504 – “XCV”

Written by: Genndy Tartakovsky
Jack works with an assassin, bent on his destruction in order to escape the creature who has swallowed them whole.

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As promoted last week, here’s the 90-second short filled with fashion tips from Rarity. Check it out below.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is in the seventh house season. The stars look to align for what will be a big year in the franchise with the show beginning its seventh season on April 15th. It will be just the sixth Western Animated show that debuted since 2000 to reach seven seasons.

There are spoilers coming up so if you do not want to know what has been announced for the show, look away now.

Already, we know that the season premiere will NOT be a two-parter and that the comics are supposed to tie in more with the show. We will see the parents of Rainbow Dash for the first time in the show’s 150th episode. We finally get to see Applejack’s parents, though how that will come about is a mystery. William Shatner and Felicia Day will guest star this season. Oh, there is a movie coming on October 6th. If there are no breaks in the season, and assuming that the finale is a two-parter, then Season Seven should end on September 23rd.

Questions still about such as what will become of Starlight Glimmer after the events of the Season Six finale? Will we see more of the new Changeling Kingdom? How will the comics tie in to the show? Will Queen Chrysalis seek revenge on Starlight in Season Seven as she vowed to do? That’s part of the fun of the upcoming season as what will happen next?

There is still plenty of mileage in the show and the franchise surrounding. The hype that will come surrounding the movie is ahead of us and there will be more to come in 2018 as well. Meanwhile, 2017 promises to be big for MLP and it is hoped that the seventh season will be filled with good luck for the show and later the movie in October. The moon for this franchise is now in the seventh house and we’ll see if Jupiter aligns with Mars this year. It all starts again on April 15th!


Lionsgate has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming My Little Pony movie.

 Fluttershy and Angel Singing by mysticalpha

Fluttershy and Angel Singing by mysticalpha

Discovery Family has released their May highlights, and in it includes information on the new episodes of My Little Pony for that month. This information is contained under the spoiler break.

Fluttershy Leans In premieres Saturday, May 6 at 11:30a/10:30c
Fluttershy is determined to make her career dreams come true with the help of some very special
ponies. But when her true vision is not being executed properly, she must find a way to stand up
and fight for her ideas.
Forever Filly premieres Saturday, May 13 at 11:30a/10:30c
When Rarity surprises Sweetie Belle with a special day together filled with all of her favorite
activities, she quickly learns that her little sister is no longer the little foal she used to be.
Parental Glideance premieres Saturday, May 20 at 11:30a/10:30c
When Rainbow Dash’s parents discover she’s a Wonderbolt, they show up at every event to cheer
her on. However, their unabashed enthusiasm proves to be rather embarrassing and pushes
Rainbow Dash to the brink.
Hard to Say Anything premieres Saturday, May 27 at 11:30a/10:30c
When the Cutie Mark Crusaders discover that Big Mac has his first crush, they vow to help him win
Sugar Belle’s heart before Feather Bangs does it first.


Legends of Magic #1 Preview


A preview is now available for the first issue of Legends of Magic, a new comic book series that focuses on historical ponies of the past. This issue is currently set to be released on the 12th. Check out the preview after the break.

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Some new pony promos airing on Discovery Family this month–the first being for the season 7 premiere on April 15th, a new short featuring Rarity on April 8th (after Dolphin Tale 2), as well as ‘Ponypalooza’, a 2-week pony-marathon leading into the new season. Check them out below.