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Blythe’s Big Idea

1477452_595936483788771_576713047_nI’m guessing that the TSA doesn’t exist in Downtown City. Read more →

Alligators and Handbags

tumblr_myhfqc1Nq41s09ni7o1_500Meet Wiggles McSunbask, everyone. Read more →

A Day at the Museum


I wonder what movie they’re trying to parody here….

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What, Meme Worry?

1497606_585437854838634_1397874602_nToday’s episode of LPS featured an awesome moral that normally isn’t done in cartoons nowadays. Read more →

The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly

969442_581492351899851_1646134661_nYou can tell it took place in the past because of all the sepia and lines in the film. Read more →

Pawlm Reading Review

9ee675ea52f111e39a0b0a985b09a160_8The puns just never end over on The Hub.

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“My Little Pony Micro-Series #9…featuring Spike” Review

Cover A by Amy Mebberson

It has been a while since I reviewed one of the micro-series comics. The last time I talked about the micro-series, I praised the comic team of Ted Anderson and Ben Bates on a stellar job with the Cutie Mark Crusaders spotlight. This time around, I have something different to say about Rob Anderson and Agnes Garbowska’s entry.

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