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Preview Images for “Flight to the Finish” via Twitter & Facebook

Seems this week’s preview material has come in the form of two different social media posts. The first came earlier this afternoon via HubWorld’s official twitter account, while the second was posted on the official My Little Pony facebook page. Both images can be found after the page break because of spoilers.

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Episode Title and Air Date of “Pinkie Apple Pie”

Zap2it has published the title and air date of season 4 episode 9 to air on January 11, 2014: “Pinkie Apple Pie.”

Thanks to Jordan for pointing out that this is likely to be the episode that was previewed at San Diego Comic-Con—written by Natasha Levinger and storyboarded by Emmett Hall and Tony Cliff. Hence, we can look forward to to the song Apples to the Core!

Episodic Storyline for “Power Ponies”

Kryptonlogic has just published the episodic storyline of the 6th episode of season 4, “Power Ponies.” The expanded synopsis reveals more of Spike’s role in the episode as well as some new names.

Episodic storyline and image of 406

Frame from episode “Power Ponies”

“Power Ponies” — When Spike and the ponies are transported into the city of Maretropolis in his favorite comic book, Spike is disappointed when he becomes a boring sidekick instead of one of his favorite heroes. But when the ponies come up against pony super villain, The Mane-iac, Spike becomes the last line of defense to help save the day, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, December 21 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

Furthermore it is revealed that Mane-iac is voiced by Ellen Kennedy. I’m guessing this may be her.

On the writerly side, “Power Ponies” is a big collaboration by Charlotte Fullerton, Betsy McGowen, and Meghan McCarthy.

What, Meme Worry?

1497606_585437854838634_1397874602_nToday’s episode of LPS featured an awesome moral that normally isn’t done in cartoons nowadays. Read more →

“Daring Don’t” Episode Guide (Streams & Feeds)

S4e04 – Daring Don’t

Written by Dave Polsky
“When Rainbow Dash discovers that the new A.K. Yearling book she has been eagerly anticipating is delayed, she recruits her reluctant pony friends to spring into action to ensure the book gets written. However, when the ponies arrive to help the famous author, they soon discover that A.K. Yearling has a secret that sends Rainbow Dash and her pony friends on an unexpected mission”


DN Rating: 6.5 / 10

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“The Little Guy” Episode Guide


Long prior to even the prepremiere preview Picnic, Disney Channel press releases had foretold that Aziz Ansari would star in Wander Over Yonder as the watchdog Westley. The anticipation building up, Westley quickly earned his own minifandom without having to appear on screen even once. Today, finally, this anticipation could culminate in out enjoyment of the 22-minute episode “The Little Guy.”

“The Little Guy” – When the tiniest Watchdog cadet, Westley, is accidentally left behind on a planet, Wander and Sylvia befriend him and pretend to be his prisoners to help him reunite with Hater. Guest starring Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) as Westley. (Via a Disney Channel press release)

The YayPonies and iTunes versions are out!

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Daring Don’t Preview via MLP Facebook

Just a moment ago, the official My Little Pony Facebook page uploaded a preview of this week’s new episode, “Daring Don’t” (S4E04). Click the image or above or watch it after the jump.

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