Project Tales from Equestria

Just in on the Derpy News Floor from TGTF of the IRCHighway IRC #mylittlepony room (where I hang out).

Project Tales of Equestria

With the end of season 1 bronies everywhere are left with at least 6 months of poniless void to face. And in times like this are perfect chances to bring up interesting projects to entertain and bring together the fan base with a great project. It all occurred to me after reading some of recent releases of Avatar comics, taking old franchises and creating compilations of stories by different artists.

Then I thought, this fanbase have great artists and writers, so what if we bring all this talented people to work together on a big project to help bronies face the poniless months and have something to talk about. The project would consist of a compilation of stories by different artists and writers, all of them not too long, something about 10 pages tops and with free theme with obvious restrictions of course. That would give an opportunity to everypony to work on their skills and give aspiring comic artist a chance to play around a little.

Now have in mind that this is a project in development and a lot of things are still to be set, but with the help of other artists i'm pretty sure can pull it out.

Here are the basic guidelines set so far.

- Try to keep the stories mostly PG13, with a few exceptions.

- Stories be around 3 to 10 pages long.

- All themes are a go, stories don't need to follow any canon or fanon, just be good and fun.

- Artist must use the A4, 72 dpi, RGB standard format.

- Closed stories would be better, but something continuous can be considered.

For more information contact me at: [email protected]

or at #mylittlepony on

For a FAQ on the project visite the following link:

Hope i can count with you guys.


I'd be in, if I had some talents in art or writing (well, I do with writing but have yet to do a pony fanfic).

Happy Mother’s Day!

And remember to wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Episode 26 – The Best Night Ever (720p) YouTube

If you are pondering about the HD downloads, according to Mentos’ google doc that contains all the download links, he’s out of town this weekend, so the HD downloads will not be around just yet, probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

I did though get a link from MichaelXX2 and their youtube channel which has a 720 version to watch, so have some HD ponies this Sunday.

Well guess its one depressing thing after another for the bronies this weekend, if for some very odd reason you have not heard the news or been to EquestriaDaily to read it, here’s the repeat.  Bottom line, Lauren Faust is no longer working on the show.  From what I’ve heard some people are taking it well, others are going into a panic, and some are saying she doesn’t matter to the show (which that last one is somewhat bullshit).  The news was posted on her dA earlier this morning.
And for you lazy bronies (or ones that need to translate it), here’s the text version.
The season 1 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has finally aired.
I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the absolutely amazing, incredible, astounding crew of MLP:FiM for all their hard work and dedication.  I’m so grateful to have such a talented group of artists give their all for what could have easily been seen from day one as silly, girly fluff unworthy of their time.  Together I think we helped prove that ‘for girls’ does not have to automatically equal “lame”.

And a gigantic thank you to the fans of the show!!!  The kids, the parents and all you bronies!!  The array of people this show has touched has completely exceeded my wildest expectations!  I cannot believe the response, and, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I cannot keep up with the messages!!!  Thank you all for your words of praise, thanks, curiosity, and even thoughtful criticisms.  From the messages I’ve received, these episodes have lifted spirits, brought parents and kids together, changed perspectives and inspired the most unlikely of people in the most unlikely of places.  Who would have thought it from a show about candy colored ponies?  I want you all to know how grateful I am for your feedback and for sharing your thoughts and stories.  I only wish I had the time to reply to everyone and the ability to answer each and every question.
And now I suppose it’s finally time for me to deliver some unfortunate news.  I’ve been uncertain for a little while now about how, when and, to be honest, whether to announce the news at all.  But here it is:  I am no longer working on the show.  Various circumstances with the production made it increasingly impossible for me to keep up the level of personal creative involvement and control that I had at the start of the series.  I don’t think I can accurately express how difficult and painful the decision was and still is.  When Season 2 begins, you will see my credit changed from Executive Producer to Consulting Producer.  My involvement in Season 2 ultimately does not reach far beyond story conception and scripts.  A little more involved in the beginning, and a little less towards the end.

However, you should be pleased to know that the gaps I have left are being filled by the same amazing artists, writers and directors who brought you Season 1.  I’m certain the show will be as entertaining as ever, though perhaps in a slightly different way.

With that said, I hope you will still be interested in sticking around my DA page.  I started this page as a forum to share my personal work and I hope those of you who come here lured by ponies will be tempted to hang out for whatever else I have to share in the future — as soon as I figure out what that will be.

With sincerest gratitude,


Sad indeed, but always keep in mind that Lauren wasn’t hand crafting each and every episode, she is the one who developed the world and the characters, and I’m sure had her finger in the pot of each episode, but it was her team who made them.  So we can hope that Season 2 will be just as good (Season 3, well, let’s just not think about that right now).
Now on the flip side we’ve also got news from an animator from the show, Kreoss (on dA) that gives a little insight on what is going on with season 2.  Here be the image capture, and text version:
Well that’s it.  Season 1 of MLP:Friendship is Magic is finally over.  I have to say its been a blast.  It has to be one of the best cartoons I had the pleasure of working on.  ANd its even more great that many people enjoyed it.  It makes the whole effort, worth it!

With Season 1 having such a great impact, I’m sure people will be expecting ALOT more from Season 2.  I hope Season 2 will live up to everyone’s expectations.  I’ve already seen 7 episodes of Season 2 and I have to say its looking pretty good.  I know its been confirmed by Lauren Faust and all but yes, Luna will be back, especially Derpy (Who has now became an official Character here.  I wouldn’t be suprised if she has her own character sheet/model with preset expressions). I’ve already seen the episode when Luna comes back and it’s pretty cool.  Season 2 will introduce new characters and being back some old familiar ones.  I wish I could say more but I don’t want to spoil too much.

I must say, one of the great benefits of being an animator to My Little Pony is that you get to see the entire Season 2 before it even gets aired.  Sure its just the still drawings of animatic but who cares.  I watch it for the plot.

Anyways about the My Little Pony game I’m making.  I have already done Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity and Rainbow Dash’s model and am now giving them expressions and different outfits.  I might post a few previews in my DA sooner or later.  The new cartoon I’m working is really taking up my time to draw and do the game.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some of it done and post at least the character models.

Well that’s all folks.  I’m glad you enjoyed My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as much as I enjoyed animating it.
And so, even in darkness there is light.  We can just hope and pray to Luna that Season 2 is killer.

Apparently Hasbro is slowly translating ponies into other languages, and was given a letter of concern from a polish fan on the subject.  If you want to watch what I assume is the official polish language version, check out this YouTube channel.  Its interesting to list to the intro song.  Now, for the letter.


On the 6th of May, someone has uploaded the official Polish dubbing for Friendship is Magic onto Youtube.  The majority of PL Bronies on Ponibooru (link to image above) and Youtube (linked above) say it’s bad.  Some think a fandub would be better, and some even think this IS a fandub.  You get it on a CD/DVD with the MLP children’s magazine for about $2.50.  The theme song is more like a parody and it’s painful to listen to.

Here’s what MOST people (since there are of course those who like it) think about the voices:

Twilight Sparkle – Not bad, but a little too childish.  Still one of the best.

Applejack – a complete massacre, they didn’t even try to give her any accent.  They also changed her voice in the theme song for some reason, and it’s very bad.

Spike – too childish, but overall not that bad.

Rainbow Dash – too old, you can’t get used to it because of that.  Painful to list to.

Pinkie Pie – the voice actress doesn’t fit, needs a more squeaky voice.

Rarity – it’s actually quite good, but doesn’t show as much emotion as the original Rarity.  It’s like the actress doesn’t even care (actually, seems that most don’t).

Fluttershy – unless you like the voice actress for some reason – kill it with fire.  It doesn’t even fit at all.

Background ponies – when they’re good, they’re good, but when they’re bad, bloody hell, are they bad!

Maybe it looks like we’re nitpicking but overall, compared to the original, it’s horrible.  It’s yet another “kiddie cartoon” and “kind of don’t ask questions” and don’t surf the internet.  It’s like they have no idea how popular the show is around the world.  And it hurts.

You’re truly,
A concerned brony.

I guess I can’t judge though, I sat here and watched the first part of Ticket Master, but its kind of hard to judge the sound of a language when I don’t understand what they are saying.  But I’ll agree the voice actors probably are unaware at how popular this show is around the globe, even Tara Strong was clueless about it during her radio interview a few months back.  So, it would probably work out better if a few polish bronies got together and dubbed the show themselves.  Yell loudly guys, maybe Hasbro International will hear you.

Ponymancer dropped this video off in my mailbox during the wee hours of the morning.  Basically a group of Canberra, Australia bronies sat down and had a 12 hour long marathon of MLP:FiM, from Episode 1 to the Season Finale, while also running a video camera on stop motion for the entire length.  So you get to see them watch 12 hours in a mere 3 minutes, very interesting.

Jaiman dropped off the address to their pony blog over at tumblr. Its described as a viral blog with over 250 followers. From the looks of things they post up various memes and interesting images. Its also the youngest brony I've heard of clocking in at age 13, so behave people :) Check it out.