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SU Review: “When It Rains”

The episode begins with Peridot unwilling to cooperate with the Crystal Gems regarding information about the Cluster. The Gems then attempt to investigate themselves and leave Steven to watch Peridot. Peridot is frightened by a rain storm, but Steven tells her there’s nothing to be afraid of. Thankful for showing her that, Peridot begins to open up to Steven about the Cluster and takes him to the Kindergarten where she has her backlogs.

The backlogs explain that this Cluster is a giant artificial fusion that when it gets to full size will be bigger than the Earth itself and destroy it. Peridot is willing to work with Steven to help stop it, but Steven insists that they need the Gems’ help which Peridot initially refuses. She ultimately comes around after the Gems rescue her and Steven from a few mutant gems and the episode ends with what we assume is Peridot ready disclose what she knows about the Cluster to the Gems.

A couple things to confirm here. Peridot is virtually powerless on her own without her limb enhancers. Second, she does need the Gems and Steven’s help. All this episode does is confirm what needs to happen to go forward. There are a few great moments here and there such as Garnet saying, “I love you” to Steven before going off to investigate; and Steven being Steven. It’s a very good episode that accomplishes a goal into getting Peridot to realize that she needs the Gems’ and Steven’s help in dealing with the Cluster, but that’s about all there is to it.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Some touching moments
  • +  Accomplishes basic objectives
  • –  Episode doesn’t do much outside of that.



MLP Review: “Made in Manehattan”


It’s back to the map again and this time, it’s calling Rarity and Applejack (and not Twilight much to her frustration) to a neighborhood in Manehattan to solve a friendship problem. This means that Rarity and AJ will miss the Sisterhooves Social and we’ll find out what happens with that next week.

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SU Review: “Catch and Release”

The episode begins with Steven about to go to bed when Peridot comes in and takes Steven to the Galaxy Warp. Peridot wants Steven to fix the Homeworld warp since he was the one to fix Lapis’s gem, but Steven is unable to do so. Peridot is panicking after losing here robonoids, her foot, and not hearing from Yellow Diamond.

Peridot warns that something major is about to happen to Earth, when the Crystal Gems arrive and poof her, but not before that she is the only one that knows something. It also turns out Peridot’s limbs and fingers are artificial. Peridot’s gem is sent to the burning room while Steven still has the foot from “Friend Ship” because it’s ‘lucky’.

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MLP Review: “Rarity Investigates!”

September is unofficially Rarity month for MLP, and someone is looking like an unintentional genius in putting back-to-back episodes with Rarity front and center to kick off the second half. Rarity is visiting her Canterlot shop when Rainbow Dash makes her usual entrance making a mess of things.

Rainbow is in Canterlot for Princess Celestia’s royal garden opening and the Wonderbolts will be giving an aerial performance. As a Wonderbolt Reserve, Dash is a backup in case someone is unable to participate.

Rarity and Dash attend a dinner that night where they meet legendary Wonderbolt Wind Rider (particular scent of cologne and all). Dash fangirls out as he is the current long-distance speed record holder. Spitfire introduces Dash to Wind as the potential record breaker.

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SU Review: Sadie’s Song


For those who didn’t see my MLP review earlier this week, I’ve switched to letter grades with my reviews. Last week’s Steven Universe’s “Nightmare Hopsital” would’ve gotten an A. This week is…..not an A.

Steven is passing out flyers for Beach-A-Palooza when he enters the Big Donut and sees Sadie singing to a song on the radio. Steven notices how well she sings and encourages her to sign up as an act for Beach-A-Palooza. Sadie reluctantly agrees after hearing virtually everyone in town is performing. They go to Sadie’s house to plan her act (which will not be similar to Steven’s in “Frybo”) before Sadie’s mom Barb appears. Things go decidedly downhill for Sadie from here on out as Barb is 100 times worse the embarrassing parent Roger is on Littlest Pet Shop.

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MLP Review: “Canterlot Boutique”

After nearly two months, MLP is back and putting its best hoof forward to start the second half of the season with the pony who’s best at carrying episodes. Rarity has always dreamed of setting up shop in Canterlot, and thanks to the bonus from designing Sapphire Shores’ wardrobe from “For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils” and some available real estate in Canterlot, that dream is coming true.

She’s even hired a manager for her Canterlot store in Sassy Saddles. And as the name suggests, she upstages Rarity in taking care of the grand opening of the store and renaming the dress themed after and modeled by Princess Twilight. The “Reign in Stain” “Princess Dress” is popular and there are 200 orders for it. Rarity agrees to make the dresses for it applying her “Rules of Rarity” to give them time, love, and couture. However, making the same dress over and over again is not what she had in mind and an attempt to make a dress with a different set of gemstones is rejected by a customer plunging her further into despair. She finally has her dream realized, but she’s miserable because she feels she is sacrificing her creativity.

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MLP Season Five at Halfway

With half the season gone, there’s half the season to go. The second half begins on Saturday with the first of three episodes where Rarity takes or shares center stage. With that in mind, let’s do a brief recap of the first half and rank the episodes from 12th to 1st. This also brings a change to how I review episodes going forward (and yes, this will include Steven Universe and Littlest Pet Shop reviews as well). I’ll be giving episodes grades from A+ to F- since I tend to score like a teacher. The lowest I gave this season so far was a 7/10 which is about a C in my book, so might as well grade things like Entertainment Weekly to have consistency. So with that, on with the review!

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