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105 – “Diaz Family Vacation; Brittney’s Party”

Written by: Zeus Cervas, Christopher Graham, Piero Piluso; Mike Mullen, Ian Wasseluk
Star and Marco must save the Diazes from a many-headed serpent; Star must fight off Ludo and his army of monsters.

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It appears that the first rule about “Shirt Club” is that no one talks about “Shirt Club”—or at least not as many as “Story for Steven.” “Shirt Club” drew an estimated 1.423 million viewers on Thursday night. That is a 28.8% drop from last week. Outside of the first three episodes of the #StevenBomb (“Rose’s Scabbard” [1.216M], “The Message” [1.309M], and “Political Power” [1.415M]) and “Joy Ride” (1.342M), it is the least-viewed episode since “Steven the Sword Fighter” which aired exactly one year and one week ago.

With the aforementioned #StevenBomb episodes and to some extent “Joy Ride,” there was a time slot change that fans needed to adjust to. The current time slot (since “Joy Ride”) is now 5:30pm/4:30pm CT.

No show on Cartoon Network Thursdays got to two million this past Thursday. Teen Titans Go! continues to lead the way at 1.804M viewers. A new Adventure Time drew 1.571 million viewers—its lowest marks since November 2014.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights which cites Nielsen Media Research as its source.


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Howdy, fellow pony-watchers! As convention season gets into full swing, we here at Nightmare Nights Dallas (NMND) are pleased to kick things off for 2015.

Announcing Marÿke Hendrikse!

We’re pleased to announce our first (of many) Guests of Honor for 2015: the talented Marÿke Hendrikse! Known to pony fans for her work as Gilda the Griffon and Sonata Dusk—and to old pony fans as Brights Brightly—please come help us show Marÿke what Nightmare Nights is all about: bingeing on steak and making fun of Foalpapers.

NMND Website Goes Live!

You can now keep track of the latest 2015 news at www.NightmareNights.net.

Ticket sales Now Live!

Attending ($40) and Sponsor ($100) badges are now for sale! Our (very) limited Premium Sponsor ($250) and Celestial Sponsor ($500) badges will go on sale at 12 PM Eastern on April 25th. You know, right after New Ponies. Make sure your F5 key is in good working order. We’re delaying the higher tier tickets a week so you can sell off any excess organs if you need to.

You can purchase tickets on EventZilla.

Vendor Applications Now Live!

Since we know people need to plan these things well in advance, we’re opening vendor applications earlier and for a longer period of time this year. The vendor application is available here, and will remain open until June 20th. Vendors will be selected and informed by July 4th. The vendor hall will be slightly larger than last year’s and will be a single room as well.

Twitter: @NightmareNights

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NMNDallas

When I first read the synopsis of this episode, you could presume that Princess Luna will make an appearance somewhere down the line. More on that later.

The CMC are having a meeting and Apple Bloom informs Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo that Babs Seed has got her cutie mark. It’s a pair of scissors which potentially means that she could be a stylist down the line (in addition to being good at cutting things). However, it leads to a few issues:

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apples_to_the_core_by_banzatou-d8h72ll[1]Apples To The Core by Banzatou

504 – “Bloom and Gloom”

Written by: Josh Haber
Apple Bloom has high anxiety over getting her Cutie Mark and it begins to turn her life into a nightmare.

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Zap2It has two more episode synopses. Looks like after May 2nd’s episode, we can expect a two week break. Check out the details after the break.

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206 – “Shirt Club”

Written by: Lamar Abrams, Hellen Jo
Steven makes T-shirts with Buck Dewey

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