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LPS Review: “Bake Boss”


It’s the 100th episode of Littlest Pet Shop, but it is a bit of a bittersweet moment since there are just four more episodes after this one. Anyway, a sweet shop on wheels named “Taking It to The Sweet” arrives on the scene and that means trouble for “Sweet Delights” and Aunt Christie. This calls for one of Blythe’s distant cousins! That’s the A-plot. The B-plot is that Sunil has told his parents that he is a doctor, so he calls on the fellow pets to help him convince them that’s the case.

Enter Bobby Destructo! He goes Extreme Makeover on Sweet Delights. (It was either this or Gordon Ramsay, I guess.) It’s not super effective and there were a few code violations in the renovation since frost spackle is not as sticky as regular spackle. What finally wins the customers over is Aunt Christie’s never-the-same-cookie cookies. And the sweet shop on wheels goes to another spot.

Meanwhile, the pets put on a web show for Sunil’s parents to convince them he’s a doctor. Of course, given that Vinnie is the director, it’s a bit unbelievable that Zoe could play Minka’s mother, insist that Russell be referred to as a “male” nurse, and tell Penny Ling her acting was not good enough (cue ocular gushers!). They did get some terminology right. Pepper was the cameraskunk. It was still funny overall. The cover is ultimately blown when Sunil’s parents make a surprise visit (via their owners?). While they’re not happy he lied to them, they are glad he has the talent to make a film (after a save by the pets about his character).

Again, it is hard for this episode to have that special feeling to it since it’s been known for sometime that the end is nigh for the series, but this was a plausible effort. However, the A-plot went downhill a bit once Bobby was introduced and it bordered on a “We Could Have Avoided This” plot since the cookies saved the day there. The fake hospital scene was actually funny with Zoe and Russell pointing out the obvious flaws in the casting and production.

Again, a plausible effort with a few funny moments, but this won’t be best remembered, 100th episode or not.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Pet parents!
  • +  “Dr. Nevla M.D.”
  • +  Funny moments
  • –  A-plot goes downhill after Bobby is introduced.