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Bronies on Fox News Show – Red Eye

Repeat from Equestria Daily, seems the bronies have been talked about on Fox News, specifically on a show called Red Eye.  I haven’t had the time to check around, namely the almost 200 comments on EqD nor the comments on the youtube video, but generally it seems bronies are pissed at this.

If you have never seen Red Eye, its basically the ‘joke’ news show of the Fox News, airs at like 3am on Fridays.  Of course Fox News itself is an utter joke and should be shunned, there are just plain (pardon my french) fucking crazy on that channel, and typically attempt to act like an actual news network like CNN, but yet call it more entertainment than news.  Either way, Red Eye is specifically non-serious if you have never seen it.  One of their field reporters is my favorite human in the world, Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungeus of the band GWAR (and my favorite band since 13).  Dave’s an awesome guy, but even on this show he is playing his part of Oderus, lead singer and pirate space alien of Gwar (do some research).

Either way, I watched it, and just shrug it off.  Maybe you know who these guests are, I see a comedian I have never seen nor heard, an aging fellow of probably 50 years old, and some woman.  And as other bronies have said, love and tolerate.  But either way, brony or not, you just can’t let people like this actually get under your skin, makes life much better.

Hasbro Announces New Merchandise


If you do a ctrl+f search for MY LITTLE PONY on Hasbro’s Investor Relations Newsletter, you’ll find that there are a bunch of new merchandise that aren’t toys slated to be released in the undetermined future

In case you don’t want to search through ALL THAT SMALL TEXT here’s a rundown of what to look out for in the coming months:

-Bedding (To be determined, the final contracts have yet to be signed at the time of the letter’s posting.)


-Flip Flops (Sethisto made a funny referencing Gilda.)

-More Shirts (how about some men’s sizes?!)

-Toothpaste and Toothbrushes (I almost got the orajel pack, I had to stop myself from being a moran and ditched it in a random aisle in walmart.)

And if you have kids/are a collector.

-My Little Pony Ride-Ons (like those battery operated jeeps and barbie cars all the cool kids had and drive around in.)

[Equestria Daily]

MLP:FiM Flash Game Update – Voice Actors & G1 Villains

The latest video update from MLP:FiM The Flash Game.  In short, the team is going to be adding voice actors to the game, and are in search for some (well many).  They have a preview of Pinkie Pie who sounds pretty good, not exactly Pinkie Pie but as I saw someone say over on EqD in the comments, the best I’ve heard out of the fandom.

There’s also been a rumor about the team using enemies from the G1 MLP series, which some community members have frowned upon.  BUT, this video wants to point out that yes, they are using G1 enemies, but they are updating the looks to match that of our beloved G4 pony world.  Either way, watch the video.


HD Update – Episode 7: Dragonshy / Episode 9: Bridle Gossip

Well if you missed it over on EqD, we’ve had an update on the HD episodes, namely the missing episodes from earlier in the season.  To recap, our HD episodes are created by the TrollHD Group in raw form, community member Mentos then takes those raw rips and encodes them, cleans them up at times and provides them to all of us.  TrollHD didn’t start ripping the HD episodes until I think about Episode 14, so we’ve been missing a fair share of the earlier episodes.  They have been ripping these episodes as they’ve repeated on television.

So now available, Episode 7 – Dragonshy and Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip, two episodes I dare call classics now.  Links are below (and in our media section).  I may have missed a few other updates, as I think Episodes 4 and 6 were added, but you’d have to double check.

Episode 7 – Dragonshy (1080p) (720p)

Episode 9 – Bridle Gossip (1080p) (720p)


Derpy Chat Back Online

I think I fixed it, but since I don’t frequent the place too often (and even then I do it incognito), you users of DerpyChat can tell me if its running. Seems a touch sluggish. In short I upgraded the system to the newest version (6.21 to 6.22) and it seemed to have cleared up at least what I saw last night. You be the judge.

MLP:FiM Flash Game, Memorial Day Update

Ah, I love when these updates come out.  This is an update from the MLP:FiM Flash Game (ignore the errors on the site, namely the missing logo and background, I’m the one running that and apparently things got overwritten with the DH site updates).  The flash based 2d platformer you hear about from time to time.  It shows what kind of epic progress they have made, from music to physics engine work.  I won’t spoil all the fun, but check it out.

Later on, we’ll be having a marathon of updates news wise, those who have sent in submissions, I thank you, currently the submission page goes to me which isn’t the best idea due to my lack of being around all the time (damn you good weather), but I’ll be solving that issue.  We also may have some more bronies posting here at DH, go team!

This is What Happens When There Is No News

Someone over on ponychan has gotten exclusive leaked screenshots of the new opening for Season 2! Delicious Luna and Derpy! Catch the thread over HERE.

In other news, the Daniel Ingram interview from 91.8 The Fan will be airing TODAY at 2pm PST, or 4pm CST. I will be listening to either the live broadcast or a recording to get you the good bits and have a writeup for you tonight, Celestia Willing.

Also have some Applejack for your consideration.