Jihye Lee wishes to announce there are now MLP:FiM nail sets and buttons (picture below) now available to the community.  The nail set is $35.00 USD and buttons are $5.50 USD, shipping about two dollars.  As a guy I have no idea what ladies look for in press on nails, so I’m no help there.  The buttons though do look spiffy, graphic design wise.

Pony Wiseau’s The Room trailer

A movie parody trailer of Tommy Wiseau’s dark comedy “The Room”.  If you don’t know what “The Room” is, look it up, I’m sure its on Wikipedia by now.  In short its a dark comedy “B” film with horrid acting, like watching a very long bad 80s soap opera.  Personally I couldn’t take it, but I’ve never been a fan of films like this (or say John Waters).  But, this film has some huge following, especially out in LA.  To each their own is my motto.  Made and submitted by Solocitizen.

Why the /b/rony´s effect. (El por que de la fanaticada de los /B/ronies)

A few days ago we posted Quirko Germont’s analysis of bronies and the pony community which was written in Spanish.  Well QG redid it in english, and is still looking for feedback.  So if you skipped over it before or didn’t bother with running it through a translator, here is the english version.

Australian Brony Presentation

My apologies to Shadrow as this is a submission from 5 days ago.  We need a few people on DH that can post news up and or post submissions as they come in, so I’m not so lacking in my updates.  Anyways…

Shadrow of BronyComms (those guys with accents that are doing commentary for each FiM episode) did a college presentation of FiM, and wishes to share.with everyone (okay, been shared on EqD already).  Thankfully Shadrow has added closed captions since the audio is a touch muffled due to it well, being a college presentation room (only those high end places have dolby surround, heh).  It goes through the explanation of what MLP is, how FiM is popular with males, 18 to 34.  Its about 15 minutes long but interesting, I love reading and watching the analyzation of this show and the community, because this stuff doesn’t happen quite often (the whole a show for girls spawned a community who accepts, loves and tolerates everyone, even trolls).

So without further delay, here is My Little Pony: An Oral Presentation by Shadrow.

Merchandise Spotlight – EvilSugar & Brainbread

I originally had these setup for “Arts & Craft Wrap Up” but then realized that most of the plushies that had been featured on EqD are actually two people, so I felt this would work out better as its own post, rather than for the wrap up.  So here we go.
Above and below is the work of Brainbread, who has made a Fluttershy and Luna plushies which are just adorable.  Fluttershy is damn cute, and BB is aware the eyes come off creepy to some (as said many times in the EqD comments), but its hard to translate graphical artwork into cloth.  It kind of makes me think of the Tails Doll in the Sonic Fandom (look it up).
Luna is the best though, in my opinion.  I love the stitch work and wing design.
BB also has other plushies hidden on the dA site that I’m not sure were featured or not.
Flora!  The rarely used background pony.
Rainbow Dash (still loving that yarn hair style).
And then we have EvilSugar with her designs, two I know have been featured on EqD (RD and NNM).  But this is some excellent work.
And Rarity who I think I do remember seeing featured awhile ago.  It seems EvilSugar’s work are commissions, so you might be able to offer money and get a plushie, but check the dA page out before e-mailing her (I didn’t research that deep into it).
Keep up the awesome work (and for god sakes somebody make me a Derpy Plushie to hug at night).
And I leave you with this Trixie plushie.  Author wanted to remain unknown so there isn’t a flood of commissions coming in.

News Wrap Up

Goooood Morning Equestria,

I did this a few times before in the on-season and figured it would be a good time to start doing them again.  In short its where I compile the past weeks’ worth of news into a single post.  This includes both our own news, and of course EqD in short form.  A few people said they liked it, as it catches you up on community and show news in one easy post, so hopefully expect these every Saturday, hopefully right in the morning hours.
Also in the future (and this has been said before), I will also be posting articles of a random nature about poines, more about the community.  Somewhere I know I plan to write up the journey that was taken back in October, and how we all went from basically a small group on 4chan and various IRC channels to a massive subculture.  I joined the herd back on 11/12/10 so I’ve seen a ton.  But probably not today :)
So without further delay, here is your weekly news wrap up.
FiM – #1 Meme:  It seems that MLP has taken the #1 slow over at KnowYourMeme, just barely getting past ‘Forever Alone’.  According to EqD, the main page hasn’t updated but if you check the actual FiM and Forever Alone pages, FiM is officially ahead.  This is also the site that upgraded us from ‘fandom’ to ‘subculture’.
Name Changes:  Seems this is the second known brony to change their name, but somebody over on Ponychan has legally changed their name to “Kim Fluttershy Dykas”, which indeed is stuff subcultures are made of.  Apparently awhile back a Finland brony changed their name to “Rainbow Alexi Dash”.  But as Seth said in the article, must be easier in other countries to change your name, over here in the States and I would assume Canada, its harder than all hell to change your name, with tons of lawyers, papers, and seeing a judge.  Party on bronies.
My Little Euro Ponies:   FiM is making its way over to Europe and the United Kingdom, as a promo video has been seen on Boomarang (see title link).  Holy crap they like to say pony over there, and in a sexy british accent.  I’m guessing the Boomarang channel over there is something totally different than the Boomarang here across the pond.  I assume both are owned by Cartoon Network since we did know Non-US CN bought the contract to play the show.  Its just over here are Boomarang plays nothing but classical cartoons, ranging from the original Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo to the Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab.  Now somepony find me a season schedule for it.
Job Opening at DHX Media:   DHX Media in Vancouver is hiring Animators/Posers, Supervisors, Animation Revisionists, Designers and Storyboard Artists.  From EqD’s article, apparently according to Jayson Thiessen’s Twitter page, this is the place to be if you want to get into the magical kingdom of FiM.  And its true, you can get into the gates.  A community member by the name of GlamourKat who is an animator / artist manage to get into the gates of colorful equine for season 2.  So far she has kept her lips closed about what to expect, but I know when I’ve seen her in the IRCHighway Chat, she’s at least giving us a viewing of the inside, namely like if other animators favor certain ponies, or what they got on their desks, and just how being a crew member of FiM is like.  I should be an actual reporter and ask her for an interview…
My Little Pony Convention Information:  Written by Hillary who has years of experience in the Pony World, its basically what to expect when (as an FiM fan) you go to a Pony Convention since they do exist.  In short, there will be men, some will be into ponies and many will not.  FiM is very welcomed and people of the previous generations do love the show.  Friendship is Magic, so don’t be scared to go join the older generations in celebration of colorful equine.
Metal Pony Pins Pre-Order:  Pinfilly is taking pre-orders on the Pony Pins.  Get’em while you’re hot, and it will take 3 weeks to a month to get’em from the factory, depending on your location.
Summer Sun Celebration Compilation:  Well the contest didn’t turn out as thought, but Plaster wanted to showcase the entries since people put a fair amount of work into them.  Its good to see people didn’t rip their hair out when the contest was cancelled.  I might actually go over the 28 entries and pick out the DerpyHooves.com choices, since I was suppose to be a judge, but all 28 rule too.
And that’s all for this week’s news, and indeed thats what you get when you boil it down.  There are some other articles from this week that I’ll be posting in separate posts today, and we’re also going to do an Arts & Crafts Wrap Up, as there was a ton of plushies and other fan made merchandise put out over the week.  Anyways, off to do fun Saturday things (like get fitted for a tux for a wedding)…
Submitted by BlackFirebird2000