Fresh in the news room….
A new site has hit the scene, EveryponySings.com, a one stop shop for all your FiM musical desires, well, except MP3s :).  Well in short, this labor of love is a collection of all the music from Season 1 in the form of Sheet Music, Tabs & Chords.  Its a work in progress, so they have yet to fill out the entire library, you can currently find sheet music for the Title Theme, Art of the Dress and Giggle at the Ghosties, Chords for over half, the only area its lacking big time is tabs, but tabs are indeed hard to punch out.  The site will expand to include all three for all the songs, but of course it’ll take time.
The site is ran and worked on by Ruby Rose, Moonlight Sonata and Candy Creme.  Check’em out.

Video Game Crossover Story Contest!

Alright! So I’ve decided that I’m going to hold a small contest!
The contest will be to take a video game, and somehow work MLP: FiM characters in it, or vice-versa!
Here are the rules:

-Must have at least 500 words. That is the minimum (Aim for a thousand!).
-Must have Ponies (Duh)
-Must be VIDEO GAEM related
-Nothing super explicit; meaning no excessive gore, super kinky things, or anything like that.
Steven Magnet counts as a pony. And so does Spike.

The prize for this contest will be any game on Steam that is under $10 :D
Here is a link to Games under $10

When you have the story completed, please submit it to me at[email protected]
The message title should be ‘Story Contest’
In the email you should provide the link to the story, the author name, and what game it’s based off of.

The contest deadline has not been decided yet, and the contest hasn’t been finalized.
The rules will be the same, so you can go ahead and start writing and submitting now.
To remove any confusion, there WILL be a winner. The number of winners is still not decided.

Dan Ingram Interview on 91.8 The Fan

Just in on the Derpy Hooves news floor (or submit inbox)…

On May 26th 2011, from 2pm to 3pm PST (5pm to 6pm EST), Daniel Ingram, musical composer of FiM will be interviewed by The Fan.  You might remember these guys from the Tara Strong interview, though I’m sure Ingram is probably more aware (especially by now) of the fandom that dwells on the internet.

All bronies are welcome to join The Fan’s IRC channel during the interview, which can be found on the Rizon network, #918thefan.  If you’re not an IRC user, you can hit up the web chat.  And of course you can listen via the giant [LISTEN NOW] button found on their website, 918thefan.com.

If you’re not going to be around, well then you can catch the recording which will be uploaded to their website, and possibly a youtube afterwards (depending on edit time).  So either way, you won’t miss it.

Monday Morning Videos

At some point the videos that have been submitted for the media section will be posted up here, but if you’re submitting a new video to me, let me know so I can post them up asap, otherwise it gets filed into a folder for use later on.  Either way, here are the new videos submitted to me today.

From Zedmastermind

From NightBlader

From Prism

And that’s all for now, Happy Monday everypony (le-sigh).  As I’ve told people and posted here, I run the opposite of many bronies, summer is my busy season while fall through spring is not, which works out when you’re running a pony site and that seems to be the time for the new seasons.  So again, this is why updates are getting slower around here, all around the site.  I have a ton of new artwork to upload, which I’ll try and fit in tonight.  Later ya’ll.

Freshly dropped in my mainbox via PrismBrony, hot off the video press.

And a movie trailer parody, remember the movie Kick-Ass?  Now with ponies.  From the Bronycomm guys.
And last one by MrYaridovich, owner of the original Pony Synchtube, parody of Beavis’ trip scene from Beavis and Butthead Do America.


A pmv of Spitfire and the song Spitfire by Prodigy, a nice mixture.

Also a reminder that I’m looking to collect as many videos as possible for the site, I got a good few loads when I first announced it, and at some point I’ll be making mass posts and featuring them again.

Last, if you find anything ‘odd’ with the site, such as broken links or weird gibberish, let me know, we are currently upgrade the place to something more ‘modern’ thanks to a Germany brony.

MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest

Just a reminder that there is roughly 1 day and 1 hour left to the MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest.  Here is the recap from the original post.  All entries are due by midnight sunday night (Eastern Standard Time).

MLP:FiM Flash Game Story Contest

Fillies and Gentleponies,

The development team of MLP:FiM The Flash Game is holding a story contest for their game.  The main goal is for some pony to create an interesting storyline that will fuel the actual game, it needs to be detailed and long enough so the game can be built upon it.

[ The Game ]

MLP:FiM The Flash Game is a platformer style game.  It will have large multiple levels with mini bosses and of course at the end, the final boss.  Think Megaman or Sonic the Hedgehog style games.  The game will feature unlockable characters which will be used to access areas in levels that you could not access before to advance in levels.  Each character will be unlocked after defeating one of the mini bosses.  So its a cross between adventure and puzzle solving.

[ Rules ]

1.  No Grimdark.
2.  No Shipping.
3.  Primary gameplay must focus around the main ponies, not including Trixie, BonBon, Lyra, Spike, etc.
4.  It must remain completely in line with what you could imagine actually happening in the show.
5.  Stories are not to be posted anywhere.

The reason we do not want the stories to be posted anywhere is so the mystery of the game is kept a secret to the general public.  Otherwise if you know the story beforehand, its not as fun.  Stories will be judged by the development team and the author will be kept unknown to them until a winner is elected.

All Submissions are due May 15st, @ 11:59pm EST.

E-Mail your story to [email protected]
Subject:  MLPFiM Flash Game Story Contest
Development Site: http://www.derpyhooves.com/mlpflash/

We are also trying to spread the word far and wide, so tell your friends!