Times up for the L-shaped man! Looks like there’s no submissions to be had for this challenge. Too bad!


We can’t leave things like this though! I hope your tablet pens are ready , dear readers, for tomorrow we’ll have not one, but TWO art challenges for you to participate in! The themes will be announced at 12PM eastern time and 6PM eastern time, and the challenges will last for 24 hours. All the submissions from tomorrow’s art challenges will be posted on thursday! See you then!

3 New Rainbow Rocks Music Videos

Equestria Girls 2: Rainbow Rocks

Anyone in the mood for more Rainbow Rocks? It was mentioned before when the Friendship Games release date was officially announced that there would also be more shorts being made. We’ve got three new videos, though they’re titled under the Rainbow Rocks name instead of Friendship Games, likely because they’re music videos. Check them out after the break!

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ToonZone has tossed on a 37 second preview of the Season 5 premiere onto the fires that fuel the hype train.  Video after the page break.

Season 5 is going to be filled with surprises and special treats for viewers, including the appearance of celebrity guest voice Tony Award-winner Lena Hall, the series’ exciting 100th episode, fun holiday specials and several new, original songs soon to be fan-favorites. Viewers will be introduced to new characters and see background characters brought to the forefront for the first time, all as part of a journey that embraces such themes as individuality, coming of age, facing fears and achieving your dreams.

  • “Cutie Markless” Part 1 – April 4 at 11am ET/ 10am CTThe Mane 6 are summoned to solve a friendship problem only to find a utopian village where everyone has given up their Cutie Marks.

  • “Cutie Markless” Part 2 – April 4 at 11:30am ET/ 10:30am CTThe Mane 6 have had their Cutie Marks taken and must find a way to get them back. When a deep dark secret is revealed about the pony who took them, they think they may have the answer.


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On Tuesday, Discovery Communications released its upfront slate for its channels for the 2015-2016 season. For Discovery Family, it announced seven new series and a special commemoration for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

It also mentions four returning series from the Hub Network days. Clearly, the most interesting part is that it lists My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6. It only gives a brief description of the show in general, but this is as official as it gets that the show will be on Discovery Family for the foreseeable future.

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102 – “Matchmaker; School Spirit”

Written by Aaron Hammersley, Lane Lueras, Daron Nefcy, Dave Stone / Zeus Cervas, Aaron Hammersley
Star offers to help her teacher Miss Skullnick with her love life; Star misunderstands Earth’s lingo.

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Good morning! We’ve got something a bit special this week, so why don’t we do an art challenge to commemorate it?


You have 24 hours to draw a picture of Uncle Grandpa. Please put the name of your blog/tumblr on the picture itself, or send it with the email if you’d like to be sourced. All submissions should be sent to gendid@derpyhooves.com with the words “Steven Universe Art Challenge” somewhere in the title. Good luck and good arting!

Fiendship is Magic #1 Extended Preview

Fiendship is Magic cover #1 by Amy Mebberson

Fiendship is Magic cover #1 by Amy Mebberson

IDW has put a preview for the first Fiendship is Magic issue on ISSUU. The origin of King Sombra will be revealed this Wednesday, and you can check out the preview after the break.

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