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MMDW BGM and Songs from Equestria Girls

Some show-related music items today.  The first two are BGM rips from The Mysterious Mare Do Well which you can find after the break (kindly sent in by Senn555), and the rest, submitted by KryptonlogiX, are the songs from Equestria Girls in high quality, which you can find in a playlist here, or download from here.  Enjoy.

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Episode BGMs – Magical Mystery Cure

The mad prince$$ by =ponyKillerX

The mad prince$$
by =ponyKillerX

Background Music from the season finale, Magical Mystery Cure.

Tracks generated by MrNewbyNew and InfinityDash.

Music by Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrews.

YouTube tracks after the page break.

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Episode BGMs – Keep Calm and Flutter On

'There, All Better'by *Archive-Alicorn

‘There, All Better’
by *Archive-Alicorn

Seems there wasn’t too many new BGMs for Keep Calm and Flutter On, namely just two. Discord’s Release and Discord’s Realization. Both after the page break.

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Background Music – s3e09 Spike At Your Service

Goldencloak Sentry by *Equestria-Prevails

Background music for s3e09 or whatever number you want to call it, Spike At Your Service. Music by William Anderson and Kelly Davidson.


In other news Hasbro has begun using YT’s ContentID, a basic code in which part of or the entire video can be tagged so there cannot be duplicated outside of the user, mainly meant for big companies that wish to protect their interest, much as Hasbro attempts to do but very much like someone’s grandfather, slow and unknowing of modern technology. Yes if you are unaware, Hasbro isn’t a fan of having their episodes on YouTube, but again tend to act in a very slow and caculating way, compared to say Turner Networks that instantly nuke you the second a fragment of their content is uploaded. Oh the joys of the internet.


Submitted by Basil FSM. BGMs via NewbyNewb after the page break:

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Episode BGMs – Apple Family Reunion

The Apple Family by *Squeemishness

Seems MrNewbyNewb is drinking some coffee today, and already has the background music for the current episode. All after the page break.

Raise This Barn – Music by Daniel Ingram, Lyrics by Cindy Morrow.

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BGMs – Wonderbolt Academy (and others)

Derpy’s dream
by *ZantyARZ

Background music time. This past weeks episode brought to you by MrNewbyNewb, along with some others we’ve missed from previous episodes, thanks to InfinityDash. BGMs submitted by Basil FSM.

And of course all music by William Anderson & Kelly Davidson.

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Episode BGMs – One Bad Apple

CMC Action Go!
by *johnjoseco

Background Music of s3e04 One Bad Apple via MrNewbyNewb (after the page break).

You can also check out:

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