210 – “Friendenemies, Is Mystery”

Written by: Sabrina Cotugno, Amelia Lorenz; Mark Ackland, Dominic Bisignano, Ricardo Durante, Jushtin Lee
Marco goes for a visit with Tom in his carriage to go to an 8-hour “Mackie Hands” movie marathon. Soon their friendship changes.; Buff Frog attempts to solve a mystery of a hole in the cornfield.

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Friends Forever #33 Preview


In addition to the preview for Friendship is Magic #47, we also have a preview for Friends Forever #33 from iTunes. This issue starring Applejack and Cherry Jubilee will be released on October 12th. Check out the preview after the break.

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Friendship is Magic #47 Preview

iTune has a preview of Friendship is Magic #47, currently slated to be released on October 19th. Check it out after the break.

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I’m going to make a provocative statement:  Equestria Girls is better than Monster High. The latter is re-booting itself after just six years in existence because reasons (i.e. slumping sales) while the other is having its annual movie—this time debuting on Netflix (or Discovery Kids Brazil)—and getting better each time it surfaces with something new.

This time the setting is Camp Everfree and some time away from Canterlot High (and all the magic things). However, the magic follows the Mane Seven (yes, seven) to camp. Twilight can levitate objects, Rarity can create defense constructs, Applejack has super strength, Rainbow has super speed, Fluttershy can talk to the animals, Pinkie can make glitter and sprinkles explode, and Sunset can see the past and sense feelings. More on all of that in a moment.

The camp is being run by siblings Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce (who has a crush on Sci-Twi). Gloriosa it turns out is trying to save the camp from this world’s version of Filthy Rich who is much meaner than his Equestria counterpart. She tries too hard while Timber is itching to go into town one day and feels stuck.

Back to the magic, some suspect its a legendary creature named Gaia Everfree, but Twilight feels that the “Midnight” in her is the cause. There is initially heistation about using these new powers, but Sunset believes the magic can be used for good and that’s displayed in full force when they fix the dock. It turns out that some Equestrian magic has made its way to the cave inside the camp and in the form of seven geodes. Gloriosa is using five of them trying to use its magic to help her save the camp, but it has not come to fruition. Sunset and Twilight try to reason with her, but Gloriosa takes the remaining two geodes and she turns into Gaia Everfree trapping Sunset and Twilight and the tries to do the same with the rest of the campers and her brother.

It’s up to the Mane Seven to stop them with their new powers. Twilight is afraid she’ll turn into Midnight Sparkle, but her friends are by her side and she turns into an alicorn power ranger friendship ranger. They rescue everyone and quickly form a fundraiser to save the camp. The geodes are the Mane Seven’s to keep while we cut to CHS where the portal isn’t completely shut all the way all but setting up a fifth movie.

This is another solid entry into the Equestria Girls lore. One of the reasons this spinoff continues to have legs is Sunset Shimmer. She wasn’t the best villain in the first movie, but her journey through the next three movies has been that of redemption and to taking a leadership role at Canterlot High. She is once again in top form here. There’s the music which I do feel is the best of the four movies—even “Rainbow Rocks”. Kudos to Daniel Ingram for outdoing himself again.

Then there’s Gloriosa who’s doing all she can, and then too much, to save the camp. She’s well-meaning, but there’s that old adage from the show about using magic to solve problems for magic’s sake. As Gaia, she is very powerful, albeit for a brief time, but how is trapping everyone in brambles supposes to save the camp from Filthy Rich? Timber is okay, and I guess it’s a bit surprising that he and Sci-Twi have a crush on each other while Flash is on the sidelines—apparently knowing that Princess Twilight is not going to be stopping by often. Will he and Sunset get back together? I don’t know.

The one thing I take from “Legend of Everfree” is that there’s likely to be another movie in the near future. It does open up tons of possibilities going forward with the new powers and what is truly a Mane Seven in this world. (Will we get one in Equestria in three weeks?). This is a series of movies where some elements, though not all, get better with each movie. It’s truly on par with “Rainbow Rocks” and I truly can’t wait to see what the future holds for Equestria Girls.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Sunset Shimmer
  • +  It’s now a Mane Seven
  • +  Music outdoes “Rainbow Rocks”
  • +  Visuals
  • +  Sequel Hook?
  • –  Gaia’s methods for saving the camp unclear.
  • –  Dialogue during climax could have been better.



My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree Movie Guide

zipline_by_uotapo-dafpf4h[1]Zipline by uotapo

“Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree”

Written by: Kristine Songco, Joanna Lewis
The Equestria Girls, human teen counterparts to My Little Pony characters, head to Camp Everfree, where they need a little magic to help save summer.

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Pointless Ponies Update: 09-30-2016

And now a word from StatManDan.

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I have seen this kind of story before in cartoons (and live action). Here we have three different accounts of a boat trip gone wrong between Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie; and Twilight needs to get to the bottom of things as the truth lies somewhere inbetween—or does it?

AJ, Pinkie, and Rarity are not speaking to each other after their boat ride went awry. Rarity blames AJ and her story seems very far-fetched as it has AJ as a pirate and Rarity doesn’t pack light. Pinkie blames Rarity for trying to turn the boat into the Pacific Princess. AJ blames both Rarity and Pinkie Pie because their ideas clashed with her idea of “getting out of their element”. The only common elements of each of their stories was that there were cucumber sandwiches, “getting out of their element”, and bubbling water.

Twilight being Twilight, she figures the cucumber sandwiches that went overboard attracted a tri-horned bunyip. (I was going to say a gyrados, but they only have one horn.) As for the “getting out of their element” part, each had a different idea on that and didn’t realize the other two had that idea as well. The lesson in this one is even long time friends need to work on communication sometimes.

This is another good episode even though the reason for the boat capsizing comes from nowhere. It’s nothing original as we’ve this kind of story before. However, one of the show’s strengths is taking a seemingly unoriginal plot and making something fun and light-hearted out of it. This is what we have here. The lesson is a good one here as there are times were even long-time friends have crossed signals and it could cause problems. It’s nice to go out of your element sometimes, but someone else may have the same idea. Not the highest degree of difficulty to pull this story off, but pull it off the show does in its own special way.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Unique take on old story.
  • +  Three Stooges and Titanic references
  • +  Twilight figuring out things
  • –  Reason for boat comes out of nowhere