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Behind the Music: Twilight Sparkle

Jayson Thiessen gives us a peek into a recording session for a song from season 2, featuring Rebecca Shoichet (Twilight Sparkle’s singing VA).

via his Twitter: @goldenrusset

my hoof

Custom Berry Punch

Found yourself on another lonely Friday night without a drinking buddy? Well now you don’t have to drink your woes away alone anymore, because for only (at least) $20, you can have Ponyville’s town drunk all to yourself to commiserate with. She even comes pre-buzzed (you may still have to B.Y.O.B.)!

The figure is based on the McDonald’s Cheerilee toy and comes with a sculpted wine bottle and goblet.

My Little Pony Live Show in Canada

Looks like MLP is hitting the road! According to the official My Little Pony Twitter, they will be performing an “interactive” live show at 20 locations in Canada.

Editor’s note: I believe this is the list. It was linked on the facebook version of the post and not the Twitter, although this could very well be for those live action shows you’ll stumble upon on the site hosting the schedule. If it is Kidomo, then they probably don’t have the proper visas and papers to go on tour in America.

[Tour Schedule? PDF]


Know Your Meme’s report on MLP:FiM

Know Your Meme’s latest episode talks about FiM and the psychotic fandom attributed to it.

It appears mostly accurate, although we’re not too sure about their explanation of the term “brony.”

oops i dropped the b-word

Animator Flyer Art

During Otakon this year, this brony on jumping stilts was handing out flyers for the currently under construction, with commissioned artwork by an animator of the show whom he met at SDCC.
I’m tempted to buy jumping stilts now.

Epic Episode (All in One)!

Hey Everypony someone linked this in a chat and I thought it was worth sharing (as my first post here at derphyhooves)!

It’s a single youtube upload containing all 26 episodes in chronological order and is over a whopping 9hrs long!

So what are you waiting for ponies? Book a day off work, invite some potential bronies round, call up your ISP and get watching!