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Samurai Jack XCII Episode Guide



Written by: Bryan Andrews, Genndy Tartakovsky

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Steven Universe 419 - Room for Ruby [derpyhooves].mkv_snapshot_10.02_[2017.03.11_20.53.36]

Well, that was interesting—and much better from the show. Navy comes crashing down to Earth and asks to be taken in. She apparently has no hard feelings about the past and Steven takes her to see Lapis and Peridot. Peridot is willing, but Lapis, not as much. Ruby is apparently getting used to Earth very quickly, which upsets Lapis given how long it took her to get used to things on this planet. Steven and Peridot manage to calm her down on that end.

Navy confesses that while she loves the Earth, she misses her ship. They still have it and Navy takes them for a ride. And then Navy asks Steven to press a button at the other end. The little trickster gets Steven to press the eject button and out goes Steven, Lapis, and Peridot from the ship. Lapis takes some comfort in confirmation in her beliefs that no one could be that well-adjusted, but Garnet is there with a pair of balloons. “It was still worth a shot,” says Garnet.

Well, I guess it was a matter of time that someone took advantage of Steven’s nature to make friends with everyone, wasn’t it? I also guess at least one of the rubies is much smarter than I gave them credit for (read:  not much). It does make the arc with the rubies well worth continuing as well as the one with the odd couple at the barn. Steven also gets more food for thought in someone taking advantage of him. We’ll see where everything goes from here, but it was much better compared to the last couple of episodes.



Friendship is Magic #52 Preview


A preview has shown up for issue #52 of Friendship is Magic, and is currently set to be released on the 22nd. Check out the preview after the break.

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419 – “Room for Ruby”

Written by: Raven Molisse, Lauren Zuke
“Navy”, one of the Rubies who came to Earth to find Jasper, crashes on Earth and is welcomed in by Steven to be a Crystal Gem. However, Lapis Lazuli does not trust Navy’s overly optimistic nature, knowing of her previous encounters with her.

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While there may be no synopsis, time, or episode title listed yet, we at least now know when season 7 is kicking off! Our pastel horsies make their return on Saturday April 15th! We should get more information when Discovery Family releases its April Highlights, which are due any day now.


A prequel comic to this year’s My Little Pony movie will be coming out on September 5th. No details on the story yet, but the comic will be written by Ted Anderson and drawn by Andy Price, both of whom have experience working on MLP comics.

Edit: According to a Tweet by Andy Price, this prequel seems to be a 4 issue miniseries.