The episode begins with Peridot explaining the Cluster to the Gems in an imaginative Show and Tell format with Steven as an assistant. Pearl suggests building a machine that will get them to the Earth’s core and they go to the barn to get the parts (since destroying “primitive image cubes” in the house won’t cut it). Peridot wants to take the lead in this project over Pearl because “pearls” are only good at being subservient to other gems according to her. Pearl objects to this, but before they can fight, Steven pitches a giant robot contest with the winner getting to lead the drill project. Garnet and Amethyst are spectators while Steven keeps score.

Peridot has the advantage when it comes to power-based events while Pearl takes control of those involved precision and grace. There’s also an event where they tried to paint a portrait of Amethyst and Steven rightfully abandons that event due to subjectivity. The contest ends in a tie which Pearl is willing to accept, but Peridot is not. They have one more robot fight which Peridot wins, but Pearl gets the praise from Steven and her fellow Gems because of the effort Pearl has put into being a builder and fighter. Peridot ultimately concedes that Pearl is worthy and they get to work on teh drill.

This was an excellent episode and the robot battle is some of the best action in the series. I’m not joking, every gag within the battle worked and those who are not involved in the battle got some great scenes. Obviously, the best part is Pearl standing up for herself against Peridot’s stereotypes of Pearls. It was brought up in “Friend Ship” that there are more than one “Pearls” on Gemworld and that their function is mainly to serve others. In Pearl’s case, she apparently was a faithful servant to Rose (perhaps more than that, but that’s a discussion for another day), but it may also be where she learned how to battle and make machinery. This was Pearl at her very best showing what she is capable of in the face of someone who is very dismissive of her.

One wonders if Garnet and Amethyst will get their turns in attempting to bond with Peridot, but it will be a challenge to top this one.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Robot Olympics!
  • +  Humor
  • +  Pearl at her best
  • +  Art is subjective.
  • +  Steven
  • +  Garnet and Amethyst making the most of their scenes despite not participating.




223 – “Back To The Barn”

Written by: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu
“When tension rises between Peridot and Pearl over how to deal with the Cluster, Steven suggests they compete against one another by building Robots.”

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There was a slight drop-off for MLP last Saturday. “Brotherhooves Social” drew an estimated 314,000 viewers this past Saturday on Discovery Family. That is a drop of 6.8% from the previous week. The show’s Season Five average now stands at 425,471 per episode. MLP returns with “Crusaders of the Lost Mark” this Saturday at 11:30am ET/10:30am CT.

Wander Over Yonder plunged to its second-lowest count this season. The pairing of “The Cool Guy” and “The Catastrophe” drew an estimated 375,000 on Monday night on Disney XD. Of course, it doesn’t help that it is going against MondayNight Football. Anyway, this represents a drop of 33.5% from last week. Wander’s Season Two average now stands at 452,833 per episode. Wander will return on October 19th with “The Rager” and “The Good Bad Guy” on Disney XD at8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily sourced by Nielsen Media Research.


An announcement today came via Animation Magazine that Rebecca Sugar and multiple toy / collectible companies have come to an agreement for future production of Steven Universe merchandise, some which will be available for this upcoming holiday season.

Involved in the deal are…

Funko Toys: Available for this Holiday Season, Funko will be offering a line of Pop! vinyl figures of Steven & the Gems. Exclusive to Hot Topic (and of course 3rd party vendors on eBay & Amazon the day after).

Just Toys: Production of random novelties such as dog tags, fun packs, minis etc.

PhatMojo: Starting in the Spring of 2016 will launch an assortment of plushes as well as foam & plush weapons inspired by the show.

Zag Toys: Collectible mini figures & bobble heads.

Toy Factory: Plushes & assorted novelty times in 2017.

While we will attempt to keep track of this new merchandise, considering there’s a SU comic book we don’t even talk about (lack of people), we won’t make any promises.


According to a tweet from Littlest Pet Shop writer Roger Eschbacher, Season Four of LPS will be the show’s last. The season will be 26 episodes in length will would bring its apparent final total to 104 which would make it the either the second or third Hasbro animated series (depending on what Transformers: Rescue Bots does) to reach 100 episodes. Also according to Eschbacher, 21 of the episodes are locked while the remaining five are still being written.

The show last aired a new episode on Discovery Family on March 7th of this year and has been on hiatus since apart from series of four online shorts on the LPS website release just a few days ago.

The latest version of Littlest Pet Shop debuted on November 10th, 2012, and for a time, its viewership on what was then the Hub Network was close to, or even on par, that of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. However, viewership on the Hub/Discovery Family for the show faded since then. Despite the viewership declines in Season Three, a fourth season was already greenlit.

Given that the main priority for Hasbro is that tie-ins of its shows, which are based on toys, sell; LPS was quietly showing gains the last few quarters in sales after its re-invention was announced at the 2014 NYC Toy Fair.

It is unclear what will happen next for LPS as it is one of Hasbro’s seven franchise brands along with MLP, Transformers, Nerf, Play-Doh, Monopoly, and Magic: The Gathering; though more will likely be disclosed starting with Hasbro’s Q3 Earnings Call which is set for October 19th.


[Source: Madame Pom News]

By starlightshore.tumblr.com

By starlightshore.tumblr.com

206 – ” The Cool Guy; The Catastrophe”

Lord Hater ditches Peepers to party with Emperor Awesome; Sylvia buys Wander a video camera.


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Friends Forever #21 Extended Preview

Friends Forever #21 cover by Amy Mebberson

Friends Forever #21 cover by Amy Mebberson

Comic Book Resources has an extended preview of Friends Forever #21, starring Spike and Zecora. You can check out this issue this Wednesday, on October 7th, and check out the preview after the break. Two of the pages made up a two-page spread, and have been edited into one image.

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