Wakfu Online – Vote Rainbow Dash for Amakna Governor

Okay, not really pony related but StrawberrySpice is looking for fellow Wakfu Online beta testers to help get a brony by the name of Rainbow Dash voted into office for Amakna.  I know nothing of Wakfu, so I’ll let the article speak for itself over at EquestriaGaming.

Ep 05 & Ep 10 now available in High Def

Griffon the Brush Off & Swarm of the Century are now available in High Definition.  Episode 11 – Winter Wrap Up is due out at some point in the next 24 hours.

Also corrected an error with the Ep 12 page, the 1080p link was directed to the 1080 of Ep 23.

PMV Dump – JazyKuun

JazuKuun dropped these off in the news mailbox, and I’m always up for posting something that was actually submitted to me.  And to answer your question, YES, you can submit stuff for our media section, for the most part the media section on the site is made up of what I happen to come across, which my basic source is a mixture of EqD, IRC and Ponychan to a lesser extent.  So if you made a video and want it posted up, submit it.

There’s a fair amount here.

RainbowDash Network to Split

It seems the RD Network community has come to the conclusion that they must split in half, but its an agreement on both sides.  Since its creation, basically a lot of roleplaying has cropped up, which of course there are people out there that do not enjoy it as much as others.  I’m a roleplayer (though not of ponies) and indeed with the way the network works, a split would be a good move.  Also it seems they have some trouble with the server, probably due to the heavy load it gets, so I can’t say if a new server will be added or if this is just a split in the service, but it might help that situation.

Apparently they are looking for a banner, roughly the same size as the current one, for the roleplaying side of the community.  Entries can be thrown at [email protected], deadline May 11th.

The auction for the 2008 Pinkie Pie Concept Sketch by Lauren Faust has ended.  $4,050.00 dollars.  I had a feeling this sketch would run up that much, even over the Derpy sketch.  Its an original concept sketch drawn before the series, and its of pegasus Pinkie Pie.


Applejack @ $1,375.00 with 32 bids and 23 hours left.
Twilight Sparkle @ $1,500.00 with 31 bids and 1 day 23 hours left.

720 / 1080p Owl’s Well that Ends Well

Well its here if you’ve been waiting for it, delicious HD of the last episode.

1080p    720p

Upcoming HD Encodes – 05, 10, 11

Sometime in the near future there will be HD uploads of episode 05, 10 and 11 which are currently missing from the episode list.  I’ve had a few people ask my why, but usually under the idea that I’m the one making them, which is false.  HD episodes are made by community member Mentos, who gets them from a place called TrollHD, which is a usenet group that records HD shows and posts raw recordings.  Mentos encodes them and cleans them up for us, and releases them.

TrollHD did not start recording the HD of MLP:FiM until about episode 13, which is why the earlier episodes are missing.  The episodes that do appear have been shown in reruns, which is when we do get them.  The above episodes I do believe were aired over the easter holiday (would have to recheck my news).  Sooner or later we’ll get them all.