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Return of the My Little Text RPG

Well, i’m sure you remember the last post. The blog for the project disappeared so I automatically assume “project dropped!” My apologies, it’s back up now.

For those who don’t remember the old post, a guy who is learning c++ is making a My Little Pony text based RPG, It’s a pretty solid concept. Go check out the progress at his blog!


Coders Needed for Equestria Online!

These guys are doing some amazing work, if you’ve got hxc code skillz then head on over there and give ’em a hoof:

"Equestria Online is looking for Unity/C# programmers! We are preparing for Alpha and feel we need to strengthen our coding team with new blood. Do you know your Unity and your C# and feel you can share your time with us? Send in your application!"

Game Review: Cutie Mark Crusades Demo

Well since there is a lack of show news to post, or well anything for that matter, I figured I’d do something constructive and review the Cutie Mark Crusaders game demo, produced by Manestream Games.  It is a point and click style adventure.  The team describes it like the old Lucas Arts adventure games, Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island.  Manestream Games is an indie group made up partially of NeoGAF and PonyGAF.
Graphics:  Well done, at least on par with the television series itself.  Animation on the characters is smooth with no glitching (from what I saw).  Not sure if per say some of the backgrounds are taken directly from the show (namely outside the tree house) but would assume all hand done.
Audio:  The music is on par with a puzzle game, flows nicely, doesn’t want to make you crush your skull in due to it constantly playing, and is seamless in its looping.  The title screen music does set the mood for the game.
Controls:  Easy enough with a point and click system, but can be a little confusing in certain areas, namely object interaction in the inventory.  But like any new game, a little fooling around and you’ll get use to it.
Cons:  The first puzzle is somewhat weird in my own opinion, at least there isn’t too many hints on what to do, though some people seem to have figured it out.  (We include spoilered instructions in the article body).  The other con I’ve heard from others is when the characters talk.  Its done via text windows but the characters are voiced with audio clips from the show.  I think the desire effect is like SNES Starfox but you can understand too many words.
Game demo can be picked up from their website.  We have more after the page break.

You start off in the CMC’s clubhouse, where Sweete Belle excuses herself to go help Rarity clean up her shop, as promised.  When she leaves, she somehow manages to lock the door.  Applebloom doesn’t know where the key is, as she was using it to practice apple bucking and lost it somewhere outside.  Your challenge is to figure out how to get out of the torture shack…I mean clubhouse.  (Why does it lock from the outside?)

As said, its your standard point and click interface.  You got a cursor (a horn) and an eyeball appears next to the horn when you hover over something interactive (along with a name at the bottom).  You can switch between characters by clicking on their skulls in the bottom left corner, and each has an inventory that can be seen by clicking on the saddle bags (next to their skulls).

The inventory menu reminds me of Minecraft, namely due to the 9×9 box.  To select an item, obviously click on it.  Items can be used together by first clicking on one, and then the other.  Also by selecting an item, it can be placed for use with the world via the right click menu.
Left clicking is more or less to look or directly interact with something.

Right clicking gives you a five option menu wheel.  The bracket box on the left is for using items, the horseshoe is “hand” interaction with objects, an eye to look at items, and a speech bubble to talk to other characters.  Speech involves a multiple choice style menu system.  The bottom star button are the ponies special talents.  Scoots flies, Sweete sings and Applebloom bucks.
Items can be switched between characters by selecting your inventory and an item, and then right clicking on the other character and clicking on the bracket box.  Items are picked up by right clicking and using the horseshoe.

And that is the basics of the game.  Your challenge on this level is getting out of the clubhouse.  You can either try and figure it out, or you can read the blacked out text below.  The puzzle itself is somewhat hard due to lack of hints, if you get really frustrated then we have cheater instructions on what exactly to do below (blacked out).

1.  Open the window.

2.  Change character to Scoots, right click apple picture and fly up to it (Scoots will steal it).

3.  Pick up the hammer and in the inventory menu, click on the hammer, then the picture, it turns…into an apple.

4.  Place apple on the bench by selecting it in your inventory, and then right clicking on the bench and clicking the bracket box.

5.  Have Applebloom buck it.

6.  Switch to Sweete outside, attempt to get the key, crow will steal it.  Sing to crow, who will drop it.

7.  Use key on door.

The End

Thanks to The Doctor via Ponygoons

Fighting is Magic Featured on joystiq

"Indie developer ‘Mane6’ is fulfilling brony dreams with an unofficial My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fighting game, made in 2D Fighter Maker. MLP: Fighting is Magic is simultaneously one of the cutest and most uncomfortable things we’ve seen, with six adorable cartoon horses kicking the adorable cartoon hell out of each other."
—JC Fletcher, joystiq

No exclusive info, but it’s cool to see a FiM fan project gaining ground in a mainstream outlet.

via joystiq
Mane6 Website

Ponycraft.Org – Magicka Video Game Crossover Art Contest

Ponycraft.org is having a crossover art contest that they’ve asked me to promote (as Mayor of Manehatten).  Here is the details of the contest (or click this link to go to the site).
What’s All This Then?
Ponycraft.org is hosting a Video-Game-Crossover-Art-Contest!  We are giving out one copy of Magicka on steam.
1. You must have an account on PonyCraft.org
2. You must be a brony.
3. The art must be pony and video game related.
4. No Clop-pics or Gore.
5. (A totally not cliché) Have fun!

How to Submit
1. Upload complete image to imgur.com
2. Get the direct image link. (Url will most likely end with a .jpg or .png)
3. Email the link to [email protected].org

Contest Information
The winner will on October the 15th (May be pushed back a few days) and begins immediately.
Please use a real email that you can check later.
The top 5 winners will be posted on the website.

MLPOnline Playable Demo – Single Player Mode

The MLPOnline Team wishes to announce a playable (single player) demo of MLPOnline, which I guess was featured at BroNYcon, but I’m told this is an upgraded version.  The Multiplayer part is still being developed.  All information can be found behind the page break.  Salty is going to be watching the comment section here, so fill it up with your questions and comments.
In other news, Happy 400k Pageviews DH!

MLPOnline Homepage
Demo Download
Demo Thread

(The following is taken directly from the front of their homepage)

The changelog is far too long to simply print here.  Instead, some background.

This is an upgraded version of the demo that was shown at BroNYcon, of the single player side of the game (MP is still in development).  It’s missing a lot of major features and has several bugs, but the skeleton for the SP game is now in place.

The demo ends after the battle (approach the manticore for some more dialogue) as the content after that was cut for lack of time/resources.

There are presently several known bugs.  If you hold down a button while moving into a transition point, it will still be pressed when you exit the transition even if you released the button.  This probably has to do with a missed lockout, and will be fixed soon.

Twilight’s Mane is slightly off.  She and Rarity are also blank-flanks, I haven’t had time to put the marks that Waka sent me in.

The battle with the Manticore is considered ‘won’ even if you purposefully lose.  I guess it makes sense in context, actually.

Cutscenes are barely implemented, and will need more work, so we left the stage directions in somewhat.  Use your imagination.

The only options in combat that actually work are Attack and Defend, and Defend just makes you wait and perform no action.

Fluttershy’s cottage interior isn’t ready, so we glossed over that part -_-.

Fluttershy’s cottage exterior violates the isometric rule, just run over the bridge and pretend you didn’t see nothin.

Known performance issues:

The program doesn’t run on Mac or Linux, or have any versions for those platforms until OpenGL is complete.

The program tends to perform poorly on integrated cards (read:  laptops).  This is probably due to an upload/download speed problem in DirectX.  Try running the program with -ogl in the command line, it will look strange but should help your framerate.

I disabled the pony editor since it’s not ready, but everyone can’t seem to help but mess with it.

There are presently WAY too many things on the todo list to list here, but I will be gathering up the most frequently asked questions and posting an FAQ in the forums later.  I will also probably make a video of the gameplay for those of you unfortunate enough to not be able to run the program.

Equestria Online Stream Summary – Now with video!

I’m actually fresh out of new Derpy atm, so instead of going back into the archives im gonna post some of the second best BG Pony, by swaetshrit

I was late getting back from work for this, which sucks. I was hoping to get in on that skype call.

Anyways, I’ll link the youtube videos as soon as I get them, they are being uploaded by one of the dev team as I type this. Until then let me bullet point some of the important bits:

  • They have the online and chat working now
  • Tester applications will be announced in the future
  • Top hats 
  • Pets
  • Lots of special events in the works
  • You will start off as a child in school and find your cutie mark as a tutorial for your first character, can be skipped for all future characters you make
  • Alicorns will not be playable, for good reason.
  • You must like apples or pears (very important to the story)
  • Combat is still up in the air, as the show itself is pretty non violent, save for a few instances
  • Due to the size of the maps there may be instances or sub areas. 

You can check out their progress and give feedback/offer your services to them on their forum or their irc channel #equestriaonline on  irc.irchighway.net.

[Equestria Online]

edited video after the break