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Reporters: Individuals who can find and report on possible news about the shows we cover.  Minimum requirement is to be able to copy / paste links into an e-mail or chat client (Discord) for others to turn into articles.  Ideally someone who can take said found news and turn it into an article themselves.

Writers:  Individuals willing to write reviews and editorials for publication on the site.  This can include material being published in syndication with other sites and services.

If you are interested in doing any of those, please contact us at [email protected]

About Derpy News & Volunteering With Us

The site began in December of 2010 as one of the first 4th generation based My Little Pony websites.  Originally established at, named after the fan created background character from the show, the site was originally intended to be a minor side project of a web hobbyist.  The site itself was going to be dedicated to archiving the creative materials being produced for this random fan generated character.  But encouragement from others and lack of fandom infrastructure in the MLP:FiM community (which was just starting) caused the site to go in a totally and utterly different direction.

After plenty of growing pains for almost a year, the site finally decided on a final purpose for itself.  Strict and straight forward news and information about MLP:FiM.  Strict in terms that we would feature less about the ‘fandom’ of the show, and concentrate more on the general show itself, namely its production, its cast and crew, and all the extra ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that comes with the creation of the show.  Straight forward as we do not put too much personality or opinion in our general news articles.  Just the facts and details.

After the 4th season of MLP:FiM, things ‘behind the scenes’ were looking to be a bit shaky in terms of production.  It was very unknown if the show would continue, namely due to silence within the inner workings and the big boss themselves, Hasbro.  So the site decided to invoke a plan made in the very early stages, originally planned as an ‘exit strategy’ to continue doing what we do if and when MLP was cancelled.  Little did we know that the ride will never end.  This plan was to provide the same news and information service that we had provided with MLP to other shows that the editors of the site were watching.  Or as one Twitter follower of the site proclaimed, “We became the MTV of ponies”.

Starting in 2014, Derpy News expanded its coverage to include several other shows from various studios and networks.  Wander Over Yonder was the first to be added, followed by Littlest Pet Shop, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and finally Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.  Of course the march of time has taken many of these shows away from us, and as of 2017 we are only featuring MLP:FiM, Steven Universe, Star Vs and the upcoming new seasons of Samurai Jack.

As we are an honest site, we can state that our expanded coverage did not take off as planned, due to a number of factors, namely changes in people’s lives, marriages, gained or lost jobs, schooling, etc.  Life.  So our track recorded of gathering and posting about all the news and information we can find about these shows (our most basic function and service) has been bad.  Other factors that could be tossed in is the general evolution of media and how its shared online.  We do not really use any social media or interact with our reader base.  We just provide the facts and information about these shows.

So we are looking for volunteers (as always), who would be willing to donate some of their time to our site.

We are not professional journalists or media people, just working class people operating a site in their spare time.  While we try to keep a little professionalism in what we do, we do not operate as such.  We leave it up to the volunteers on what they would like to do on the site.  No deadlines or requirements (beyond being able to actually write and make articles).  And while we have a set ideal of what we’d like to see on the site, we also call it an ‘open stage’ for people to use, so if you personally have some ideas of something you would like to do here, we’ll hear you out on it.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact [email protected]


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