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“Rainbow Falls” Reappears on iTunes Fixed

The “Rainbow Falls” iTunes version, which previously had broken sound and was taken down, is now available again on iTunes with audio fixed. If you downloaded the previous version, delete it from your iTunes library, go on the iTunes Episodes page for Volume 6 and click on “Download” again!

And for your information, no Derpy was harmed during the correction of that episode!

“Rainbow Falls” on iTunes with Broken Audio


The wrong kind of derp – MLP G1: Derpy! by FloppyChiptunes

The iTunes version of “Rainbow Falls” appears to have broken audio tracks. The stereo track is completely silent and the 5.1 track sounds like it was recorded under water.

If you already has bought a copy of the episode, we invite you to contact Apple support about it.

You can find a fixed version on YayPonies, including both a correct 5.1 and stereo track with audio based on the “thebib62” TVRip.

“Rainbow Falls” Episode Guide (Streams & Feeds)

410 – “Rainbow Falls”

Written by Corey Powell
“Rainbow Dash is headed to the Equestria Games trials with the Ponyville Relay Team, but becomes torn when she is offered the chance to join the more competitive Cloudsdale team.”
DN Rating: TBA

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“Rainbow Falls” Preview Via Entertainment Weekly

This week’s Entertainment Weekly preview has been published. Get a taste of “Rainbow Falls” after the break.


Entertainment Weekly episode image and synopsis

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic -- exclusive EW.com image

There’s just one problem: As The Hub Network’s official episode description puts it, Rainbow and company soon realize “that the competition definitely has a hoof up on them.” Things get even more complicated when the fast-flying pony gets a tempting offer to join Cloudsdale’s elite flying squad. Will she accept — and leave her friends in the dust?


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Synopsis for Episode “Rainbow Falls”

Zap2it just published the synopsis for episode 410, “Rainbow Falls,” set to air January 18, 2014. As mentioned previously, the episode might be related to the book Welcome to Rainbow Falls. It also features on the DVD “A Dash of Awesome.”


Synopsis of “Rainbow Falls”

Rainbow Dash must choose between the Ponyville Relay Team and the more competitive Cloudsdale team.


Title and Air Date of “Rainbow Falls”

Zap2it just published their “Rainbow Falls” page. The episode is set to air January 18, 2014. This time we already knew the title from the DVD “A Dash of Awesome,” which might be related to the book Welcome to Rainbow Falls.