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My Little Pony 606 – No Second Prances Episode Guide


606 – “No Second Prances”

Written by: Nick Confalone
When Starlight Glimmer starts becoming friends with a fellow formerly bad-pony, Twilight tries to stop her.

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LPS Review: “Race Team: Buttercream”

tumblr_o65bn0DHOI1t85r0eo2_500[1]We begin with Blythe being too dependent on her cell phone. Her Dad essentially dares her not to use it for one week. For the convenience of the plot, we don’t bring up laptops or tablets or other means of potential communication. Meanwhile, Vinnie and Sunil are going to the underground bunny races and Buttercream is going to tag along. As they get to the races, a bell rings to mark the start of the race and to turn Buttercream into a female Spike Flash McCarrot and she is competitive with the other racers.

The top racer, Fluffy Lightning, challenges Buttercream (aka Flash) to a race. Meanwhile, Blythe hands Russell her cell phone to help her not be so dependent on it. Russell then hands it to Vinnie and Sunil to record the upcoming race. Of course, the bell turns Buttercream to normal, Fluffy easily wins, and she gets the trophy–Blythe’s cell phone which Vinnie and Sunil left lying around. Of course, Blythe is then told by Youngmee that Josh asked about her about Blythe’s phone number which effectively nullifies the pledge.

Of course, Vinnie and Sunil now need Buttercream to turn back into Flash and win the phone back. They convince Fluffy to another race by saying Flash let her win. Of course, several plot contrivances later with the ball and Buttercream moving at the speed of the plot, she wins. As it turns out, Josh wanted Blythe’s opinion on a Pet Wellness Center since he wanted to take his pet Fluffy there.

You’ll notice I did mention the fact that the fact Buttercream turns into something else whenever a bell rings has never been brought up before in the show and it was never explained why she does that in the first place in the episode. If I mentioned all the plot contrivances and conveniences as well as how Russell does something foolish for the sake of the story (giving Sunil and Vinnie the phone without Blythe’s permission), we’d be here all day. So I’ll just end things here.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Buttercream returns
  • –  Pavlov effect never brought up or explained
  • –  Plot contrivances and conveniences galore.
  • –  The weasel wasn’t interesting



Littlest Pet Shop 419 – Race Team: Buttercream Episode Guide

lps__butter_cream_by_mysteryfanboy718-d5w5cm4[1]LPS’ Butter Cream by MysteryFanBoy718

419 – “Race Team: Buttercream”

Written by: Guy Toubes
Vinnie and Sunil accidentally give Blythe’s cell phone as a prize for the underground Bunny Races in which Buttercream the bunny is competing.

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Steven Returns in May

It was previously understood that the next set of SU episodes would be hitting the air in June. It looks like plans have changed, as according to Cartoon Network’s tumblr (and twitter), we’ll get to see them a month earlier, in May.

UPDATE: EW.com has revealed more details–rather than another “bomb,” two episodes will kick off the 4-week “In Too Deep” event with one new episode for the three following Thursdays. CN also has a trailer for the event, watch it after the break.

Editor’s note: Since we haven’t talked too much about SU, we’d like to bring up the announcement about the series being renewed for a Season 3 and 4. While still true, the series was actually only renewed for another full season. Season 2 was originally slated as the typical 52 episode season but ended up being split in half. So Season 2 stands as half a season, and the other 26 episodes are now Season 3. Obviously this change was probably due to the dramatic shift in the storyline. Long story short, things are about to get DBZ serious. -DS

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Ratings Report (MLP and LPS): Lows All Around

Virtually across the board, television viewership of cartoons are reaching lows not seen in quite a while. Both MLP and Littlest Pet Shop were no exception, last Saturday. “Gauntlet of Fire” drew an estimated 196,000 viewers last Saturday on Discovery Family while LPS’s “It’s A Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World” drew just 64,000. Both are lows since we’ve recorded viewership for both shows.

They were not alone as both Adventure Time and Regular Show drew South of one million viewers on Cartoon Network for the first time in ages. I should emphasize for those wishing to panic in the comment box that this is just the viewership on Discovery Family and it does not account for other means of viewing the episodes.

The Season Six average for MLP is 293,200 after five episodes while the Season Four average for LPS is now at 144,889 after 18 episodes. MLP takes a bye week this weekend and returns April 30th with “No Second Prances” at 11:30am ET/10:30am CT on Discovery Family while LPS does return this Saturday with “Race Team:  Buttercream” at noon ET/11am CT.

Ratings information for this report is courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.


LPS Review: “It’s A Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy World”


It’s morning at the day camp and everybody’s happy, happy, joy, joy happy, happy, happy, happy—except Sunil. He didn’t sleep well, he’s out of his favorite cereal, and his favorite pillow is at the cleaners. Meanwhile, a gopher who’s just like Rebound from Pound Puppies (because it is Rebound’s VA Brooke Goldner) named Peachy comes to the day camp. She tells Sunil that if he wants to find true happiness, he should go to the “Big Smile” in town. So Sunil takes to the tubes and the rest of the pets follow and get split up.

Meanwhile, Blythe is with Josh and her Mom’s journal while volunteering in a clean-up. Blythe gets closer to Josh, but ends up losing her journal in the process as it goes on several rides in the B-plot.

Since Vinnie easily loses Sunil, the remaining pets spilt off in teams of two. Minka and Vinnie go to the “Hipster” part of town and commandeer an RC Car colliding with a squirrel who used the journal as a skateboard. Russell and Pepper go to the East Side and take to the air on a pigeon—who just had the journal. Zoe and Penny Ling go to Diamond Hill and turn a wagon into a rickshaw. Meanwhile, Sunil goes through town and eventually finds the “Big Smile” in the form of a billboard. The journal gets there because of a traveling rat. The pets all meet up as well in various ways. The get the journal to Blythe distraught as losing the journal. She and Josh do try to retrace their steps, but we don’t see Josh after that scene (about the only thing wrong with the episode).

Blythe gets her journal back, Sunil is happy, there’s a group hug, and that’s the episode.

This was a very funny episode. The cold open did well with the classy leaky faucet at the start for Sunil and then the setup followed along. We really don’t see much of Peachy, but she does play an important role in the A-plot. Of course, we get different pair-ups this time and all three worked to good degree. Overall, this was a very nice episode and a much better effort than last week.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Humor
  • +  The different pairings this time around.
  • +  Blythe getting closer with Josh
  • –  Josh abruptly dropped towards the end of the episode.



MLP Review: “Gauntlet of Fire”


The episode starts with Rarity mining for gems and Spike as her basket-holder bodyguard. Suddenly, Spike is glowing which sets off a colony of bats. Spike is glowing because the Dragon Lord has summoned all dragons to a meeting. Twilight and Rarity will follow Spike into the Dragon Lands, the former hoping to write a book on dragon history one day.

Dragon Lord Torch’s term as Dragon Lord is up and has announced a gauntlet of fire to determine a successor. Whoever gets the bloodstone scepter is the new Dragon Lord. Lord Torch’s daughter, Princess Ember wishes to compete, but her father will have none of it because the gauntlet is more geared towards brawn than brains which the Princess has. Spike initially back out, which the Lord allows him too, but changes his mind when he hears of the other dragons’ plans for the throne—especially those that relate to Equestria. Oh yeah, Garble is here as well.

Already this reminds me of the Gummi Bears episode “Girls’ Knight Out” where Princess Calla disguises herself as a knight in a competition to show her father that she doesn’t need protection—especially from the oafs she is competing against. Back to the episode here, the Princess disguises herself for the competition and nearly drowns after getting hit by a slingtail obstacle. They agree to help each other throughout the course in a friend-not friend sort of way and also to protect the cover of Twilight and Rarity which is more clever that from “Dragon Quest” and more effective a running gag.

It’s ultimately down to three and Princess Ember stops Garble and Spike grabs the scepter, which he then gives to Ember to be the new Dragon Lord and a new ally for the Ponies.

To cut a long story short, this is the best Spike episode the series has had so far—even better than “Equestria Games.” Spike does come through when the Ponies need him and this is one of those times and he doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Twilight and Rarity are good here in supporting roles here and their showing up at various points of the gauntlet is a nice running gag. Then there is Princess Ember who is the wise, strong-headed daughter to her father. Sure it’s been done before, but it’s done here better than most stories. Both her and Spike are not the strongest dragons in the field, but they use what the do have to the greatest effect. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of her in the future.

I can’t really say anything else but repeat that this is the best Spike episode that the show has had so far.

Pluses and minuses:

  • +  Spike
  • +  Twilight and Rarity throughout the gauntlet.
  • +  Princess Ember
  • +  Garble has more of a purpose here than in “Dragon Quest”
  • GRADE:  A+