On Monday, Hasbro released their second quarter Earnings. While the revenues were up, they missed Street estimates which are the numbers forecasted by securities analysts. Profits were also off compared to the second quarter of last year. However, while it’s not all roses for Hasbro, they are apparently not mostly fallow as Mattel’s numbers came out to be where most of its categories were down. 

This earnings call also served as a reminder that while My Little Pony is still one of Hasbro’s major players, Transformers is part of Hasbro’s biggest business which are Boys’ toys. Revenues of the Boys department seems to correlate with whether or not there’s a Transformers movie. Since there is one, it serves as mo surprise that sales grew 32%. In fact, the second biggest department in terms of revenue is Games where revenues were off from last year at this time (-12%).

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Derpy Interviews: April Winchell


Voice actress, writer, advertiser, radio personality. Snarky blue dinosaur alien. All of these titles can be lauded on today’s interview subject. Derpy News is proud to present a short interview with April Winchell, who voices Sylvia in the Disney cartoon Wander Over Yonder. You can get a closer look into her life after the break! Read more →

The Party Animal

Thanks to Anon for submitting a 720p TV recording of “The Party Animal.” Spazz’s recording is forthcoming as well I’ve been told. here!

“The Party Animal” – Sylvia tries to stop Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet with his partying and party-loving Wander from joining in the festivities.

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Good Morning Steven Universe fans.

Its been about two months since we’ve talked about the show, but that is due to the major hiatus Cartoon Network has placed on new episodes.  There has been no red flags about any doom or gloom lingering over the show, as Rebecca Sugar & gang were highlighted at this year’s SDCC panel along with Clarence’s crew and other great shows.  Being unfamiliar with how Cartoon Network releases their new episodes, I would assume these long hiatuses are common since the network likes to release new seasons back to back with the old ones as seen with Regular Show & Adventure Time.

In the morning update we bring you two features.  As always the Crewniverse Update which features all the posted content from the show’s crew via Tumblr, but apparently some of the non-US branches of Cartoon Network have actually aired Ep 120 “Coach Steven”, and thanks to the internet multiple copies are circulating the data waves.  Behind the page break you will find two versions, if you wish to spoil yourself before it finally reaches the US airwaves.

So expect some new Steven sometime soon.  Believe in Steven.



It’s not unusual for a show to follow up a truly great episode (see “Pinkie Apple Pie”) with a total dud (see “Rainbow Falls”). Its coincidence that the Hub Network reran “Pinkie Apple Pie” and “Rainbow Falls” back-to-back on this day, because LPS has certainly followed up the great “What’s So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!” with a total dud with “Two Pets for Two Pests.”

It’s Pet Appreciation Day at Blythe’s school and Blythe can only take two pets with her. After much thought and ultimately writing down the first two names on a piece of paper, it will be Vinnie and Penny Ling. The writers thankfully cut to the chase because the pets most certainly would’ve made things very hard. Bringing pets allows students to be excused from class, so the Biskit twins get a couple of chinchillas named Cashmere and Velvet for the day with the intention of returning them to the chinchilla orphanage afterwards. Blythe needs to convince the Biskits to keep them. That’s our A-plot.

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Fillies and gentlecolts, Nightmare Nights Dallas is pleased to announce the magnificent Amy Keating Rogers as our next Guest of Honor for this year’s celebration of the Dark Princess, Nightmare Nights Dallas. Amy joins us here in Addison, Texas for a weekend of fun, frights and a glimpse into the creative writing mind that brought us episodes such as Bridle Gossip, The Last Roundup, Filli Vanilli, and many more. Come join Amy on panels where she can answer your questions like, what was the cut Rarity scene from Applebuck Season, why does Zecora talk in rhymes, what songs does she likes to lip sync to, and why is Raincloud best pony?

Amy is also known for her writing and story work in Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and many, many more of our favorite childhood cartoons. She joins our other Guests of Honor, Tabitha St. Germain, and Britt McKillip.

Nightmare Nights Dallas is Texas’s largest My Little Pony fan based convention. Come join us this October 24-26 in a celebration of not only the Nightmare Moon but all things MLP. Please visit us online at NightmareNights.net, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

Nightmare Nights Dallas 2014 memberships can be purchased here

Till Her return, bide…

Friends Forever #7 Extended Preview

Cover by Amy Mebberson

Cover by Amy Mebberson

An extended preview is out thanks to Comic Book Resources. Be sure to see the comedic duo of Pinkie and Luna this Wednesday, and to check out this preview after the break.

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