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LPS Review: Pet Sounds


Before I ask where Spazz got the artwork for the episode guide, wouldn’t it be nice to talk about the episode itself. It starts with Youngmee attempting to communicate with Buttercream in the way Blythe does with animals. It’s unsuccessful. That leads to our solitary plot. Professor Shuperman (Sam Vincent) has brought his monkey Cheep-Cheep (Colin Murdoch), who is also Minka’s cousin, to LPS. The professor invented a helmet that is supposed to translate pet sounds into words so that the pets could talk to their owners. Unfortunately, the sounds translate into gibberish—which is kind of funny.

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LPS Review: “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”


This is the first of two upcoming episodes where we have a classic rock reference in the title. This is the one for the song of the same name by the ironically-named band War. Now back to the current day.

After chasing a fly “Tom and Jerry”-style, Vinnie befriends a genial spider named Weber (voiced by Peter New). However, this may be a problem with Sunil since he has arachnophobia (fear of spiders). So, Vinnie and the other pets try to hide him from Sunil. That is our A-plot.

The B-plot is Blythe also meeting a new friend named Cora. She works at the thrift shop and is into fashion like Blythe. They strike up quite a conversation to the point where Blythe is unintentionally neglecting Sue and Youngmee. Blythe is so caught up with Cora, with the latter suggesting that the former apply her pet fashions to people, that Sue and Youngmee feel pushed aside.

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LPS Review: Back Window


Movies and reality shows are referenced quite a lot on Littlest Pet Shop, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the combination of Rear Window and Wipeout used ever. Yes, Wipeout is technically a game show, and a questionably dangerous one at that, but let’s see how FM DeMarco combines Hitchcock with a questionably dangerous game show.

After a couple of Hitchcock references with a flyer in the wind, we come to LPS to see two things:  Blythe having designer’s block coming up with new pet fashions and Penny Ling obsessed with a Wipeout-type show called “Faceplant” which so happens to be for pets and tryouts are coming to Downtown City. Penny Ling decides to enter the pets for the tryouts, so they practice using the home game version (hammerhead sharks not included). However, it leads to Russell spraining his quills and he is recuperating inside some round-type device and only has the back window to look at which drives him insane, but not before driving the others insane with a duck call supposed to be used for emergencies.

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Editorial: Let the Rainbow Remind You

I’m going to warn you in advance that while I’m normally a placid person (my review of LPS’s “Very Littlest Pet Shop” not withstanding), I can go Saddle Rager from time to time. Here, there are a couple of issues that are doing just that.

Wednesday morning, I awoke to the news that screenshots (and possibly the movie itself) of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks have been leaked via 4chan. I have decided not to see any spoilers until I see the movie itself on Saturday (September 27th). Needless to say, this is very disappointing that some people have decided to leak the movie online and should be taken to task by the fandom.

Of course, this kind of thing occurred when screenshots of the first Equestria Girls movie was leaked. On my Twitter, I asked Bronies to please be respectful of those fans who do not want to be spoiled by refraining from posting these spoiler images on social media. It’s one thing when Google Play accidentally leaked “Pinkie Pride” before it aired on the Hub Network the following Saturday, but it’s wholly another when the movie is somehow leaked online if for no other reason than to spoil things for others either to feed someone’s misguided hunger to see the movie ahead of time or just to do it out of spite for Bronies. That essentially is taking money away from people who actually worked on the movie. So once again, I urge Bronies to be respectful of those who do not wish to be spoiled by the leaked version of the movie and/or the screenshots by not posting them on social media.

It is also wrong to post “camera in a movie theater” versions of the movie on YouTube after it is released like some people did the first movie. If you could wait nine months between Seasons Three and Four, one month between the theatrical release and the DVD release isn’t going to hurt you.

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LPS Review: The Secret Recipe


Well, this is it. Episode 65 of Littlest Pet Shop. Will there be a twist to the series? The synopsis pretty much teased it which is an improvement from that the Hub did with Episode 65 of MLP when they did a little more than teased it. But I digress.

It’s Young Entrepreneurs’ Week at school and Youngmee presents her tasty treats for pets with Blythe as her assistant. The presentation goes off so well, that Ms. Amster suggests that the treats could be a real product and “the next big thing.” After the theme song though, we see Buttercream dashing to the pet shop in horror. She doesn’t like the treats. Youngmee wants to try them on the pets, but she doesn’t know that Blythe has told them to pretend to like them even if they don’t (read: lie). The pets to pretend to like the treats, but really don’t either.

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