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Steven Universe now set to return in September


Bad News, Everybody.

It was announced earlier in July that SU would return to new regular weekly episodes starting this Thursday (August 6th), which went as far as episodes being listed on Zap2It and other sources.  Last Friday the Crewniverse announced that plans had changed and the show will not return until September.  So the SU summer hiatus continues until further notice.

On the plus side Wander Over Yonder returned tonight with Season 2, along with a fresh episode of Gravity Falls.

Second #StevenBomb coming June 15th with new episodes, Star VS to join in





Freshly announced via the Steven Crewniverse Tumblr and staffers, Steven Universe will return with new episodes starting June 15th and will be kicked off with another #StevenBomb marathon that will last the week.  More details to come.



Also on June 15th, Star vs The Forces of Evil shall return with two new episodes, Mewberty & Pixtopia.



As for Gravity Falls, July…ish seems to be the answer.

Star Retuning March 30th, Renewed for Second Season

It’s gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild on Disney XD come March 30th. That’s when Star vs. the Forces of Evil  returns with brand new episodes on Disney XD according to Nick and More and a Disney press release. However, if you do not wish to wait for March 30th, a pair of new episodes will be made available to verified users of WatchDisneyXD.com, the Disney XD app, and Disney XD on Demand on February 23rd.

Star will then join the Disney XD lineup at 8pm ET/7pm CT with a replay of the opening episodes (“Star Comes to Earth”/“Party with a Pony”) followed by a brand new pair of episodes. The show will apparently follow a 2 x 11 format meaning a pair of 11-minute episodes per show.

Star’s debut on Disney Channel on January 18th drew an estimated 2.325 million viewers. It did receive strong lead-ins from the two shows preceding it on that Sunday night:  Austin and Ally (3.076M) and K.C. Undercover (3.509M).

Star Wars: Rebels has been ranging 500K-700K viewers on Disney XD over the last nine episodes. Gravity Falls has been ranging roughly 800K-1.1M per episode. Somewhere in between could be deemed very good numbers for Star when it comes to Disney XD starting on March 30th. We’ll see what the numbers are then.


Discovery Family Schedule 10/25 and 10/26


With “Rainbow Rocks” hitting Discovery Family this coming Friday (3:30pm ET/2:30pm CT), Saturday (12:30pm ET/11:30am CT), and Sunday(9:30am ET/8:30am CT); The following weekend (October 25-26) should provide us with what the schedule for the new look channel will look like at least in the immediate future. According to TV Guide, the following is the schedule for Saturday, October 25th, and Saturday, October 26th (all times Eastern/Central):

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MLP TV Listings for 10/17-10/19

As previously announces, “Rainbow Rocks” will air on Friday, October 17th, at 3:30pm/2:30pm CT on Discovery Family. Before that, DiscFam will air the  “Twilight’s Kingdom” two-parter at 1pm/12pm CT, followed by the first “Equestria Girls” movie at 2pm/1pm CT.

Both EQG movies will re-air on Saturday with “Equestria Girls” at 11am/10am CT, followed by “Rainbow Rocks” at 12:30pm/11:30am CT. Both are preceded by a four-play of FiM episodes starting at 9am/8am CT. The first half is Season Two (“Sweet and Elite” and “Secret of My Excess”) while the second half is Season Three (“Keep Calm and Flutter On” and “Magical Mystery Cure”).

“Rainbow Rocks” will show a third time on Sunday, October 19th, at 9:30am/8:30am CT followed by the seemingly unchanged four-play on Sundays starting at 11am/10am CT (“Family Appreciation Day,” “Baby Cakes,”Inspiration Manifestation,” and “Equestria Games”).


PS1:  In the first DiscFam teaser, only MLP and TF: Rescue Bots were shown among Hub entities.

PS2:  Saturdays and Sundays also follow the “5-to-5” format where it’s Hub fare AM to PM and Discovery Fare PM to AM.