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Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Returns March 26th


The season 4 hiatus of LPS ends March 26th at noon, ET. Look’s like the second half really starts to delve into Ms. T’s apparently auspicious real estate project known as “Littlest Pet Street.” It also looks like we haven’t seen the last of Sugar Sprinkles. Catch the promo after the Break.


Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Promo


New promos for Littlest Pet Shop started airing on Discovery Family today, announcing the show’s illustrious return on November 7th. Watch the promos after the Break.


The End – One Hour Hub Network Promo Reel

Today marks the 5th anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airing along with what would have been the 5th birthday of The Hub Network, which was shut down last year on October 12th.  Shortly before the television network was silenced, award winning tv/video editor Neil Carnahan mentioned on Twitter about releasing an hour long promotional reel of all the Hub Network’s promos from the past four years.  Shortly afterwards Neil’s Twitter account went silent and the promo reel was never released.

Roughly a year later the account became active and the hour plus long promo reel (found below) was released via his Vimeo channel.  So while we celebrate the 5th anniversary of MLP, remember to tip a glass towards the great folks behind The Hub Network that gave the show a home for four years.

Spazz’s note: The original video is only up for a limited time, so we’ve mirrored it for viewing after the Break. The MLP promos start at 10:37

Update: For convenience, a few select promos have been split and embedded below as well.

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Littlest Pet Shop Season 3 Returns in December 2014


A new promo is airing on Discovery Family announcing the return of LPS on December 13th. It suggests that an “all new season” will be airing, however, the next episode is said to be episode 14 of season 3 (Winter Wonder Wha…?). Watch the promo after the break.

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My Little Pony & Littlest Pet Shop Promos on Discovery Family

Here they are, the first of the promo spots for Hasbro’s block of programming on Discovery Family. It seems to be a mixed bag for who provides the voice for each one. So far, the classic Hub Network voice is heard in the My Little Pony and Equestria Girls promos, which may have very well been recorded before the transition. He is also heard in the Family Game Night Spot (airing on Sundays). Meanwhile, the new Discovery Family voice is heard in the Littlest Pet Shop and Pound Puppies spots. Videos after the break.


LPS PSA: New Time Slot Discrepancy

There appears to be some discordance with Littlest Pet Shop’s new air time as stated during the credits of last week’s new episode. While the promo announced that new episodes will start airing an hour later at 10:30ET/9:30CT, so far, no other sources such as TV listings, STB guides or Zap2it appear to back up this time change (as seen below). This may mean that if the new scheduled air times haven’t been updated with cable/satellite providers, DVRs may miss recording a new episode if the discrepancy in question exists (and record whatever is airing at the time instead). If you typically have new episodes of LPS scheduled to record, you may want to manually set a recording of the newly announced time as well as its usual time to ensure it isn’t missed!

(times above are listed in CDT)

The new promo can be watched after the break.

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