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The Toy Fair Report


On Friday, Hasbro made their annual presentation at Toy Fair NYC for investors and shareholders. In regards to My Little Pony, apart from the new toys coming,  it’s all about the movie for 2017. The movie, due to be released on October 6th, is billed to be a “whole new entry point” for people who are not already familiar to the franchise in its current form. According to MLP franchise lead, Tyla Bucher, the promotion of the movie will begin with Friendship Day sometime in July and then a product launch in August. Promotional partners are expected to take the brand to “unexpected places.”

Hasbro’s Head of Storytelling Meghan McCarthy was on hand to give a brief description of the new characters to be introduced in the movie:
• Capper – Con Artist Cat, turned hero  (Taye Diggs)
• Tempest – A Unicorn Who’s broken horn speaks to a troubled past (Emily Blunt)
• Songbird Serenade – The Hottest musical act in Equestria (Sia)
• Grubber – Hilarious bumbling side kick to The Storm King (Michael Peña)
• The Storm King – Big Bad Villain of the Movie (Liev Schreiber)
• Captain Caelano – Dynamic Leader of the Parrot Pirate Crew (Zoe Saldana)
• Qyeen Novo – Regal Ruler of the Sea Ponies (Uzo Aduba)
• Skystar – Energetic Daughter of Queen Novo (Kristen Chenoweth)

In addition, Blunt, Sia, Chenoweth, and Diggs will take part in five of the seven songs for the movie.

Perhaps the bigger story was a slide indicating that “The Magic Continues” in 2018. Many will speculate that means an eighth season of Friendship is Magic. We shall see for certain as Season Seven is set to begin this Spring. Whatever way you look at it, My Little Pony is not going anywhere soon and the movie is billed as “just the beginning” as it enters a new phase (not necessarily a new generation).

There was a brief mention of the reboot of Littlest Pet Shop during the presentation which is said to be in its early stages. LPS fans can expect digital  shorts in the Fall and a new animated series set for 2018.


Rumor: Who Is The Father Of Derpy



While typically not our thing to have fun and post about rumors, but when you are a site dedicated to a background “glitch”, you just can’t help it.  Earlier this evening Big Jim from the MLP crew became bored and summoned his Twitter minions for a little Q&A.  Among them was Joel Dickie, crew member and director of Littlest Pet Shop.  Joel asked the question of “who originally posed / animated derpy hooves with crossed eyes and did he or she get fired?”.  In reply Big Jim answered “I don’t know, and you still seem to be working, so…”.


While the beloved grey mare has always been dubbed an animation error (or glitch), Lauren Faust worded the answer to the question a little differently back in the olden days of late 2010 via her Deviant Art account.  “Probably the result of a bored layout artist.” was the general wording, going further into details that Layout Artists at times hide little easter eggs to keep themselves entertained at work.  Needless to say when the first episodes of MLP were being forged in the fires, no one knew it would take off like a burning train in War of the Worlds.


Needless to say, someone is found in the credits of the episode under Layout Supervisors.  Could it have been future LPS director Joel Dickie who, one day bored tweaked a background character for his own amusement, spawning a culture icon that generally represents a massive online community of animation fans and is beloved by countless fans?


Maybe someday we’ll find out.

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New Spoilers for MLP: Collectible Card Game, Crystal Games Expansion


Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

Courtesy of the Enterplay Facebook Page

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