Remix is remix and awesome (I seem to be using that word a lot lately, dear god).

Awesome new video by chefmkt.

Friendship is Magic – Instrumental Medley

Awesome new instrumental medley from NRGForce.  Check it.

Submitted by a random brony who felt this guy should get more views, and I agree.  Its not that easy singing in Russian, so here is Cupcakes, Russian Style.

Applejack & Bloomberg

And more from YoorPorick.  What has science down!?

More from my art searches, all these lovely works of art of Crazy Pinkie, my new second favorite next to Derpy Hooves.  I wish I could post my video, was basically cuts of Pinkie being insane from the last episode mixed with Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage, the two go perfect together.  But due to copyrights, its basically not viewable, will be searching on how to get around that.  Someone else should probably do it, it’d make my second video creation….ever.

The first comic I had planned on posting, but I figured I’d throw the second in, makes a nice ying/yang of sisterly love.