MLP:FiM Flash Game Update – Voice Actors & G1 Villains

The latest video update from MLP:FiM The Flash Game.  In short, the team is going to be adding voice actors to the game, and are in search for some (well many).  They have a preview of Pinkie Pie who sounds pretty good, not exactly Pinkie Pie but as I saw someone say over on EqD in the comments, the best I’ve heard out of the fandom.

There’s also been a rumor about the team using enemies from the G1 MLP series, which some community members have frowned upon.  BUT, this video wants to point out that yes, they are using G1 enemies, but they are updating the looks to match that of our beloved G4 pony world.  Either way, watch the video.


HD Update – Episode 7: Dragonshy / Episode 9: Bridle Gossip

Well if you missed it over on EqD, we’ve had an update on the HD episodes, namely the missing episodes from earlier in the season.  To recap, our HD episodes are created by the TrollHD Group in raw form, community member Mentos then takes those raw rips and encodes them, cleans them up at times and provides them to all of us.  TrollHD didn’t start ripping the HD episodes until I think about Episode 14, so we’ve been missing a fair share of the earlier episodes.  They have been ripping these episodes as they’ve repeated on television.

So now available, Episode 7 – Dragonshy and Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip, two episodes I dare call classics now.  Links are below (and in our media section).  I may have missed a few other updates, as I think Episodes 4 and 6 were added, but you’d have to double check.

Episode 7 – Dragonshy (1080p) (720p)

Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip (1080p) (720p)


Remember those dating sim pictures from a while back…?

Yeah GhettoGarden from the /b/ fanbase has found them and decided to finally launch an offensive to make them a reality. He is currently looking for pretty much all the help he can get.

You can contact him through his email [email protected]

I wish them the best of luck, I was part of a project during the fanbase’s infancy and it didn’t work out. It takes a lot of dedication and work to get something like this off the ground. Hell, its taken Katawa Shoujo like 4 years now and they finally have a demo out.

[Equestria Daily]

Creepypasta Game Contest! (via EquestriaGaming)

Creepypasta Game Contest!

Alright, I’m sure many of you know about Luna Game and Luna Game 2. Both games are pretty creepy, but I crave for more. And what better way to get people to make creepy games than bribe them with free stuff?

This month’s contest will be to create the creepiest creepypasta pony game that you can. Also, I HAVE decided that I will hold monthly contests, each will likely have the same $10 game on steam prize, but I might mix things up some months.

Here are the rules for the contest:

-Your entry must be a game. It can have as many cutscenes and be as long as you want, but you have to be able to PLAY it
-Your entry must be completely My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic related
-No porn (unless it’s of me, of course *sexy pose*)
-Blood is allowed, but no excessive gore.
-You are allowed to program this in ANY LANGUAGE YOU DESIRE. As long as I can play it, it makes no difference what you use to program it
-Screamers are allowed, but be careful, they’re not really as ‘scary’ as much as they are ‘startling’, so you may not win with just a screamer
-No file altering games, the first Luna Game may have had that, but that’s not the kind of scary I’m looking for.
-Please try to get permission to use the things you use
-One entry per person

The prize for this contest will be any game on Steam that is under $10
Here is a link to Games under $10

When you have the game completed, please submit it to me at [email protected]
The message title should be ‘Game Contest’
In the email you should provide the link to the game, the creator name, and any links to images or sounds you used.

The contest deadline is July 10th! Get to programming!


Don’t be hatin, you know you want one.

Hoppip sent this one over, he has assembled a pretty decent looking Parasprite plush. It’s like the perfect size too.

Then there’s the Rarity plush that popped up on EvilSugar’s dA. They mentioned that they are accepting commissions for one of your very own! (Just don’t overwhelm em ok?)

Winter Wrap Up Remix by Dj Cyclops

Submission and Remix by DJ Cyclops.

Fluttershy (Exomix Remix)

Submission by Exofusion who would like your feedback.  From what I could load it sounded good (internet issues on my end) and will definitely check out the whole thing once I kick my computer around some.