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The Scare Master (Supposedly S5E21) published on iTunes!


FINAL EDIT: It’s over guys, S5E21 has been pulled out of iTunes and been replaced by Rarity Investigate!

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Leaked: Tonight’s SU Episode – We Need To Talk

Well it seems a minor error in how the episodes are being released via iTunes and Amazon have accidentally let the cat out of the bag.  Tonight’s episode, due out at 6pm EDT was released last night by both companies.  The error comes with the fact that the episode was paired with “Keeping It Together” which was scheduled to be released on both services last night.  Google Play is lagging behind at the moment.  So if you got a few dollars, you can hit up iTunes or Amazon.  If not, hit up the page break for the video.

Check back later tonight for the DN Episode Guide and our own baked goods.

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S4E24 – Equestria Games iTunes problem

Hero of the Crystal Empire by liamwhite1

Hero of the Crystal Empire by liamwhite1

iTunes episode finally had problems again, with S4E24 this time, the video is affected and is cropped about 20 pixels, instead of 1280×720 and 1920×1080, this episode has a resolution of 1260×720 and 1900×1080.

We encourage you to not get this episode as long as it’s not fixed. If you already has bought a copy of the episode, we invite you to contact Apple support about it

My Little Pony – Songs Of Ponyville: iTunes Album


Since the start of the community many fans had hoped Hasbro Studio and MLP would release albums of the music from the show.  Apparently the people were heard and Hasbro released “My Little Pony – Songs of Friendship and Magic” on iTunes.  It seems yesterday they released a second album entitles MLP – Songs of Ponyville, an 11 track album that features tracks from the first three seasons.  The album is available for $9.99 usd.

My Little Pony – Songs of Ponyville

“Three’s a Crowd” iTunes Version Broken

The iTunes copy of the latest episode (“Three’s a Crowd”) appears to have audio problems, again. This time the stereo track is in fact mono (there are two channels, but they are the same, no difference between left and right at all), and the 5.1 audio sounds distorted, again.

Like last week, if you’ve already bought a copy of the episode, we invite you to contact Apple support about it.

Edit 4:35PM UTC 2014/1/27 : You can find a fixed version on YayPonies, including both a correct 5.1 and stereo track with audio based on the “thebib62” TVRip.

“Rainbow Falls” Reappears on iTunes Fixed

The “Rainbow Falls” iTunes version, which previously had broken sound and was taken down, is now available again on iTunes with audio fixed. If you downloaded the previous version, delete it from your iTunes library, go on the iTunes Episodes page for Volume 6 and click on “Download” again!

And for your information, no Derpy was harmed during the correction of that episode!