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Sunday Morning Comics #71

Now with more evening flavor. Now that we’re knee deep in Season 4 we are hoping to see the return of Sunday Morning Comics more on a weekly bases.

And now, for comics (after the page break):

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Pawlm Reading Review

9ee675ea52f111e39a0b0a985b09a160_8The puns just never end over on The Hub.

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“My Little Pony Micro-Series #9…featuring Spike” Review

Cover A by Amy Mebberson

It has been a while since I reviewed one of the micro-series comics. The last time I talked about the micro-series, I praised the comic team of Ted Anderson and Ben Bates on a stellar job with the Cutie Mark Crusaders spotlight. This time around, I have something different to say about Rob Anderson and Agnes Garbowska’s entry.

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Aurora Plushies Review

All three Funrise plushies

All three Funrise plushies

Aurora had a line of plushies come out this summer, now they’re pretty common to find. Aurora sent us some samples to review and we were really pleased with them! Check out the image gallery at the end of this post.

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“The Troll” Reviews Over Yonder


“Hey Dum-Dums! I thought I told ya not lock this gate no more!” – The Troll

Hello everyone!

Today, we’ll be starting up a Wander Over Yonder review post for the newest episodes that have been released.

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Heart of Parkness Review


Today’s episode of Littlest Pet Shop really doesn’t know how snakes work. Also racist raccoons. Review below the break!

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DTV Guide: Week of October 26, 2013

Artist Video title Description
Fluffle Puff Tales: Fluffle Puff Tales: 'Nightmare Night' FluffyMixer Fluffle Puff Tales: “Nightmare Night” Fluffle Puff schools Chryssi about Nightmare Night. 1:56
Derpy Po Py Po ObisamAnimations Derpy Po Py Po Derpy hawks muffins. 2:07
My Little Pony traditional animation Katie Unicorn My Little Pony traditional animation “Sooner or later” Luna and Skyla are uber-cute. 3:32
 [Animation Ponies]Rainbow Smashed holmani154 [Animation Ponies]Rainbow Smashed Shut up, Applejack. 1:13
Babs Seed: Literal Video Version Missbunniswan Babs Seed: Literal Video Version She’s just a literal bad seed. 1:48
LOGO's Brony Documentary Isn't What You Think Conan LOGO’s Brony Documentary Isn’t What You Think Splice-in-Andy-Richter-style humor. 2:24