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Derpy Chat Back Online

I think I fixed it, but since I don’t frequent the place too often (and even then I do it incognito), you users of DerpyChat can tell me if its running. Seems a touch sluggish. In short I upgraded the system to the newest version (6.21 to 6.22) and it seemed to have cleared up at least what I saw last night. You be the judge.

MLP:FiM Flash Game, Memorial Day Update

Ah, I love when these updates come out.  This is an update from the MLP:FiM Flash Game (ignore the errors on the site, namely the missing logo and background, I’m the one running that and apparently things got overwritten with the DH site updates).  The flash based 2d platformer you hear about from time to time.  It shows what kind of epic progress they have made, from music to physics engine work.  I won’t spoil all the fun, but check it out.

Later on, we’ll be having a marathon of updates news wise, those who have sent in submissions, I thank you, currently the submission page goes to me which isn’t the best idea due to my lack of being around all the time (damn you good weather), but I’ll be solving that issue.  We also may have some more bronies posting here at DH, go team!

This is What Happens When There Is No News

Someone over on ponychan has gotten exclusive leaked screenshots of the new opening for Season 2! Delicious Luna and Derpy! Catch the thread over HERE.

In other news, the Daniel Ingram interview from 91.8 The Fan will be airing TODAY at 2pm PST, or 4pm CST. I will be listening to either the live broadcast or a recording to get you the good bits and have a writeup for you tonight, Celestia Willing.

Also have some Applejack for your consideration.

The Fandom Gets Its Own Wikipedia Article

While reading up on the MLP Physics Impossibilities Video on BoingBoing, in the comments someone had linked this in response to BB not knowing we existed. It may not be earth-shattering news, but knowing that the fandom has created enough noise that the FANDOM gets it’s own article on Wikipedia is an interesting feat. Check that out in this link.

200k Hits/Introduction/Site News Post!

Yay! 200k pageviews! Considering that this site has been operational since December, it’s about time! It’s a party!

Second, I’m sure you’ve noticed the increased amount of news being posted on here recently, with a new name attatched at the bottom. Some of you may know me, I go by plaster. I asked Derpysquad if I could help out when he’s busy making a living and he happily obliged. I’ll be going around and collecting whatever news I can from the source. Having been in the fanbase since October of 2010, I’ve gained quite the collection of connections from all over the fandom. If you have any news you want posted quickly, please contact me at [email protected] (The official report news button is buggy and is being looked into by the lovely Muffin Overlords.)

My goals for this site is to deliver any news I can about official Hasbro released news and videos from Hubworld as quickly as possible as well as any cool fan projects I can get my hands on.

In light of the newfound activity and to anyone just wondering; I’ve been on great terms with the guys at EqD and I don’t intend to try to “overtake them” or “be better than them” in any way. Derpysquad put it best: “I like to think of it as we are the Colbert Report to their Daily Show.” I do feel that since we originally opted out on hosting fanfiction posts we can focus on the news you care for most better than anything and get the news you want quicker without stepping on anyone’s toes.

On that note, we may not be the first place you go to for your pony news. But hey, we still love you.

Don’t forget about us!
(oh god Derpysquad don’t fire me for this)

Insider Info on Background Ponies!

A friend who is near and dear to us on the Derpyhooves team is also working on the layout team for the second seaon. Coming to us with great information to those who have been wondering about those background ponies that only got one episode in the limelight.

This bit of information is in regards to Pokey Pierce who showed up in Call of the Cutie, he was the one who popped the balloons at the party.

“Turns out Pokey’s build was just made for that ONE scene and no one dropped it back into the library so we could use him. So today I rerigged him and am gonna put him in so even if he doesn’t get in, i will leave him in case someone wants to use him. Probably any BG pony you’ve only seen once is sort of misplaced in files, but still kicking around.”

We had also gotten information about Vinyl Scratch from this source earlier this month along the same lines. She was specially made for that episode by TopDraw, one of the animation companies that worked on the first season.

The animation staff indeed knows and listens to us! Hopefully Hasbro realizes this soon enough to get all of our sweet, sweet moolah.

Official Soundtrack Petition

You like ponies don’t you? Do it for the ponies!

I know this is somewhat older news, but it deserves a longer spot in the limelight.


I personally would love to see this happen, along with some drama tracks thrown in there from the VA’s. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring new official content without all the effort.

It’s up over one thousand signatures already, but we need more support! Please consider signing even if you don’t plan on purchasing it, every signature helps!