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Hirsch issues Remix Challenge on Anti-GF Sermon



While this isn’t exactly news about the show, it is on the other hand a call out via the show’s creator.  Also the fact that we really don’t post much on Gravity Falls (due to lack of hamsters).  Show creator Alex Hirsch and member of the fabled illuminati has issued a remix challenge on a recently published sermon on YouTube dubbed “Disney, Illuminati, Gravity Falls, Satanic Antichrist Propaganda!”.  The video and actual embed of Hirsch’s tweet is after the page break.  If you read this and actually make a video, toss it in our mailbox.

Update – We have at least one submission so far, its on Tumblr, so grab your ponchos.  Sounds From Sci – Gravity Falls is a Devil’s Show.

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Production Works For “The Love God”


Art By Paul Tsui & Janine Chang

Art By Paul Tsui & Janine Chang

Paul Tsui shares his paint and color direction works for Gravity Falls; “The Love God.” You can see them here after the break, or check out Paul Tsui’s personal tumblr for even more of his production work.

I really liked how the color scheme came out for this episode!

colors designed to make gooey inside.

painted by me, designed and drawn by Janine Chang (I THINK)

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