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Inside the Numbers: Hasbro’s 2016 Q4 Earnings


Hasbro continues to be buoyed by Partner Brands such as Star Wars, Disney Princess, Disney’s Frozen, and DreamWorks’ Trolls. Hasbro was up 11% in Q4 compared to this time last year while revenues were up 13% for the year and topped $5 billion for the first time in company history.

Nerf continued its winning streak in Q4 and the year as a whole among franchise brands. Transformers experienced ‘double-digit growth’ in the second half the year according to Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner and is set up nicely for their next movie coming out in June. For the quarter, Transformers, Nerf, and Monopoly grew. For the year as a whole, it was Nerf, Play-Doh, and Magic: The Gathering.

As for My Little Pony, it was down for the year domestically, but up internationally.

My Little Pony revenues declined last year, but grew in the International segment,” said Goldner in the Earnings Conference Call as transcribed by Seeking Alpha. Brand engagement continues to build through multi-screen storytelling, and we have an innovative and robust line with new characters and worlds. Retailers and consumer products licensees are significantly supporting both [Transformers and MLP] films. The MLP movie comes out in October.

We are going to know a lot more about MLP around February 18th when Toy Fair NYC begins. It has been a main source for upcoming MLP projects in the past and with the movie and Season 7 coming up, things should be no different. This year was a bit of an off year for the MLP franchise, but Hasbro is expected to pick things up with the ponies this year.


MLP Wins Best Musical Score at Leos


On Saturday, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic won its second Leo Award of the year with Best Musical Score for an Animated Program or Series for Daniel Ingram for “Crusaders of the Lost Mark.” It’s the second award in the category for the show after “Magical Mystery Cure” won in 2013.

It is the fourth overall award for the show with two awards each for Musical Score and Overall Sound, which the show won the previous week for “Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?”

Ashleigh Ball was nominated for Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series for “Tanks for the Memories”, but missed out on that award to Cole Howard and Bob’s Broken Sleigh.