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On Tuesday, Discovery Communications released its upfront slate for its channels for the 2015-2016 season. For Discovery Family, it announced seven new series and a special commemoration for the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future.

It also mentions four returning series from the Hub Network days. Clearly, the most interesting part is that it lists My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6. It only gives a brief description of the show in general, but this is as official as it gets that the show will be on Discovery Family for the foreseeable future.

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Bound Together Comic Art Anthology Bound for Presses

Bound Together

Good news to those who love art, comics, and helpfulness—Bound Together is off to the presses and will be in your hands in a few short weeks.

Bound Together is our original charity comic and art anthology, enjoyable for readers of all ages. Top quality artists in the fandom collaborated on this high-quality, full-color, and professionally printed book featuring 52 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces: KefkaFloyd (project director), Adlynh, Bakertoons, Centchi, Emberwisp, fxcellent, Jowybean, Leekfish, Muffinshire, Pasteur, Ponywise, Sofas And Quills, Spectralunicorn, Starry Night, and Steve Holt! While PixelKitties had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts, she sends her earnest support for the project and we brought on additional artists like Emberwisp, Centchi, and fxcellent to help make the book even better.

Some artists have already posted samples of their contributions, which you can see here. That’s just a taste, as you can only see all of the comics and artwork by donating for the book.

True to its theme of teamwork and togetherness, all buyers are also collaborators on our joint effort to combat malaria. The revenue generated by Bound Together goes towards the Against Malaria Foundation’s outstanding prevention program. Each copy of Bound Together helps provide multiple insecticide-coated nets to thwart the spread of malaria.

In fact, the donations from preorders have already exceeded the printing costs, and the project is currently generating positive revenue for the charity. We have 30 remaining preorder slots, and all preorders will ship in April. We’d like to give a sincere thanks to everyone who preordered the book, as without your generous contributions this project would never have been printed. Couldn’t preorder? Don’t worry—the book will be available at various conventions across the globe. The book will debut at BABSCon, with other conventions such as BronyCon, TrotCon, GalaCon, Brony Fair, Czequestria, and more to come.

Already donated to the project? Please consider making an additional donation directly to our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser!


The Season Three Finale of Littlest Pet Shop has come and gone, and frankly not so many watched it. Part 1 of “It’s the Pet Fest”  rew an estimated 107,000 viewers at 12pm ET/11am CT. Part 2 drew 131,000 at 12:30pm ET/11:30am CT. That gives Season Three an average viewership of 152,500 an episode—a 37.2% drop from Season Two (242,731).

Dividing Season Three by halves, the first half averaged 148,154 an episode while the second half averaged 156,846. Not having MLP as a lead-in arguably hurt the show. The last time LPS had a fresh MLP as a lead-in was on April 5th, 2014 when “Standup Stinker” drew 326,000. It was also the last time the show drew over 300,000 viewers for a first-run episode.

The most-watched episode of Season Three was “Winter Wonder Wha..?” at 281,000, followed by “Hamster Hoods” at 280,000. The Season Three opener was the least-viewed on first-run in “Sleeper” (78,000).

The bright spot is that the show is all but confirmed for a fourth season if this is anything to go by and Hasbro is still standing by it as one of its seven franchise brands. So here’s hoping for better numbers to report in the future.

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As a reminder, two-part episodes are scored on a scale of 1 to 20. With that out of the way, it’s time to close up Littlest Pet Shop for Season Three.

The episode begins with Blythe preparing the Pet Fest mentioned seven episodes ago with Youngmee when the manager of the Soul Patches (from “If the Shoe Fits”) visits to drop off Jason #1’s pet beagle Heidi (Heidi Klum) at the day camp. Jason #1 is in town to help promote the Endangered Animals Fund (EAF). Blythe gets the big idea from Heidi that the Soul Patches could headline Pet Fest and help promote the EAF.

On a tip from Heidi, Blythe come up to Jason (as Youngmee makes animal sounds when nervous) and pitches the idea. He likes it. The Biskit Twins see Blythe talking to Jason #1 and they try to get in on the action. Blythe gets another idea. The Biskits could get their father to get a permit to use the Park for the Pet Fest. So Blythe and her friends, Mrs. T, and Roger help get the word out via continuity cavalcade.

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Ratings Report: Steven’s “Marble Madness” & Pet Shop’s “In the Loop”


Steven Universe – Marble Madness

As we head into #StevenBomb Week, we take a look at the lead-in which reminded me of a video game. Again, a slight downtick from last week for Steven as “Marble Madness” drew an estimated 1.922 million viewers on Thursday night. Just a 2.4% drop from last week. The show has averaged 1.92 million an episode since New Year’s Day. The season has averaged 1.741 million an episode.

Please keep in mind that the #StevenBomb starts Monday at 5pm ET/4pm CT on Cartoon Network with “Rose’s Scabbard.” There is a double helping on Thursday with “The Return” and “Jail Break.” The run concludes with “Full Disclosure” on Friday. There will be two episodes remaining after this with “Open Book” airing on Thursday, March 19th, also at 5pm ET/4pm CT.

Littlest Pet Shop – In the Loop

As Littlest Pet Shop concludes Season Three, it is hoped that the show can at least finish with bigger numbers than it’s posting on Discovery Family. “In the Loop” drew an estimated 159,000 viewers on February 28th. It is the second straight increase for the show and the first time over 150K since “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

The second half average is now at 159,333 which is 7.5% ahead of the first half average of 148,154 per episode. The season as a whole has averaged 155,292 per episode which is off 36% from last season’s average of 242,731.

Despite that, the show is coming back for a fourth season and the last few episodes have been well received. The Season Three finale airs on Saturday, March 7th at 12pm ET/11am CT on Discovery Family.

Ratings information for this report comes from Douglas Pucci of TV Media Insights which cites Nielsen Media Research as its source.



325 & 326 – “It’s the Pet Fest!”

Written by Roger Eschbacher, Guy Toubes
When Blythe’s dream of holding a Pet Fest in Downtown City has a chance to become a reality, she must race against time to pull it all together. / Zoe tries to impress her new friend, Heidi; Blythe races against time to relocate the Pet Fest after the original venue falls through.

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Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Finale Sneak Peek with Heidi Klum


From Yahoo! TV:

Littlest Pet Shop is taking an unusual go-big-or-go-home approach to its Season 3 finale on Saturday, and they’ve enlisted quite the guest star in Heidi Klum. To say the leggy lady gets into her voiceover role is an equally big understatement.

“My character is Heidi,” the America’s Got Talent host explains in our exclusive clip. “She’s crazy, she likes to sing, and she has an idea of putting a band together. She yodels all the time and she’s REALLY HYPER AND SHE SCREAMS, WOOHOO!

“[Animated Heidi] is a little bit like me,” Klum admits. “I like to yodel and I’m very enthusiastic and I’m very loud.” She also notes, “I love being silly and putting my voice out there.”

Making the choice to go unseen in a recording studio was easy for the 41-year-old mother of four. “My 4-year-old daughter Lou, she has all the toys. She has hundreds of them at home. She has a little box with all the little compartments and she has them all organized. They’re just so cute,” she says. “I’m proud that I can be one of the pets and that she can watch me on TV.”

The two-part Season 3 finale of Littlest Pet Shop airs Saturday at 12 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Discovery Family.

Thanks to Chevistian for the heads-up! Video after the break.

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