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MLP: CCG Friday Night Friendship


Rainbow Dash Pre-release Promo

Derpy News reporter Periwinkle was able to volunteer at an Enterplay My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game event in Atlanta, Georgia. You can find his description of the event and what it’s like to volunteer for enterplay after the break!

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Gameloft My Little Pony Game Update 1.5 Now Available

Gameloft My Little Pony Game Splash Screen

New Gameloft My Little Pony Game Splash/Loading Screen

The popular My Little Pony game on iOS/Android has received a new update today. Listed in the update for iOS includes new quests, new ponies (Lotus Blossom, Aloe, and Masseuse Pony), and even some new animated decorations. For all the details, check out the update changes in the image below after the break. Let us know in the comments if there’s any other changes you see besides the one listed!

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Equestrivia Challenge on Hub World

Hub World now has a new game for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic called “Equestrivia Challenge.” Think you know everything about MLP? Take a chance in the new game by clicking the link below. Post your results below in the comments as well!

Equestrivia Challenge – Hub World

Enterplay MLP Collectible Card Game – Gameplay Instructions Video

MLP CCG Cards with a hand. Hand not included.

MLP CCG cards with a hand. Hand not included.

As you probably already have heard, Enterplay has a new card game up its sleeves. This time, it’s the same card collecting as before but with Magic-infused battles with other players and building the best deck of cards. Gen Con has been showing off these cards to con-goers in Indianapolis; however, we now have a video by user Mustachio Extraordanaire from the Midwest Brony Devision showing off and explaining the basic mechanics of how the game works. Check out the video after the break for all the details!

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MLP Twitter Announces Trading Card Game by Enterplay

The My Little Pony Twitter announced this morning that there will be a collectible card game to go with their series of trading cards, to be published by Enterplay.  They will demo the game at gaming convention Gen Con, August 15-18th, in Indianapolis.

From Enterplay’s website:

In a presentation to MLP fans on Saturday, August 3, Enterplay President, Dean Irwin, gave a sneak peek of their plans to introduce a fun new collectible card game based on Hasbro’s incredibly popular My Little Pony brand. The game, launching in November, will include traditional starter decks and booster packs. More information and game play demos will be available at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis Aug 14-18.

Equestria Girls Games and Intro Videos

Hasbro just put up a game on their Equestria Girls page, where you can upload a photo of yourself or an unsuspecting friend and transmogrify them into an Equestria Girl. In addition, they also link the new games we reported on a few weeks ago. Maybe they are in better condition now.

In addition, the revamped pages also present a series of seven “Meet the Ponies”–style clips for the human mane six and Sunset Shimmer, which are also embedded after the break.

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Hasbro Equestria Girls Flash Games

2013-07-17_21:43:38_1440x1924_scrotIf you’re into gamey things, then Hasbro has two treats for you. Or theoretically, as they are still in a slightly inchoate state.

Around 17:30Z today, two new games started to show up on Hasbro’s My Little Pony pages, High School Dash and Dance Studio. The config file (and probably more essential files) for the second one is still missing, so it doesn’t start yet, but Hasbro will probably fix that any minute, hour, or day now. Then we’ll also know for sure whether it’s the EqG-style game I expect it to be, given the imminent release of the movie on blu-ray.

Interestingly, the config of the first game has a last-modified date of June 28, 2013, so either they just prepared this release weeks in advance or it didn’t show up on just my search. Certainly, sentences like “Fair Twilight Sparkle, we gladly accept your offer of ears and tails!” and “Groovy ears you have there, Twilight Sparkle. We’d love to have some too!” make up for any glitches the game may still contain. Have fun and all that.

Update 2012-07-17 22:09Z: The Hub just tweeted a link to Protect the Pies, another game. It doesn’t work for me either, though. Basic authentication seem to keep some assets from being loaded.