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Comic Review Editorial: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1


I’m sure that many of you, like me, were super-ultra hyped about the MLP Comic when it first came out. Some of you may still feel that way, but let me tell you now, this will not be a positive review. Do not take it personally. (This counts as a disclaimer, right?) There are a few good things the comic does and many bad things; I will be focused on the bad. If you want to hear praise on the comic, listen to what Screenplay has to say. You’ll soon realize that I think about the comic itself, and the narrative, way too much.

You can say you’ve been warned.
Oh, and I guess there are spoilers too, if by some chance you haven’t got around to reading comic 1 yet.

General comments:
I have to say that the art style was interesting, if nothing else. It was obviously very high-quality and very well done. The only beef I have with it is that it was sort of harsh. More on that past the cut.

The story isn’t bad, per se, it’s just unbelievably fast. Pacing, where art thou?

By far the worst part of the comic is that the characters–vibrant, interesting, and dynamic in the show–become absolutely one sided with little-to-no account given to their deeper selves.

If you would be so kind as to “Read More”, I will gladly show you what I mean. You know, by writing all over the comic.

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My Little Pony Micro-Series #1…featuring Twilight Sparkle Review


Cover Art by Amy Mebberson

[A big welcome to one of our two new comic reporters/reviewers, Screenplay. —Doc]

The first story in this mini-series of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic hit store shelves Wednesday, February 20th. All I can say is the first issue of the mini-series is laced with many problems.

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DHN Reviews: Season Finale: Magical Mystery Cure

Derpy at Sweet Apple Acres by ~LeavingCrow

Time for your review of the Season Finale via reviewer Ryan C. All after the page break.

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DHN Reviews: Just for Sidekicks & Games Ponies Play

Welcome to the Crystal Empireby *BlindCoyote

Welcome to the Crystal Empire
by *BlindCoyote

Time for another edition of DHN Episode Reviews with Ryan C. But first, our list of regular episode reviews from Unleath the Fanboy & LezGetReal:


(s3e11) Just for Sidekicks, written by Corey Powell

(s3e12) Games Ponies Play, written by Dave Polsky

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Coronation Event Review with Insights into Finale

Celestia's favorite... plant. by Jdan-S

Celestia’s favorite… plant. by Jdan-S

Kroze Kresky of Comics Online has published a review of the Princess Coronation event last weekend. He tried to avoid anything that might be considered a spoiler by his readers but still snug in a few insights about things we can look forward in the episode. Besides that, it also allows us to retroactively peek behind the closed doors of the invite-only event.

You can find an excerpt after the break. Head over here to read the full article.

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DHN Reviews: Keep Calm and Flutter On

Quite A Dapper Fellowby =Feniiku

Quite A Dapper Fellow
by =Feniiku

  • Season Number: 3
  • Season Episode Number: 10
  • Overall Episode Number: 62
  • Original Airdate: January 19, 2013
  • Written By: Dave Polsky / Story By: Teddy Antonio
  • Storyboard By: Lih Liau & Marshall Fels Elliot

All after the page break.

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DHN Reviews: Spike At Your Service

The Dragon Code by *johnjoseco

Time for your episode reviews, Ryan is joined this week by Doc’s own review. Enjoy your reviews, and the hiatus.

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