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Coronation Event Review with Insights into Finale

Celestia's favorite... plant. by Jdan-S

Celestia’s favorite… plant. by Jdan-S

Kroze Kresky of Comics Online has published a review of the Princess Coronation event last weekend. He tried to avoid anything that might be considered a spoiler by his readers but still snug in a few insights about things we can look forward in the episode. Besides that, it also allows us to retroactively peek behind the closed doors of the invite-only event.

You can find an excerpt after the break. Head over here to read the full article.

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DHN Reviews: Keep Calm and Flutter On

Quite A Dapper Fellowby =Feniiku

Quite A Dapper Fellow
by =Feniiku

  • Season Number: 3
  • Season Episode Number: 10
  • Overall Episode Number: 62
  • Original Airdate: January 19, 2013
  • Written By: Dave Polsky / Story By: Teddy Antonio
  • Storyboard By: Lih Liau & Marshall Fels Elliot

All after the page break.

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DHN Reviews: Spike At Your Service

The Dragon Code by *johnjoseco

Time for your episode reviews, Ryan is joined this week by Doc’s own review. Enjoy your reviews, and the hiatus.

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DHN Reviews: Apple Family Reunion

Our Little AJ by =Tsitra360

Episode: s3e09 Apple Family Reunion

By: Cindy Morrow

Review after the page break.

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Review of Limited Edition DVD (Germany)


Christmas is around the corner, and if you forgot to buy a present for your loved ones, the following item will let you share your love for My Little Pony.

As a Christmas present for all fans of the show, EDEL Records released a remastered limited edition of the first DVD. Vivid colours, 5.1-sound, and an additional audio track are just the topping on the cupcake, because every DVD is paired with one brushable of the Royal Wedding toyline. EDEL Records took the criticism about the first volume to heart and did their best to fulfill our wishes with this limited edition. With the first three episodes and The Cutie Mark Chronicles, the most useful episodes to introduce someone new to the show are on the disc.

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DHN Reviews – Sleepless in Ponyville

Just the Two of Us
by *johnjoseco

Time for the episode review, this week Ryan is flying solo with it, don’t abuse him too much. Artwork Aftershock and maybe some BGMs by tomorrow. Episode review after the page break.

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G4’s Attack of the Show reviews MLP Season 1 DVD

Derpy Reporter
by ~Mafon

The folks over at G4’s Attack of the Show sit down to review some DVDs, including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 DVD from Shout Factory. The review also includes The Dark Knight Rises and something by the name of Banana Motherf**ker. Embedded video after the page break, or head over to G4 here.

[Source: EqMegathreads]

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