BABSCon is only a few days away. However, if you cannot attend, WonderCon is taking place in Anaheim, CA the same weekend. Below is the panel schedule from My Little Pony to Steven Universe.  Read more →

IDW My Little Pony Issue #18

Issue 18 Cover A by Andy Price

Issue 18 Cover A by Andy Price

iTunes has put out the preview for the next issue of the Friendship is Magic comics. Part 2 of the Reflections arc will come out in a couple weeks on the 30th. See the preview after the break.

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Well, this is it. The moment that’s been anticipated since Episode 11 (“Blythe’s Big Idea). It’s time for the International Pet Fashion Expo in Downtown City. But first, Blythe is having nightmares about it that involve her in pajamas and watermelons. She cannot wait for the expo to start. The Biskits are involved as well and their goal is to make sure Blythe does not upstage news that their father is announcing. That news is that he is going to build a second Largest Ever Pet Shop in Downtown City, and that deeply concern Mrs. Twombly. So on top of just getting to the Expo, the future of LPS is on the shoulder of Blythe as well as her designs and the photo shoot will surely bring LPS some publicity and more customers if things go well. No pressure.

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405 – “The Equestranauts”

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Written by Dan Mintz
“Tina attends a convention based on an animated show about ponies and finds that many of the fans are middle-aged men; when Tina is tricked out of he rare pony toy, Bob goes under cover to get it back.”

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So, after two months in hiatus mode, Wander Over Yonder returned on Disney XD with “The Hero” and “The Birthday Boy” on Monday, March 31st. The two shorts were counted as a single half hour and it drew an extremely disappointing 351,000 viewers placing 27th amongst Disney XD programming. The episodes have yet to air on Disney Channel and it is unknown when and where the next episodes will air. Disney XD, formerly Toon Disney, is available in 80.9 million households and has essentially become the third of Disney’s three channels that bear its name with Disney Junior drawing more viewers thanks to Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

To put this in perspective, MLP’s “Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3″ outdrew everything on Disney XD, and it’s the second time in three weeks that MLP has accomplished that. It has to put into question how much faith Disney has in Wander and with Gravity Falls when it comes back. Despite averaging North of 2.4M viewers for its first 14 episodes, it seems like this show might the latest to fall under the trope “Screwed by the Network.”

We won’t put up the season-to-date stats since there is a vast difference between being on the main Disney Channel and being on Disney XD since it doesn’t have as big a reach as the main Disney Channel, nor does it have a bona fide hit. Fans of Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS might now have some company.


Woohoo, more references! Hasbro has posted the third Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks short, entitled “Hamstocalypse Now.”

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