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Delay for Canterlot Nights

Trevor McGregor has confirmed on a post on the Hey Canterlot! MLP: FIM CCG Strategy and Tips Facebook page (post) that the release date for Canterlot Nights has been pushed back from May 16th to the 23rd.

Trevor could not confirm if this would have an impact on the international release date but did confirm that the pre-release events would still be held on May 9.

The Enterplay Facebook page has also confirmed the set back for the release date and “hopes most everybody can play this weekend” at the pre-release events.

New Rainbow Dash Mane from Canterlot Nights

Spoilers for Rainbow Dash? Yes, please!

A new spoiler dropped from the MLP CCG Twitter today revealing a new Mane for a certain somepony! After the break, we’ll take a look at her and see what interesting plays she might bring. Read more →

So Many AMA Spoilers for Canterlot Nights


We got so many spoilers, right Rarity?

Oh my pony card fans, we got awesome spoilers from the Reddit AMA! Hurry up and join us after the break because you don’t want to miss these additions, promise. They might include the pre-release promos.

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Applejack Spoiler for Canterlot Nights

Applejack, Element of Honesty


Equestria Daily has brought us a wonderful spoil (on what I learned was Earth Day) for our lovable, farm tilling, apple bucking, earth pony, Applejack. We’ll look into our new Element wearer and what she brings after the break.

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Royal Spoilers Arrive From Canterlot Nights

Princess Celetia

Sun Princess brings you spoilers of good tiding.

The folks over at Equestria Daily have dropped some more super fun spoilers from the upcoming set Canterlot Nights. Join us after the break to see which spoilers the Sun Princess has brought for us to enjoy.

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Info from the MLP: CCG Tweet Chat with Devs 4/9!

Rarity is playing with some new spoilers!


We got a lot of information from the MLP: CCG Development Team Tweet Chat this evening regarding Canterlot Nights and the card game’s future straight from the pony’s developer’s mouth. Read after the break to see some of the Q&As!

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Two New Cards Revealed in Canterlot Nights!

Picture Provided by MLP CCG Dev Team

Picture Provided by MLP CCG Dev Team

Our friendly neighborhood game dev team hosted an hour long tweetchat Q&A in anticipation of the release of Canterlot Nights next month. Trevor McGregor has kindly given us a couple of new card spoilers to get hyped about! And there’s plenty of reason to be hype. Both cards revealed have interesting effects that are sure to be useful and add some interesting strategies to games.

First off, we have our dear friend Fluttershy. The new card here is Pf6, another one of the promo cards. Fluttershy: Safe Haven has a power of 2 Yellow, a cost of 3 Action Tokens, and requires one Yellow power to play. It also carries the caretaker ability. The new and exciting part about this card is it’s ability: “While this card is in your home, your home limit is increased by 2.” Now, since this effect is only applied when this friend is at home, a promising strategy will be to play Safe Haven, and simply leave it at home to create, well, a safe haven. Overall, I see this as a useful card for support, left at home to increase your available space, and with caretaker, it can help in a faceoff decently well in a pinch.

Picture Provided by MLP CCG Dev Team

Picture Provided by MLP CCG Dev Team

Now on to a spoiler that is even more exciting! Twilight Sparkle: Noted Speaker, the first Ultra Rare card that we’ve been shown from Canterlot Nights! And it’s a real doozy of a card.  It has a cost of 3 Action Token, requires 3 Purple power to play, and has a base power of……..zero. This card has one of the most unique effects in the game: “Play with the top card of your deck revealed. This card’s power is equal to the printed power of the top card of your deck.” I must say, I’m a BIG fan of this card. It adds an element of chance for those who like to take risks, and it means you have a chance of a monstrously powerful card being in play with no warning. One turn it has one power, then the next turn, suddenly it’s a 5. But, I hear you cry, how does this apply in faceoffs? Wouldn’t it’s power change after you flip the card at the beginning? Wouldn’t that turn faceoffs into a game of russian roulette? Don’t worry, the game devs have already clarified. The card you flip in a faceoff is still considered the top card of your deck. So it’s power is used both for your faceoff flip, and as the power for Noted Speaker. I’m a big fan of this card folks, and I think you will be too.  Let’s all get hype for Canterlot Nights, if the rest of the cards are as cool as these this is going to be one fantastic expansion.