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“The Party Animal” Episode Guide

The Party Animal

Thanks to Anon for submitting a 720p TV recording of “The Party Animal.” Spazz’s recording is forthcoming as well I’ve been told. here! And here is yet another version, this one paired with “The Toddler.” (Thanks to Da Cobbler.)

“The Party Animal” – Sylvia tries to stop Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet with his partying and party-loving Wander from joining in the festivities.

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Coach Steven Episode Guide + Crewniverse Recap #12


Good Morning Steven Universe fans.

Its been about two months since we’ve talked about the show, but that is due to the major hiatus Cartoon Network has placed on new episodes.  There has been no red flags about any doom or gloom lingering over the show, as Rebecca Sugar & gang were highlighted at this year’s SDCC panel along with Clarence’s crew and other great shows.  Being unfamiliar with how Cartoon Network releases their new episodes, I would assume these long hiatuses are common since the network likes to release new seasons back to back with the old ones as seen with Regular Show & Adventure Time.

In the morning update we bring you two features.  As always the Crewniverse Update which features all the posted content from the show’s crew via Tumblr, but apparently some of the non-US branches of Cartoon Network have actually aired Ep 120 “Coach Steven”, and thanks to the internet multiple copies are circulating the data waves.  Behind the page break you will find two versions, if you wish to spoil yourself before it finally reaches the US airwaves.

So expect some new Steven sometime soon.  Believe in Steven.


LPS Review: What’s So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!


So Merriwether Williams goes from “Bats!” on MLP to “What’s So Scary about the Jungle? Everything!” with LPS. That’s a 180º with regards to titles, but I digress.

Mrs. Twombly’s old college friend Tess McSavage is coming to visit LPS. She is the star of the pets’ favorite show. Penny Ling is especially excited because she wants to show how special she is by giving her the best hug ever. Tess comes in and Blythe introduces her to the pets, but when she introduces Penny Ling, Tess is scared silly. This leads Penny Ling to turn on the ocular gushers–up to eleven!

We cut to a bit of confusion after Tess calms down through some tea. She says she loves bears (even ones that are actually mascots). Meanwhile, the pets try to disguise Penny Ling in a gorilla suit after Vinnie being unhelpful by saying stupid stuff (thanks Pepper for smacking him) and Russell not helping by suggesting Tess may be scared of pandas in general. However, Tess is apparent scared by gorillas as well.

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LPS Review: Tongue Tied & Secret Cupet


from 304 – Super Cupet

E306 – Tongue Tied

Ladies and Gentlemen, Littlest Pet Shop has their Ed Valentine! We have a new writer this week in FM DeMarco and it’s a stellar debut. The episode beings with Blythe singing a song about celebrating a day where she doesn’t have to do anything (apparently that day in March 25th if you read the calendar correctly). This is LPS’s “Morning in Ponyville.” Of course, that just won’t happen as the Pet Shop is swarmed with pets who have discovered that Blythe can talk to animals. It is not definitive how they found out, but there was a hint that at least one of the pets did.

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Littlest Pet Shop 306 – Tongue Tied Episode Guide

306 – “Tongue Tied”

Written by FM DeMarco
Word gets out to the Downtown City pet population that
Blythe can understand them. One morning the pet shop is besieged by those
seeking her advice, including one little ferret that has Blythe doubting her own

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LPS Review: Hamster Hoods


We go back to a singular plot this week that spawns so many gags. More about that later. The episode begins with a report that a number of items have been stolen from Largest Ever Pet Shop. Those items somehow end up in Blythe’s dumbwaiter. Believing honesty is the best policy, Blythe sets out to return the items, but the pets warn her that the Biskits will blame her for stealing the items. She does return the items and the Biskit twins blame her for stealing them despite having no proof. They decide to investigate as TV detectives (SCI:  Super Cute Investigators) with are met with predictable results given how they think they’re in a TV show.

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“The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty; The Void” Episode Guide

115 – “The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty; The Void”

Written by Ben Joseph
Wander forces Sylvia to go on an epic quest; Wander and Sylvia enter a white void.

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The episode links will follow later this evening are up! Until then, Enjoy some fun spoilers after the break!

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