Art By Rebecca Sugar

Art By Rebecca Sugar

Hey SU Fans, Rebecca Sugar, show creator,  just posted on her personal tumblr a sweet treat for anyone who’s a fan of Rose.

“Rough drawings for Rose’s message to Steven in Lion 3! I collaborated with Joe Johnston on this scene.

Originally we had planned for Greg to be filming Rose. Joe and Jeff Liu pitched the idea of Rose filming Greg instead, because she was so fascinated by him, and so in love with him. It was such a beautiful thought, I’m still dizzy about it. “

Art by Makkon

Art by Makkon

Well ain’t this a tease. A review of the new Seeds of Kindness album Shine Together before launch. Want to know if it is any good? Click below and satisfy that curiosity.

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The My Little Pony Fair and Convention has announced that MLP creator Bonnie Zacherle will once again be a guest at the Convention which will be held in Schaumburg, IL (northwest of Chicago) on June 27th and 28th at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg. This will be Ms. Zacherle’s third successive MLP Fair and 4th convention in the last three years having attended last year’s Ponycon in Jersey City, NJ.

The Fair, which is officially sponsored by Hasbro, is geared towards collectors of the toys from all generations of My Little Pony.

Last month, the convention announced voice actress Andrea Libman as a guest. Libman, who has been a guest at 22 MLP-related conventions, will be the first from the current Friendship is Magic show at the official MLP Fair. More guests are expected to be announced in the weeks and months to come leading up to the convention. Libman is also going to be a guest at Ponycon 2015 in Brooklyn, NY (February 14-16), and Midwest Brony Fest in Overland Park, KS (May 22-24).

Hotel and travel information for the 2015 MLP Fair is available on the official website. The hotel is located near Interstates 90 and 290 in Schaumburg and near Woodfield Mall.

STAT SHEET BONUS—Most MLP: FiM Production Guest Appearances at Conventions (all-time):

  • 1.  Andrea Libman (22 appearances)
  • 2.  Michelle Creber (16)
  • 3.  Peter New (15)
  • 4.  Amy Keating Rogers (12)
  • 5.  M. A. Larson (11)
  • 6.  Cathy Weseluck (10)
  • T7. G.M. Berrow (9)
  • T7. Tabitha St. Germain (9)
  • T7. Nicole Oliver (9)
  • 10. Lee Tockar (8)



Tis the season, and pony community artist and long time friend of the site Chocolate Pony has asked us to spread the word of his current writing project, the Army Navy History Book. The book takes a look at America’s two oldest service academies, the military academy at West Point, and the naval academy at Annapolis.  Currently his campaign has surpassed the minimum funding of $2,500 with an ultimate goal of $5,000 for publication.  Various donation packages come with prizes and goodies.



Via Tumblr:


Only 11 more days left on the Army Navy History Kickstarter!

A big thank you to my friends in the MLP Community. MLP backers make up 1/4 of all funds raised. We are half way to our main goal. A new tier called Equestria Royal Guard has been made, where you can get one of 4 remaining Equestria 100 Bit coins. Only 11 days left, last chance to get the TSSSF cards I made for Nightmare Nights and Ciderfest and the exclusive Army and Navy pony cards. Also all backers will have their name printed in the published book. If you want to help back the project but don’t want to use Kickstarter, let me know as we can now use Paypal for backer rewards. Thank you again to all who have reblogged, promoted, and donated. 

One week 5 days left on this project! We are only 30% to our main goal! Thank you are for bearing with me with all the posts about this project but it’s sometime we worked hard on and want to see realized.

If you been enjoying the military themed art I been making recently please considering backing as they were created initially for this project. If we do reach our goal, I will finally wrap up the Chocolate Pony/Fyrefly storylines. I have an been sitting on a script for two years with a final storyline for the blog, but projects like this and working with cons have been making me busy. But if this project is funded I can promise I will get new comic posts up hopefully by the start of January.

We have a new Royal Guard Tier that comes with the exclusive coin. I am even offering commissions and art prints as rewards, let let me know.

Here are the other rewards:


Thank you all! We are almost there.

A new fund-raising initiative is about to launch: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together! Like our previous iterations of Seeds of Kindness, this fourth one is going to reach out through multiple conventions, pony fandom livestreams, giveaways, and other spectacular events all throughout 2015. This year, we are pleased to kick off this fund-raiser for the Against Malaria Foundation with our fifth charity album: Shine Together.

Shine Together Release Party
Saturday, December 20, 2014, at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. UTC)

The album drops on December 20, and we are having a livestream party hosted by Ponyville FM to celebrate! For the limited time of the stream, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $1,000, so tune in and donate, and it’ll count double!

The album. Shine Together is the culmination of months of effort on the part of many dedicated fandom musicians. Featuring twenty-two tracks of folk, rock, orchestral, and electronic jams recorded by charity album veterans and new blood alike, Shine Together offers over an hour of uplifting tunes.

We’re offering up this and our previous four albums for any donation at all that you feel appropriate. Because we understand that not everyone is able to donate, the album download will be freely available—a thank you to the fandom for its years of support, and a goodwill gesture to facilitate donations toward the Against Malaria Foundation.

Here, a preview of the album.

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Back in October, it was reported that CartoonNetwork and games developer GrumpyFace are going to release a new Steven Universe App game for Andriod and iOS users titled Steven Universe: Attack the Light. Originally expected to become available on Amazon sometime “later this year” the game has pushed it’s release to sometime in 2015 for further development saids Ian Jones-Quartey.

We were hoping to get it out this year but it’s been delayed so we at CN and Grumpyface(the developer) can add more content and balance the gameplay. Things are moving along, though! It’s shaping up to be the fun casual RPG(with a little depth and strategy) that we wanted. Rebecca and I personally created some new art & animation for it- we’re really excited!


Controversy with “Love God”


Art By Sabrina Cotugno

Art By Sabrina Cotugno

Recently Gravity Falls’s “Love God” has been the talk of several tumblr and reddit conversations. Particularly after the recent discovery of the removed references to the LGBTQ community from story boards to final episode.

Sabrina Cotugno posted on her personal tumblr the story board to a sequence she had worked on. Upon review, many fans took notice to the changes made in the final animation put on air. Such as tumblr user sketcheclectic.

  • The changes to note are that cupid’s pendant was changed from a symbol commonly used in the LGBTQ community to one with two symbols representing male an female.
  • But the most notable change was originally the old woman was going to be matched with another old woman, but instead changed to an old man instead.

After the break you can see screen shot comparisons from story board to final animation. ->

Many think that it would have been great had the references been kept, while others believe it’s too soon to allow those references in a children’s show. What do you think? Comment below.

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