314 – “Stump Day; Holiday Spellcial”

Written by: Tyler Chen, Gina Gress, Sarah Olesyk; Casey Crowe, Charlotte Jackson
Star, Marco and the rest of Mewni celebrate a special snowy holiday, Stump Day; Spider with a Top Hat invites one of Eclipsa’s dark spells to the office holiday party.

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IDW Solicitations for February 2018

MLP_LoM11-coverRI copy

Solicitations for the month of February are now available! Check out what’s coming after the break.

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313 – “Monster Bash”

Written by: Dominic Bisignano, Tyler Chen, Sabrina Cotugno, Amelia Lorenz, Zach Marcus, Cassie Zwart
All the youth of Mewni gather at the ancient Monster Temple to celebrate a new era of Monsters and Mewmans living together in peace, until guests start disappearing!

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312 – “Nightlife; Deep Dive”

Written by: Tyler Chen, Gina Gress, Sarah Oleksyk; Dominic Bisignano, Casey Crowe, Aaron Hammersley, Charlotte Jackson, Kitty Pittenger, Brett Varon
Star learns that Marco and Hekapoo have been dealing with rogue interdimensional portals.; Star’s sleep-portaling becomes a danger, and she decides to put a stop to it.

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311 – “Death Peck; Ponymonium”

Written by: Madeleine Flores, Kenny Pittenger, Brett Varon, Nicolette Wood; Dominic Bisignano, Kristen Gish, Jushtin Lee, Kenny Pittenger
Star urges the royal youth of Mewni to sign a petition calling for the equal treatment of Monsters.; Star is thrilled when Ponyhead invites her to dinner with her sisters.

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310 – “Sweet Dreams, Lava Lake Beach”

Written by: Sabrina Cotugno, Amelia Lorenz; Zach Marcus, Kenny Pittenger, Cassie Zwart
Star discovers she travels through multiple dimensions in her dreams.; Kelly breaks up with her boyfriend and Marco questions his friendship with Star Butterfly.

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Whinny City Ponycon is back in 2018 with the theme of Old Chicago. Below is the official tease:

From the organizers of Ponyville Ciderfest, Aquatifur, and Anime Milwaukee, Whinny City Pony Con is back for our third year! Chicagoland’s biggest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention returns to the wonderful Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL on April 13th – 15th, 2018!

Our theme for 2018 is “Old Chicago”, celebrating the best of the Roaring 20’s and Dirty 30’s. From Flappers and Jazz to Gangsters and Swing Dance, our event list this year will have plenty of new and fun attractions! We look forward to once again bringing the excitement of MLP:FIM and its fandom to Chicagoland for a fun filled weekend of ponies, friends, fun and entertainment!

The Hyatt Regency Schaumburg is near both I-290 and I-90 (Northwest of Downtown Chicago and O’Hare Airport) and across from Woodfield Mall.

Registration for all badges, applications for panel and community guests, and hotel reservations at $109.00/night are all open now.