SKA, I remember Ska.  Not sure if its still around though, at the time I was deep in the punk/grunge thing and now I’m a metalhead.  Here’s some ska and ponies.

Deepest Apologies

My deepest apologies to the person running the Australian Pony Fair, I overlooked the fact that there was personal data within the news report, and my fault for not reading deeper, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted such information.  A lesson learned for future submission reviews.  The sadder part is its not even like we get swamped like EqD with submissions..

International Friendship Day Gift Exchange 2011

Darklycute sent this through the not-so-hot-line

Entry Form (all you need is a name and an email):

FAQ, more details:

Anyone from anywhere can join in, there is no minimum or maximum on the value of the gift gave. Those looking to give something extravagant should keep in mind that you probably won’t be getting something of the same value back -but hey, it’s the thought that counts right? You’ll be making some good friends in the process. And yes, giving something hand-made is encouraged.

PMV – 1812 Overture Finale

And a new video from Golden Dragon.

Final Fantasteed Classic With Lyrics

My Little Soviets: Communism is Magic

I love Russian style music.  Submitted by Zedmastermind.  It’s also the song theme from Tetris.