The final piece of the complete windows/pony desktop takeover

I’m sure you’ve seen my desktop screenshot from the Desktop Ponies 1.23 update post, well the only thing I’ve been missing for COMPLETE PONY DOMINATION on my desktop was a custom boot screen for windows 7/Vista

If you were missing that final piece as well, today is your lucky day.
Capt-Nemo over on dA has what you seek!

This fine gentlecolt has made a Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch and the ever so lovely Derpy Hooves loading screen animation. He also includes a link on each of those submissions to where you can learn how to set it up on your computer.

Ah, I love when these updates come out.  This is an update from the MLP:FiM Flash Game (ignore the errors on the site, namely the missing logo and background, I’m the one running that and apparently things got overwritten with the DH site updates).  The flash based 2d platformer you hear about from time to time.  It shows what kind of epic progress they have made, from music to physics engine work.  I won’t spoil all the fun, but check it out.

Later on, we’ll be having a marathon of updates news wise, those who have sent in submissions, I thank you, currently the submission page goes to me which isn’t the best idea due to my lack of being around all the time (damn you good weather), but I’ll be solving that issue.  We also may have some more bronies posting here at DH, go team!

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Oh yes, it’s time for me to abuse my power to make a quick shoutout! I’ll make this quick and painless for ya.

Another IRC channel has popped up! Check out #Cloudsdale on the Rizon server!

You’ll find me in there as well as the #Mylittlepony channel on IRCHighway! Derpysquad hangs out in there too!

That didn’t hurt at all, see?

Rainbow Dash – Fly Away From Here

Pony Musical Video set to Aerosmith – Fly Away Home.  Prism (the maker of the video) is currently taking suggestions for any music that fits other man cast memembers.  Hit’em up on youtube comments.

The Godpony Part 3

So if its tradition to kiss the Godfather’s ring, what do ponies kiss?  The Godpony’s horseshoe?

Reservoir Ponies (Trailer)

My mind always goes to the scene where they guy is cutting off the other guy’s ear in the warehouse.

Derpy drops piano on Morris Marina

Oh Derpy, you and pianos.