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Breaking: Start side to Mane Character Luna and Photo Finish Cards From Canterlot Nights Revealed


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Just moments ago Equestria Daily posted two card spoilers for Canterlot Nights after putting up the weekly Enterplay Developer article (our write-up of it can be found here).  Both card spoilers can be found below the break…trust me, you won’t want to miss these!

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Pink and White Canterlot Nights Spoilers Abound in New Enterplay Preview Article

Enterplay has posted their weekly preview article to Equestria Daily this evening, with revelations on some new cards of the non-purple variety.  Card spoilers, developer insight, shiny things, and a reveal about next week’s article after the break!

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MLP: CCG, Friday Night Friendship: On Good Sportsmanship

519444__safe_solo_rarity_animated_edit_magic_season+4_spoiler-colon-s04e08_rarity+takes+manehattan_ccgWe all know ‘THAT GUY’ Especially to those of us who have played other card games like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering. Theres usually that guy who’s just an outright jerk, or that guy who takes the game which is partially in the child-age demographic (ages 10+ for MLP: CCG) WAY to seriously. Below the break is a suggestion to how to present yourself, and how to handle those who do not.

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MLP CCG Canterlot Nights Release / Pre-Release dates Announced


Courtesy of Enterplay

This morning, It was confirmed that the Release date will be in May, the 16th for Canterlot Nights! More information below the break.

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CCG Card Spoilers Post

Here’s your current Card Spoiler Wrap-up! Just 3 cards released for the new set so far, information on what below! Read more →

Enterplay CCG/ TC Lunch Box Tins Appearing in Stores

Enterplay has come out with some special promotional lunchbox tins that each contain 3~ TCG card packs, a CCG booster, and a Promo for each! more information below!

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MLP CCG: Starter Deck info for Canterlot Nights released


Enterplay announced more information about set 2 “Canterlot Nights”, featuring the Celestia and Luna mane characters. More after the break!

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