Upcoming HD Encodes – 05, 10, 11

Sometime in the near future there will be HD uploads of episode 05, 10 and 11 which are currently missing from the episode list.  I’ve had a few people ask my why, but usually under the idea that I’m the one making them, which is false.  HD episodes are made by community member Mentos, who gets them from a place called TrollHD, which is a usenet group that records HD shows and posts raw recordings.  Mentos encodes them and cleans them up for us, and releases them.

TrollHD did not start recording the HD of MLP:FiM until about episode 13, which is why the earlier episodes are missing.  The episodes that do appear have been shown in reruns, which is when we do get them.  The above episodes I do believe were aired over the easter holiday (would have to recheck my news).  Sooner or later we’ll get them all.

You saw BigPonyMac’s other work on EqD, s/he is the one working on the sculpture of Fluttershy’s head, so while checking out my dA updates I see this.  Probably easier work as its not totally 3d but I know I sure couldn’t craft something that looked this fine, so behold, the Rainbow Dash tile.

You can check out and follow BigPonyMac’s work over on dA.

BPM also posted out a thank you note to the community.

I can’t believe I’ve gotten so much support for my Fluttershy project! I submitted it to ED not expecting much, but the next thing I knew it was featured and I was getting all kinds of attention! Thank you all SO MUCH! 

I’d like to say that all of you plus the MLP community as a whole have given me a new found inspiration to move forward with my art. I had grown stagnant as of late but MLP plus you guys have kicked it into overdrive. I’ve got some other projects lined up and I can’t wait to get to work on them. 

Also, I had some extra clay laying around and I worked on another sculpture last night. It’s almost finished. I’m hoping to have it in the same firing as Fluttershy. It’s a tile of Rainbow Dash chillin’ on a cloud. I’ll post a picture of it sometime tonight. 

The only thing that saddens me is that when the semester’s over I won’t be able to work with traditional clay anymore since I won’t have access to the kiln. I’ll have to resort to polymer clay. Which is fine, but I like the feel of traditional clay better. 

Again, thank you all for your support! I hope I can continue to provide awesome artwork for this community to enjoy. I love knowing that there’s people out there that enjoy my work. That’s what being an artist means to me. 

Until next time, stay safe and much love to you all! 

Ponies = Inspiration.

For the Lunar Republic (Fan Made)

Luna getting all the love with original fan made music.  This is another chunk of awesomeness, if you didn’t catch it over on EqD.  Again, will be adding all these to the media section once we get the new setup running.

Well, not much to report except what the title says, the auction for Derpy is now over and she landed $2,151 USD for Japan.

3d Pony Game Update

The indie MLP 3d Pony Game released a video today showing the work they are doing with Pony Manes, the picture above was before Applejack got her hair brushed.  This is going to be one awesome stand alone 3d game.  For the full report on the game, check out EquestriaGaming‘s article covering the game.

Journal of the Cosmic Space Frog – In Depth Look of Pinkie Pie

You might remember the article from April 14th, if not you can review it here in the old old news archive (scroll down to April 14th or look for Freud’s face).  A brony by the name of Justin took a leap and did an indepth analysis of the fandom, only to be infected and become one of us over on his blog “Journal of the Cosmic Space Frog”.  Well he’s at it again, as said before, he plans on doing an analysis on each of the characters, you can re-read Rainbow Dash right here, but now he has moved on to the hyper, possibly insane pony, Pinkie pie.  I haven’t had the chance to read it yet (Mondays…) but will be later tonight, but ya’ll get first look.  So here you go.

So this week, we’ll be seeing what the pony sketches by Faust will raise for Japan.  I haven’t really checked on them since probably Thursday of last week, but looking around it seems they’ve all plained off a bit.  Pinkie has the lead, which I figured she would being the concept art of her with wings.

Pinkie Pie Pegasus – $2,245.00 @ 39 bids (1 day 4 hours left)
Derpy Hooves – $2,151.00 @ 73 bids (4 hours 26 minutes left)
Twilight Sparkle – $1,362 @ 29 bids (3 days 4 hours left)
Applejack – $1,125.00 @ 29 bids (2 days 4 hours left)

Total Funds Raised:  $6,883