Can there be two good Spike episodes in one season? Well, Season Four had “Power Ponies” and “Equestria Games”, though the former was liked more for Ponies as Superheroes. Here, Season Six has “Gauntlet of Fire” and this episode. Twilight, Starlight, and Spike are visiting the Crystal Empire and Flurry Heart, but the citizens are in a bit of a panic because of a changeling sighting. Shining Armor and Cadance are taking no chances.

The guards are deployed and are being helped by the Empire’s hero, Spike the Brave and Glorious (what happened to the Great and Honorable part?). It’s Spike who ends up finding the changeling, but he’s not like all the others. His name is Thorax who is looking for friendship after the events of “A Canterlot Wedding”. He’s found it in the Crystal Empire, but he goes into a for after sensing the love generated from Flurry Heart.

Spike tries to convince the guards back at the castle that he’s made friends with a changeling, but he is laughed off and Shining Armor thinks it’s no laughing matter. Spike then brings in Thorax via disguise. It works out well for a while, but the cover is ultimately blown at the sight of Flurry Heart. Thorax runs off and Spike fails to defend him in the heat of the moment. Spike then runs off to find Thorax and they eventually try again.

This time, Thorax comes as himself and Spike sings a song about why changelings could change. It’s ultimately won over by Twilight who views it as spreading friendship and that he taught all at the castle, even herself, a lesson about spreading friendship to others such as changelings. It ends with Thorax being accepted into the Crystal Empire.

This was a wonderful episode with perhaps the strongest lesson yet this season. It’s saying something that two of the best three episodes this year are Spike episodes in my opinion (the other on that list being “The Saddle Row Review”). There are groups of people we feel we may never be friends with, but that doesn’t mean we cast off everyone in the group as a whole as potential enemies. This is what the lesson was here and Spike being a hero in the Empire lend credence to this given the setting.

You could not ask for a better debut for writers Kevin Burke and “Doc” Williams.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Strongest lesson of season
  • +  Spike and Thorax
  • +  First Spike song
  • +  Great debut for new writers