Star vs. 214 – Bon Bon the Birthday Clown Episode Guide


214 – “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown”

Written by: Dominic Bisignano, Sabrina Cotugno, Aaron Hammersley, Amelia Lorenz, Le Tang
Star has second thoughts about attending a dead clown’s séance, when Jackie asks Marco to go to the school dance with her.

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SU Review: “Gem Harvest”


We went to a gem harvest and a Thanksgiving episode broke out. Steven has his autumn visit to Peridot and Lapis where they are raising a farm. The vegetables don’t come to life, though, until Steven creates a pet pumpkin for the pair. All of sudden, a crusty pilot arrives and claims the barn. Greg and the Crystal Gems arrive on the scene and it turns out to be Greg’s cousin Andy and they used to be part of a flying team called the Flying DeMayo’s.

Andy, or “Uncle Andy” to Steven, eventually calms down and comes around to what’s going on by throwing a party. It turns out to be a pseudo-Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, the vegetables (that aren’t like Veggie Head), and cake. However, Andy then goes away again giving Peridot and Lapis the barn after feeling out of place. Steven follow him and asks him to come back. It turns out that the rest of Andy’s family all went their separate ways leaving just him to carry on the act—when he could’ve used his plane to visit the rest of his family. He does come back for the party and we’ll see if he becomes a recurring character.

This was a surprising episode. We get a family member on Greg’s side this time and at first he’s like the “conservative relative” that seems to always bring up something political as evidenced by calling Peridot and Lapis hippies at first. However, as Steven is ever the peacemaker, Andy shows a lighter side and goes with the flow. It is relatable for people to get bitter when everything around them changes and it’s not to their liking. That’s what we got with Andy as he only focused on the act and hasn’t seen Greg in over 20 years. Overall, though, he makes for an interesting character and likely one we’ll see again.

Again, there was no clue that this was actually going to be a holiday episode, but that is what we have there and it’s actually quite a heartwarming one. If there’s anything to take issue with, it’s that the dialogue at the table was very corny and awkward amongst the Gems. Outside of that, everyone was likable in this episode and surprises everyone by being more slice-of-life than the adventure that “Bismuth” became. Steven Universe is back and for that, we are very thankful.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • + Peridot and Lapis farming
  • + A new addition to the family
  • + A surprise (if accidental?) Thanksgiving episode
  • – Dialogue at the table



Steven Universe 408 – Gem Harvest Episode Guide


408 – “Gem Harvest”

Written by: Raven M. Molisee, Paul Villeco, Hilary Florido, Lauren Zuke
Steven’s autumn visit to the barn brings a new stranger into his life.

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Star vs. 213 – Page Turner, Naysaya Episode Guide


213 – “Page Turner, Naysaya”

Written by: Zach Marcus, Brett Varon; Dominic Bisignano, Evon Freeman, Aaron Hammersley, John Infantino, Le Tang, Giancarlo Volpe
Star tries to resist the temptation of reading a forbidden chapter in her Book of Spells.; Marco grows a second head that blurts out his secrets and insecurities whenever he tries to ask out Jackie.

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In All MLP VA category, Tockar Emerges as Best Voice at UBCP/ACTRA Awards


Lee Tockar, voice of Snips and Steven Magnet on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, won the award for Best Voice at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards in Vancouver on Saturday night. Lee won for his part in Slugterra as the voice of Pronto. This is Lee’s first win in the category.

All of the nominees this year have voiced, or are currently voicing on MLP, and two were nominated for MLP itself. Those were Peter Kelamis as the voice of Bid Daddy McColt in “The Hooffields and McColts” and Andrea Libman, a two-time winner herself, as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in “The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows”. Peter New was nominated for his work as Sunil on Littlest Pet Shop in the episode “Petnapped!” and Vincent Tong was nominated for his work as the voice of Irwin on Nerds and Monsters.

Congratulations to Lee on his win and to all the nominees this year!


Friends Forever #34 Preview


iTunes has a preview for Friends Forever #34, starring Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. This issue is currently slated to be released on November 23rd. Check out the preview after the break.

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Editor’s Note (DS):  Personally I’d rather not touch anything related to politics or the US Government on this site, as we’re suppose to be about cartoons, and even we fail at that most of the time in terms of coverage.  But so many folks did wake up to a living nightmare.  Blame the writer’s of Back to the Future, they predicted it all.  StatManDan wrote some kind words, and if that lifts the spirits of at least one of our three readers just a tiny bit, its worth it.

And now some words from StatManDan.

After the results of the US Presidential Election, some are joyful, but others are in despair. This is for those who are in despair right now. I hope I am not infringing on Sprocket’s territory, but I feel this needs to be said right now.

Today and last night, it was disappointing. There’s no two ways about it. We are still sad. So what do we do?

  • We do what we always do—take our licks, pick ourselves back up, and carry on.
  • We do what we always do—we learn from our mistakes and do better next time.
  • We do what we always do—we keep our heads up.
  • We do what we always do—be ourselves, continue to do good, and be there for each other.
  • We do what we always do—never give up hope for better times for us and be confident that we will win next time after a loss even as painful as this one.
  • We do what we always do—hope and push for a better future for ourselves, our family, our friends, and others.
  • We do what we always do—we live to fight another day.
  • We do what we always do—we’ll pull through this.
  • We do what we always do—we’ll find a way to make the world a truly better place.
  • We do what we always do—and we’ll continue to do so.

I firmly believe there is still room in this world for honestly, laughter, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and magic (and even empathy at this point). If I take anything from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it’s the lessons that the show teaches and the mettle in the characters who personify the Elements of Harmony. I’ve made some friendships in the five years I’ve been watching the show and hope to make more as the show progresses.

There is stuff to look forward to in 2017 such as a seventh season, conventions, the continuation of the comic series, chapter books by GM Berrow, Equestria Girls specials, and of course, the movie in October. If the ride ends in 2017, I will be on here and proudly say this was one of the best rides I’ve ever been on and my hope will be for the fandom to continue and continue to espouse the show’s messages long after the show’s final episode.

It’s not much, but as upset as I or anyone else is right now, I am determined to bring smiles to everyone I know just like you would for me. Because we do what we always do.