My Little Pony Movie Slated for 2017

According to Variety, Hasbro has announced that they’re currently making an animated My Little Pony movie, with plans to release it in 2017. Check below the break for more details from the article specifically about MLP.

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Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

At last! news is starting about the Crystal Games! Some great tidbits about some specific cards, and more below the break!

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It’s no secret that Cartoon Network’s Thursday lineup has become Must-See TV as of late. Despite an NFL game and Game 5 of the NLCS, all five of CN’s shows drew over 2.2 million viewers. In the case of Steven Universe and “Secret Team,” it’s a new high for the show at 2.462M viewers. Only Teen Titans Go! drew more viewers among CN’s five shows on Thursday night.

The average for the season is now at 1.707M, but since September, the show has average 2.127M an episode. Six of the last eight episodes have averages over two million viewers after none of the first 21 did.

The first season was to have lasted just 26 episodes, but Cartoon Network expanded the season to 52 episodes and granted a second season of that length. More and more people are believing in Steven these days as it looks as though he has a home on Thursday nights.

The ratings information provided cites Nielsen Media Research.


LPS Short: “Monkey Chase”

A new LPS short is up, this time focusing on the wild imagination of our favorite monkey artist, Minka.

DJ Hackamore’s Album Winter Smash Up

Winter Smash Up


This series of albums comes to us from an artist credited as Hackamore. If you go to Hackamore’s channel at the moment only contains two of the albums in their entirely and a collab with Megaphoric. Hackamore, however does seem to be credited with the song “Don’t Come Back Luna” on the Rainbow’s and Rooted compilation Four’s Fall Down. Looking through my own collection of fandom music I was able to locate another track; a collab between Hackamore and Le Soldat Pony called “Eternity.”

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1x16a - The Date - 1x16a - The Date 2014-10-18 06-17-14

Now we’ll finally know what that was all about at Comic-Con. “The Date” and “The Buddies” have aired!

“The Date” – When Lord Hater gets stood up on a date, Wander convinces Sylvia to endure a dreadful date with Hater in order save the planet from Hater’s wrath.

“The Buddies” – Trapped on his own prison planet and surrounded by enemies, Lord Hater is forced to play the role of Wander’s best buddy in order to survive.

Find both episodes after the break.

Many thanks to hadamsj for recording them and madamepomnews for the heads-up.

Direct Video

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The Futon Critic has published a press release containing two new episode announcements.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25 (8:30 p.m.)

Wander Over Yonder – In an episode titled “The Funk,” Lord Hater is taught a lesson after he turns to bullying the universe just to make himself feel better. In “The Enemies,” Lord Hater and Sir Brad Starlight team up to fight the one person they hate more than each other, Wander. James Marsden (“Enchanted”) reprises his role as Sir Brad Starlight. TV-Y7