This video man, I’m tellin’ ya. I love showcasing works like this that blow me away.

Romantically Apocalyptic’s Captain Endorses Ponies

Okay, this might not be considered news, but its fun when a webcomic you got introduced to through ponies, endorses ponies.  Romantically Apocalyptic is a fan comic about a post-nuclear world and following the survival of Zee Captain and Snippy.  The comic has a very serious tone to it, but written in full humor, I do endorse you to check it out.  I was introduced to RA through the /b/ side of ponies, when I was sneaking about there back when /co/ and /b/ were the main brony zones.  Someone by the trip of “TheWastelander” kept posting pictures from the comic, and I finally read it, and liked it, its one of only 6 webcomics I read now (when it updates).

Anyways, I was checking my facebook here before I punch out for the night and see the above image from Zee Captain’s facebook.

‎…captain shows his love for ‘friendship is magic”.

When I watch this show I prefer to explain their magic with RA logic: “The world of my little pony takes a million years in the future after humans exterminated themselves through nuclear war and ponies are the dominating species that have evolved into various types (unicorns, pegasi, etc) some gaining so called magical powers, others getting wings.
Evidence of this great atomic disaster is that in a lot of places there are strange mutated beasts to be found such as dragons, seasons no longer work and ponies have to manage the weather, wake animals up, etc.”

And we love our captain here at DH.

Its time to plan for the future, if Luna smiles upon us then the start of Season 2 will begin this fall, and its time to preplan our futures here at DerpyHooves.  This site has come a long long ways from what it was, only a few people will remember what I call “Derpy 1.0”, and man was it horrid.  2.0 and 3.0 is what you see today, 2.0 being the tableriffic original site, and 3.0 being the switch to php done by our webmaster Jaller.
As always I thank everyone who visits this site often, and even if you don’t, I still thank you.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d end up with a site like this, and more or less be at the bottom floor of a fandom that bloomed in front of me.  And the fact I didn’t get put in the grave by EquestriaDaily, since we both started at the same time.
So anyways, I figure now is the time to plan for the future, namely what are we going to do here site wise for Season 2.  So my basic question is, what would you, as DH readers, like to see happen with this page?  Be it adding sections, what to change around with the front page (add, remove, etc).  Basically if you had control of this place, what would you change or do?
Certain things of course remain, namely the links.  Speaking of which, I need to update these, so if you know of a site that isn’t listed and probably should be, post up in the comments.
Either way, in general we plan to keep chugging in the direction we have been news wise, with a few changes.
So lets hear what you go?

Time to rock out, pony style.  From the creator of “Super Dash” (Rainbow Dash Super Dash!).  Said it was submitted to EqD multiple times but they never posted it (or it was posted and then lost to the winds).  As a metalhead, it must be played (though not my style of metal, but metal is metal).

Ponies Take Los Angeles by Storm

I really wanted to report on this as soon as I saw it, unfortunately I was away from my laptop “roughing it” the past few days. (Translator Note: Roughing it means camping, kinda.)

The official Facebook page shared the news with the fans of the page yesterday that it was going up Today. I had to steal the pictures from that other place, since I don’t live in L.A.

Then, on the same page as L.A. Kevin Smith’s family resides somewhere around there. I had been a regular listener of his Smodcast a couple months ago but just kinda stopped, it happens. It was reported that he talked about it on the latest show with his daughter who guest starred in it. I was able to listen to the whole thing. Kevin totally likes the ponies, he was trying to shrug it off like “Hey kids, how ’bout dem Pokemans?” kinda deal, I saw through his lies. They only touched base on the show with his kid who seemed to be totally out of place and too shy to be in a podcast, even if its with her parents.

Here’s a little excerpt from the podcast:
Kevin: So, do you wanna talk about the my little ponies? the bronies? (he totally said bronies a couple times.)
Harley (the daughter, pretend she’s acting like fluttershy right now. it totally helps): Uh, not really… I like the show… it’s cool.
Kevin: come on, lets talk some more about it!
(the kid tries to avoid talking about it more)

it’s about 40 minutes into this hour long podcast, if you listened to it in anticipation I’m sure you understand my feelings about this.

MLP: Fighting is Magic – PreAlpha

I know I saw this pass quickly on EqD multiple days ago.  MLP: Fighting is Magic, as some would say not exactly a game related to the theme of the show, because as we all know, Friendship is Magic and not fighting (though there have been plenty of times during season 1 I wished someone cracked open a can of whoop flank).  But this game is going to be awesome in the old school style.  I’m not a big gamer anymore so I’m not sure what fighting games have evolved to in modern gaming, but this style of fighting game is definitely my cup of tea.

Check it, and see.

MLP:FiM Flash Game (or MLP – Flash Is Magic) Video Update #4

A new video release from the creators of MLP:FiM The Flash Game, or as somepony called it and it stuck in my head, MLP – Flash Is Magic, that awesome flash game currently in production and looking for voice actors (and other hands).  Watch the video, currently in the realm of voice acting, they are in need of mature female voice and boy-kid style voice for Spike and Rainbow Dash (gruff sounding).  They also wish to remind you that you need a good microphone, as some entries had to be turned down due to the mic quality.

Check it, you’ll like what you see.

Side Note – MP3 format works the best for audition form, and it doesn’t cripple my low grade broadband.  Some of you guys submitted wav files which are insanely large :)