121 – “Joking Victim”

Written by Raven M. Molisee | Storyboard by Paul Villecco
Steven works a shift at the Big Donut when Sadie gets stuck with all the work.

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It has been awhile since we’ve posted a Crewniverse Update, but without the needed fuel of new episodes to power the Steven Crewniverse tumblr with new updates, we’ve had little to post about.  Tonight’s recap covers the usual characters, props, effects and music from SUN 120 - Coach Steven.

And then from Zap2it, we have the title & synopsis from episode 122.

SUN 122 - Steven & The Stevens

“Steven recruits a version of himself from the past for his band.”

And of course tune in tonight @ 6:30pm ET for SUN 121 – Joking Victim on Cartoon Network, and later for the DN Episode Guide.  Enjoy.


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Jeremy Whitley on Brony Time #83

Brony Time’s latest episode features the MLP comic writer, Jeremy Whitley. Check it out over here.

Hey Everypony!

We are so happy to have this week’s guest back on our show. This episode we are joined once again by Jeremy Whitley to talk about his latest issues of the MLP comic and the Kickstarter for his latest comic, Illegal. We then go to our panel with Chef Sandy, Hard Cyder, and Nurse Glitterheart to talk about ponies and such. I know, shocker, right?


Friends Forever #9 Preview

Friends Forever #9 cover by Amy Mebberson

Friends Forever #9 cover by Amy Mebberson

The iTunes previews are coming in early for next month’s comics. You can check out the team up of Granny Smith with the Flim Flam Brothers on the 10th, and check out the preview (with a double page spread) after the break.

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Find more information on manliestbrony.com.

Stay Brony My Friends brings you the best of the best during this pony blackout! This time we rounded up M.A. Larson for you all!

The talk centered around his new book Pennyroyal Academy as well as pony related things we COULD talk about. THEN Meghan McCarthy dropped into the call and all heck broke loose!

As is tradition Mitch picked a wonderful charity to promote, the A21 campaign which helps against human trafficking!

Human trafficking. It’s something that seems almost medieval, but it’s alive and widespread. People forced to work in horrible conditions in sweatshops, farms and mines (and facing beatings or death if they don’t cooperate). Children forced to sell their bodies. “Human trafficking” is the genteel word for slavery. Yes, it still exists (even in “western” nations), and yes, millions of people around the world are subject to these horrors. In fact, there are more people living in chattel slavery now than at any point in history.

This is no joke, and it has to stop. The A21 Campaign is a global organization seeking to end this practice. By providing safe-houses to escape to, by educating police and politicians about what is going on, by seeking and enabling prosecution of those responsible for slave-taking and profiting from it, the A21 Campaign combats one of the true great evils in the world.

Stand with us on this one. Donate. Pull someone out of a nightmare.

Giveaways this time are a full set of 2014 McDonalds Pony toys, G.M. Berrow’s Rainbow Dash Book and 2 dog tags. If we break 1000 bits then a signed prerelease copy of Pennyroyal Academy from Mitch himself will be up for grabs!

Once again thank you all for your continued support for our ongoing charity drives!

Dustykatt & Screwball

Rainbow Rocks Clip #2

Hasbro has released another clip as a sneak peak of Rainbow Rocks, set to be released in theaters next month. Check the video after the break.

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According to Craig McCracken, we’ll get fresh episodes every month now from September through December. Furthermore, the Buddies song is from an episode entitled “The Buddies.”

That picture also fits Lauren Faust’s recent discussion topic on Twitter, but that wasn’t on purpose.

Update: No new episodes in September after all it seems.