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Ratings Corner: MLP – It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies & LPS

It may not be easy being Breezies, but evidently a lot of people found them easy to look at (or because it was also a Fluttershy episode). “It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies” drew an astounding 644,000 viewers on Saturday making it the 3rd most-watched episode both for the season and the series. It is also just the second single-part episode to draw over 600K (“Power Ponies”). This was also the first weekend where MLP went to 4-play mode. Only the replay of “Games Ponies Play” on Saturday finished outside the top 30. The Saturday repeat of “Twilight Time” came in 2nd with 383,000 viewers, followed by a Friday showing of the same episode at 373,000. Overall, MLP occupied 13 of the top 20 spots on the Hub Network chart including spots 1-6.

MLP Season 4:
  • Episodes as of March 6th:  16
  • High:  733,000 (“Princess Twilight Sparkle, Part 1”, 11/23/13)
  • Low:  397,000 (“Daring Don’t”, 12/7/13)
  • Season-to-Date Average Viewership:  550,938
  • First Half Average Viewership:  547,538
  • Second Half Average Viewership:  565,667
  • Highest Placing:  1st (13 times)
  • Lowest Placing:  2nd (twice)
  • Average Placing:  1.13
Most Watched MLP Episodes:
  • 1.  Princess Twilight Sparkle (721,000 for both parts)
  • 2.  Power Ponies (683,000)
  • 3.  It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies (644,000)
  • 4.  The Crystal Empire (601,000 for both parts)
  • 5.  Filli Vanilli (584,000)
  • 6.  Flight to the Finish (568,000)
  • 7.  Simple Ways (554,000)
  • 8.  Bats! (531,000)
  • 9.  Rarity Takes Manehattan (527,000)
  • 10.  Rainbow Falls (514,000)
Last week, I mentioned how if the (then) two most-viewed single-part episodes of MLP led to 300K+ viewers for the first-run episode of LPS that week. That was not the case this week. “Inside Job” drew 239,000 and placed 16th. As has been the case with LPS for most weeks, the replay of last week’s episode just before (“Grounded”) drew more viewers at 281,000. Two other LPS reruns drew more viewers.
LPS Season 2:
  • Episodes as of March 6th:  19
  • High:  309,000 (“Shanghai Hi-Jinks”, 2/15/14)
  • Low:  158,000 (“”Grounded”, 2/22/14)
  • Season-to-Date Average Viewership:  230,053
  • First Half Average Viewership:  234,384
  • Second Half Average Viewership to Date:  220,667
  • Highest Placing:  1st (“Eight Arms to Hold You”, 11/9/13)
  • Lowest Placing:  38th (“Grounded”, 2/22/14)
  • Average Placing:  17.42
As a bonus this week, thanks to Douglas Pucci of Son of the Bronx, we have the numbers for all Season One episodes of Littlest Pet Shop. Get your pencils and scorecards ready. LPS debuted the same day as the MLP Season Three premier with a two-parter on November 10th, 2012, and aired a new episode every Saturday thereafter thru April 27th, 2013 (in broadcast order):
  1. “Blythe’s Big Adventure, Part 1” (536,000)
  2. “Blythe’s Big Adventure, Part 2” (503,000)
  3. “Bad Hair Day” (446,000)
  4. “Gailbreak” (304,000)
  5. “Penny for your Laughs” (342,000)
  6. “Mean Isn’t Your Color” (268,000)
  7. “Russell Up Some Fun” (405,000)
  8. “Blythe’s Crush” (254,000)
  9. “Dumb Dumbwaiter” (451,000)
  10. “Eve of Destruction” (383,000)
  11. “Books and Covers” (261,000)
  12. “So You Skink You Can Dance” (325,000)
  13. “Lights, Camera, Mongoose!” (363,000)
  14. “Trading Places” (383,000)
  15. “Topped with Buttercream” (357,000)
  16. “Sweet (Truck) Ride” (400,000)
  17. “Helicopter Dad” (275,000)
  18. “What’s in the Batter?” (284,000)
  19. “What Did You Say?” (213,000)
  20. “Bakers and Fakers” (288,000)
  21. “Terriers and Tiaras” (365,000)
  22. “Lotsa Luck” (250,000)
  23. “Door-Jammed” (359,000)
  24. “Frenemies” (283,000)
  25. “Blythe’s Pet Project” (194,000)
  26. “Summertime Blues” (293,000)
  • Season 1 Average:  337,885
  • First Half Average:  372,385
  • Second Half Average:  303,385
As you can see, the distribution for LPS in Season 1 was more widespread than MLP Season 3 was. Also noticeable is that just two episodes of the show drew over 300,000 viewers after MLP Season 3 wrapped up on February 16th. Those 10 weeks after “Magical Mystery Cure” averaged 280,400 viewers. What’s disconcerting for the show is that it’s lost an average of 70,000 viewers per 13 episodes of the series. Currently, the second half of Season Two may slow the decline, but it is still a decline at the present time.
StatManDan (@StatManDan)

Crewniverse Recap #06


While our Crewniverse Recap last week was somewhat lacking, this week makes up with an extra large edition.  Over the past week the Crewniverse crew have posted a lot of production details from the previous two episodes, Arcade Mania & Giant Woman.  This includes the entire storyboard for Arcade Mania, and the songs from Giant Woman.

In other Steven Universe news, three new episodes have been announced for March.  Currently there seems to be no synopsis for them, just titles.

  • SUN 113 – So Many Birthdays (03/03/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 114 – Steven, Lars and the Cool Kids (03/10/2014 @ 8pm est)
  • SUN 115 – Onion Trade (03/17/2014 @ 8pm est)

We will have more information as it leaks out.  Your Crewniverse update behind the page break.

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“So Many Birthdays” Episode Guide


113 – “So Many Birthdays”

Written by Raven M. Molisee & Paul Villeco
“Steven learns that the Gems are thousands of years old and decides to make up for all the thousands of birthdays they’ve missed.”
DN Rating: TBA

On Demand (after the page break).

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“It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies” Episode Guide

416 – “It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies”

Written by Natasha Levinger
“Fluttershy takes action to rescue a group of magical Breezies, who’re in need of some assistance while migrating home, but she begins to wander[sic] how long she can help them when she finds herself answering to the tiny creatures’ every whim.”
DN Rating: TBA

Online Video
  • Daily Motion 1080
  • Daily Motion 360
  • YouTube 1080
  • YouTube 720

Video Feeds
  • DN 1080
  • DN 720
  • DN 360

OnDemand Video→

G4 Breezies Revealed

View the real image tweeted by The Hub after the break.

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“Giant Woman” Episode Guide

by Schmorky

112 – “Giant Woman”

Written by Joe Johnston & Jeff Liu
“Steven urges Amethyst and Pearl to fuse together into a giant woman.”
DN Rating: TBA


Watch it after the break→

Crewniverse Recap – 05 – Arcade Mania


While there isn’t a new title on the horizon, Zap2It has a new episode listed for March 3rd @ 8pm.  We’ll post the synopsis once it appears on the radar.  For now, enjoy another edition of the Crewniverse Recap, after the page break.

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