Song: Time to Head In by Squeak & Pinkie Pie is on the Grass

More from Squeak, this time Applejack’s Theme aka “Time to Head In”.

Derpy Art by Shutterflye

I came across what seems to be an art dump on Ponibooru the other night of all these awesome Derpy pictures.  Low and behold they are all made by Shutterfyle on dA.  So with all this great art, figured I’d post it front and center.  Enjoy :)

Ah yes, now you can have Pinkie Pie insane in HIGH DEF.  Here are the links.

Episode 25 – Party of One [1080] [720]

Apple Skytree & Chain Algorithm (Sci Mix) – She’s Just a DJ Unicor

Sci dropped these off into my mailbox this morning and wanted to share with everyone here (and that it didn’t appear in my media section).  Good stuff.

If you have a video or well, anything you’d like to appear here, submit it.  If my submission page is kind of freaky for you, email directly ([email protected]), that email addy should probably appear on the page as an alternative way of submitting.

At the moment I”m trying to avoid lifting too much from EqD, sadly its the best source for news, even for me since I don’t get a ton of submissions directly.  That and I was accused of being desperate and more or less just coping the news from EqD, which at least in the case of that one post, I’d have to agree.  Either way, my door is open and I’ll post up most things.

For now, its a beautiful day, and I’m taking my arse outside to enjoy the weather.  No word on the HD of the last episode as of yet.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Party of One

Enjoy :)

Art of the Dress (Piano / Instrumental)

New Instrumental/Piano from , Art of the Dress.  Enjoy.

[ Ep 25 ]

The stream links are saved from last week, Basil34 has been running for multiple weeks, but as of this time it is unknown if Joowz and Quinaquin (backup of basil34) is operating.  This is an scheduled post, check back right before air time to confirm.

Update:  NorixWolf as always has a LLQ version going up, as usual (and don’t complain) I warn you this is low low quality, serves its purpose until PensivePony or someone gets a regular LQ up.  I think most will enjoy this episode, namely Pinkie.  For now though since we have the LLQ, I’m off to do worldly things around my house, I’ll check back in later to see if any youtubers have the LQ up.

And if you’re bored, watch PensivePony’s PMV Mini Mix 2 directly below.