Spacegirl by SuneshineSmiles

A sad but epic tale of Future Scootaloo and her quest to understand the meaning of her cutie mark.

And no DH will not be getting into the fanfic game, I consider that EqD region, though if you want to submit your fanfic, I’ll be glad to post this up.  Sunshine Smiles suggested I posted this up, as I know him somewhat personally from the server and the IRC we hang out in.  The next chapter is already in the works.

Super Ponybeat – My Little Pony (Europener Mix) Preview

New Eurobeat, he would like feedback on this, so click over to youtube and leave some for him!

And more from 8 Bit Brony!

Remix is remix and awesome (I seem to be using that word a lot lately, dear god).

Awesome new video by chefmkt.

Friendship is Magic – Instrumental Medley

Awesome new instrumental medley from NRGForce.  Check it.

Submitted by a random brony who felt this guy should get more views, and I agree.  Its not that easy singing in Russian, so here is Cupcakes, Russian Style.

Applejack & Bloomberg

And more from YoorPorick.  What has science down!?