Apparently Hasbro is slowly translating ponies into other languages, and was given a letter of concern from a polish fan on the subject.  If you want to watch what I assume is the official polish language version, check out this YouTube channel.  Its interesting to list to the intro song.  Now, for the letter.


On the 6th of May, someone has uploaded the official Polish dubbing for Friendship is Magic onto Youtube.  The majority of PL Bronies on Ponibooru (link to image above) and Youtube (linked above) say it’s bad.  Some think a fandub would be better, and some even think this IS a fandub.  You get it on a CD/DVD with the MLP children’s magazine for about $2.50.  The theme song is more like a parody and it’s painful to listen to.

Here’s what MOST people (since there are of course those who like it) think about the voices:

Twilight Sparkle – Not bad, but a little too childish.  Still one of the best.

Applejack – a complete massacre, they didn’t even try to give her any accent.  They also changed her voice in the theme song for some reason, and it’s very bad.

Spike – too childish, but overall not that bad.

Rainbow Dash – too old, you can’t get used to it because of that.  Painful to list to.

Pinkie Pie – the voice actress doesn’t fit, needs a more squeaky voice.

Rarity – it’s actually quite good, but doesn’t show as much emotion as the original Rarity.  It’s like the actress doesn’t even care (actually, seems that most don’t).

Fluttershy – unless you like the voice actress for some reason – kill it with fire.  It doesn’t even fit at all.

Background ponies – when they’re good, they’re good, but when they’re bad, bloody hell, are they bad!

Maybe it looks like we’re nitpicking but overall, compared to the original, it’s horrible.  It’s yet another “kiddie cartoon” and “kind of don’t ask questions” and don’t surf the internet.  It’s like they have no idea how popular the show is around the world.  And it hurts.

You’re truly,
A concerned brony.

I guess I can’t judge though, I sat here and watched the first part of Ticket Master, but its kind of hard to judge the sound of a language when I don’t understand what they are saying.  But I’ll agree the voice actors probably are unaware at how popular this show is around the globe, even Tara Strong was clueless about it during her radio interview a few months back.  So, it would probably work out better if a few polish bronies got together and dubbed the show themselves.  Yell loudly guys, maybe Hasbro International will hear you.

Ponymancer dropped this video off in my mailbox during the wee hours of the morning.  Basically a group of Canberra, Australia bronies sat down and had a 12 hour long marathon of MLP:FiM, from Episode 1 to the Season Finale, while also running a video camera on stop motion for the entire length.  So you get to see them watch 12 hours in a mere 3 minutes, very interesting.

Jaiman dropped off the address to their pony blog over at tumblr. Its described as a viral blog with over 250 followers. From the looks of things they post up various memes and interesting images. Its also the youngest brony I've heard of clocking in at age 13, so behave people :) Check it out.

Derpy Hooves – Derp It Girl – My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (MLP FIM)

New Derpy Video from derpyderp910, who also made the now well known video below.  I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan originally when the first video below came onto the scene, if you can find my comment on the video you’ll see its just ……… kind of like wtf, but oddly enough, it grew on me.  The video below is also a good one that showcases all her scenes that were available at the time.  As the keeper of the Derp, I approve.

[ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ]
[ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ]

(2:13pm EST)
And so, season 1 is over.  Now drink from the ‘special’ punch and let us all join Celestia and Luna in Jonestown..I mean Equestria.  As usual, check the streams, they will be repeating I’m sure for most of the afternoon, also NorixWolf / Strawberry Spice is working on getting the LLQ version up as I type this 

(2:55pm EST)
Full Episode in LLQ (but not bad quality for LLQ) up, provided by Slackerboi314.
(3:05pm EST)
NorixWolf LLQ version now available.

(8:30pm EST)
PensivePony LQ Youtube now available.

So the main question of the day is, how is the fanbase going to fair against no more new episodes.  I do believe there will be some “bronies” who will grow bored and the fanbase will shrink a tad, call this the time when the true fans will remain, while the bandwagon riders (if any) will jump to the next wagon.  Of course there will be things to keep interest, namely I would say are the games in development.  We have a good crop of single player and multiplayer games in production, and also gaming groups like the WoW Guilds, and and so forth.

More after the break…

I do see a slowdown in videos, fanfics and artwork as time goes on, then factor in that many are college bound students who will be taking on finals and heading home for the summer.  But none the less, the wheels will turn, slower and slower, but they will keep on turning.

Here at DerpyHooves I can say things will get slow, news will turn into more speculation about next season, and just the fact that my work hours triple during the summer months leaving me with crap time to work on the place.  I will be asking you guys to help out, as I want to try and collect all the PMVs and Musical Videos that have been produced but do not appear here.  I’m thinking kind of like a FiM Media Library of all the youtubes.  I also have the ability to host files, such as the musical downloads and such, but I’ve pondered if I want to put that kind of load on my server.  Either way, I will be asking for help, at least eyes to search and submit info to me.

And personally you’ll find me over at PonyCraft.Org where I’ve been helping to build the world map.  If you didn’t catch, there are two different ponycrafts, one at .net and one at .org.  The difference from the two from what I’ve seen, the .Net group is working on making a replica of Equestria in as much detail as possible, where as the .Org group is more free build, producing Equestria but not as a total replica.  Both are good servers though, I’ve spent time on both of them, but settled into the .Org.

Either way, gotta stop typing, Part 1 LLQ is up from somepony..

Spacegirl by SuneshineSmiles

A sad but epic tale of Future Scootaloo and her quest to understand the meaning of her cutie mark.

And no DH will not be getting into the fanfic game, I consider that EqD region, though if you want to submit your fanfic, I’ll be glad to post this up.  Sunshine Smiles suggested I posted this up, as I know him somewhat personally from the server and the IRC we hang out in.  The next chapter is already in the works.

Super Ponybeat – My Little Pony (Europener Mix) Preview

New Eurobeat, he would like feedback on this, so click over to youtube and leave some for him!

And more from 8 Bit Brony!