Building Bridges

Our new charity album, Building Bridges, has premiered and our new Seeds of Kindness fundraiser for the 2015 Christmas season and most of the year 2016 was launched with a bang: within just a few days, you have contributed over $3,000, including matching funds! Thanks to your efforts, the Against Malaria Foundation will save a person’s life with this contribution!

When you donate, you can download the latest album, Building Bridges, as well as all our eight previous albums. Now is a great time to donate because the Against Malaria Foundation needs to fund several new campaigns against the disease in 2016!

Below are a few questions about our program that many have asked about. If you have other questions that are not answered here feel free to ask them in the comments on our website.

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We have a breather episode in that Blythe and the Pets are telling horror stories. After Blythe’s story that includes her riding on Applejack (I see what did there, LPS!), Youngmee dressed as the Teddy Roosevelt of Mount Rushmore (for some reason), and how a lack of fiber turns animals into zombies, the Pets have a contest to decide who can tell the scariest story with the winner getting a candy-coated liver ball. That’s the A-plot, the B-plot is a jet-lagged Roger who has no idea what day it is (it’s Halloween if you haven’t guessed) and is seeing werewolves, witches, and hockey players. That’s really all there is to that.

Anyway, with Penny Ling saying that telling scary stories isn’t her thing (she’d win a storytelling contest otherwise), Russell goes first. He tells the tale of a bat with a love spell and sings “The Dude Is A Vampire!”. It’s trying to be “Thriller,” but it really only scares Vinnie—the judge.

We skip Zoe’s story because it was lame. Pepper steps up and we have a parody of “Misery”  ith Penny Ling as Pepper’s biggest fan and…Wait!…They’re parodying “Misery”?!?!? Who under the age of 25 would get that? Anyway, since this is Hasbro and there is a TV-Y rating, Penny Ling merely tortures Pepper with bad jokes and being her audience at her show. Pepper’s on her way to the win (Minka bows out after Pepper’s story), but Sunil musters enough courage to tell his story. It’s the story of Dr. Sunilstein and the creation of his Vinnie-like monster who can dance. Needless to say, that ends up winning and Sunil gets the liver ball. To end things, after Blythe tells his Dad that it’s Halloween, we get the “Bride of Sunilstein” played by Buttercream who makes her first appearance this season.

This was a really great episode. It’s nice to have these relatively breather episodes from time to time and we got a good one her. Kudos to the writers for parodying “Misery” with Pepper and Penny Ling. (I thought that should’ve won!) The song is good for Russell’s story, while we also got as close to an LPS/MLP crossover we are ever going to get probably unless Fluttershy makes a shock cameo.

The only things that could’ve have done without was the B-plot which really only exists to fill run time. And really, I did think Pepper’s story was better than Sunil’s. Sure, Sunil sold it by saying his coat was his great-grandfather’s and that he was a mad scientist (before saying he was really a dentist), but I thought Pepper’s story was of better value. (Likely helped that Vinnie was the judge.) But that doesn’t take away from what was a good, if late, Halloween episode.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Blythe rides Applejack (I see what you did there, LPS!)
  • +  Pepper’s story
  • +  Russell’s song
  • +  We didn’t hear Zoe’s story
  • –  B-plot only exists as filler
  • –  Pepper’s story > Sunil’s story



PS:  Ironically, Misery was released 25 years ago this coming Monday (November 30th).

Well, Season Five began with a premiere unlike the other two-parters and it should figure that the finale would as well. After stalking Twilight in “Amending Fences” and “What About Discord?”, Starlight Glimmer puts her plan of revenge into action. She has altered Starswirl the Bearded’s time travel spell to go back in time and prevent Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom so the Mane Six would not come together in the future. Twilight and Spike pursue and kept getting pushed forward by Starlight into a time of what would’ve happened had the Mane Six did not defeat King Sombra, then Queen Chrysalis, then Nightmare Moon, Tirek, Discord, the Flim-Flam brothers—you get the picture.

Twilight then drags Starlight to give her a glimpse of what she is really doing. It pretty much leaves Equestria with a desolate future. Starlight then goes to take Twilight to the time a friend of her’s called Sunburst got his cutie mark and then moved away to Canterlot. If you have seen “Amending Fences” earlier this season, then you realize it mirrors how Twilight’s not coming to Moondancer’s party and then moving away affected the latter. Twilight finally talks Starlight into not tearing up the spell, letting the Rainboom take place, and returning to the present. The Mane Six, specifically Twilight, decided to take Starlight under their wing to teach the magic of friendship and the season ends, like it had with the previous three, with a song and lasting image from the season.

So this is how you set up the future of the show without ending it on a cliffhanger. There’s still the question of why specifically the Mane Six and their friendship has been key to what we have seen and why without them, we got what we saw in this episode which was rather fantastic. What’s also fantastic is that in the end, there’s no magic maguffin that helps save the day, it’s ultimately Twilight appealing to Starlight that there’s another way to embrace friendship and not force it on anypony.

Also in previous two-parters, even though Twilight is at the center of things, it ultimately rested on the her and the rest of the Mane Six working together to reach the end result desired. Here, it’s all up to Twilight and Spike to stop Starlight and her altering the past that will in turn alter the present and future of Equestria.

Someone will bring up the point that had the Sonic Rainboom not happen, maybe all three evens with Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, and King Sombra happen in some way or another, but Starlight has a different way to stop the Rainboom each time, so I guess that excuses that. Another issue others may bring up is that some of the Mane Six still have their cutie marks in some of the alternate worlds, but there’s no need to overly nitpick.

Overall, this was a fantastic way to end Season Five and perhaps a great way to set up what might come in Season Six since it was made official prior to the start of the season we just saw. Whatever way you look at it, there are at least 26 more episodes and more stories to be told. See you next season!

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Unique finale compared to the other two-part finales
  • +  Alternate world sequences
  • +  Twilight in her persistence and how she resolves the conflict
  • +  Starlight proved to be a cunning villain
  • +  Potential setup for arcs next season
  • –  Possible plot holes with alternate sequences, Mane Six cutie marks



PS:  We at Derpy News would like to thank director Jayson Thiessen for his six years working on the show. He has just announced that he is now working full time on the movie and this finale ended his run as director on the show. He, Meghan McCarthy, and countless others have kept the show going after Lauren Faust left after Season One and have helped to make the show what it is today—definitely one of the best cartoon shows of this decade if not the best and arguably one of the best of all time. We are very grateful for his contributions and we wish him and the show staff the best of luck on the movie which is now 706 days away!


405 – “Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors”

Written by: David Shayne
Blythe and the gang have a scary story telling contest while a severely jet-lagged Roger thinks he’s living an actual nightmare as he desperately tries to make it home.

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525 – “The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 1”

Written by: Josh Haber
Starlight Glimmer returns to seek vengeance on Twilight and her friends and has acquired a spell that could change the past, present and future of Equestria forever.

Direct Video

526 – “The Cutie Re-Mark Pt. 2”

Written by: Josh Haber
Princess Twilight’s efforts to stop Starlight from altering the past continue, but she fears that they may be in vain.
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My Little Pony Holiday Special cover by Brenda Hickey

My Little Pony Holiday Special cover by Brenda Hickey

We have an extended preview of the My Little Pony Holiday Special thanks to Comics Alliance. Expect this issue to be released on the 9th, the Wednesday after next, and check out the preview after the break.

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Put down your drumsticks or Tofurky™, everyone. The madness is once again upon us: The BABSCon Black Friday Blowout Sale is back!

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