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Steven Universe Gets Two-Season Renewal

Steven_Universe-all_characters[1]Even before Season Three is set to begin in June, Steven Universe has been renewed for a fourth and fifth season. That makes Steven likely to last well beyond 100 episodes. It’s currently at 78 episodes from two seasons. Season Two was supposed to be 52 episodes in length, but Cartoon Network split them into two seasons of 26 with “Log Date 7 15 2” effectively the Season Two finale. Ironically, Season One was originally going to be 26 episodes before being doubled to 52.

Series writer Matt Burnett recently stated on Twitter that he was unaware of the reason for the splitting of the episodes, but said it didn’t affect production. Season Three is expected to run from June to August and is being billed as the “Summer of Steven.”
Season One, when you include “Open Book,” “Story for Steven,” and “Shirt Club”; which aired after the Season Two premiere, the viewership average was 1.713 million. Season Two’s average was 1.592 million. That said, Steven has become one of Cartoon Network’s and Tumblr’s most popular shows.
It is currently unknown how many episodes the fourth and fifth season will include. Also getting a two-season renewal from Cartoon Network is Uncle Grandpa whom had an infamous crossover withSteven Universe a year ago on April 2nd.

LPS Reviews: “Steamed” and “Two Peas in a Podcast”



We open the first new store on Littlest Pet Street, and it’s Pawrista—a coffee shop for pet owners. Everything is coming into shape just in time for tomorrow’s grand opening. Oops, they need to hire a barista. At least someone who doesn’t confuse coffee shops with button factories would be a plus (read:  someone who is not Madison).

We finally get to see the Biskits’ Mom who is aptly named Eliza because she is quite the Julie Andrews fan. She was apparently sick and in the LPS Universe, 3 season = 9 months. Anyway, she suggest the twins apply for a job. The only place that has an opening is Pawrista Coffee and Drinks. Their application does not come off well, but they are the only ones qualified to actually run the espresso machine. More on that later.

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Littlest Pet Shop 415 – Two Peas in a Podcast Episode Guide


415 – “Two Peas in a Podcast”

Written by: Roger Eschbacher
The Pets worry when they believe Penny Ling will be moving away; after watching Blythe’s success in vlogcasting, the Biskits try to create on of their own.

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Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Returns March 26th


The season 4 hiatus of LPS ends March 26th at noon, ET. Look’s like the second half really starts to delve into Ms. T’s apparently auspicious real estate project known as “Littlest Pet Street.” It also looks like we haven’t seen the last of Sugar Sprinkles. Catch the promo after the Break.


LPS Review: “Petnapper!”


We interrupt this story about a robbery and petnapping to see Russell watch the season finale of his favorite show, “Duchess of Lancaster Lane.” Actually, Russell accidentally deletes it and the remainder of the pets will be acting out the finale so that Russell can discuss it with his show club. In other news, a spaniel comes to LPS and makes a connection with Youngmee. Youngmee calls her Nutmeg Dash. The “owner” comes and take Nutmeg Dash and it doesn’t take much to figure out that he’s the thief and is attempting to sell Nutmeg Dash to a wealthy collector.

Blythe, Youngmee, and Zoe break that up, but they still need to rescue Nutmeg Dash. They do so by stalling the robbers as the police are coming. Youngmee ends up keeping Nutmeg Dash and she has her pet after her desire for one in “Ivan the Terrific”.

Meanwhile, the pets try to act out the season finale. Penny Ling is the maid, Minka is the cook, Pepper is a butler in jester’s clothing, and Sunil is the duchess because Peter New is an expert in voicing characters who dress in drag to impress others. Of course, Sunil prints out last season’s finale recap, so he and the other three improvise and Russell has the feels. It’s way much better than the actual finale as “nothing happens” (read: irony), so the D. O. L. L fanfiction club is born!

This is much better from LPS. We have a rare adventure plot with Blythe and Youngmee engaging in a potentially dangerous situation in order to rescue a pet. We also get a close of one of the mini-arcs with Youngmee getting a pet in heartwarming fashion. It was good of the writing to have Youngmee develop a connection to Nutmeg Dash (I wonder if that was an ode to another “Dash”?). Meanwhile, the B-plot was hilarious as the pets basically skewer Downton Abbey. Do they do anything beside drink tea on that show?

Anyway, the show did do well by doing something a bit different and doing something truly hilarious with one of their pop culture parodies. A great way to end the first half of Season Four.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  Rare adventure plot
  • +  Humor in skewering a show
  • +  Peter New voicing a character in drag (again)
  • +  Russell
  • +  Youngmee gets a pet!



Ratings Report: LPS and Wander


Saturday saw a modest uptick for Littlest Pet Shop despite the episode “Petnapped!” being released 12 days prior on Netflix. The episode drew an estimated 122,000 on Discovery Family on Saturday. That was up 8% from last week. The Season Four average at halfway now stands at 157,692 per episode. That is 6.4% ahead of the first half average of Season Three (148,154). Of course, with half of this final season gone, there is half of this final season to go.

The show will take the next two Saturdays off before returning on February 13th with “Steamed” at noon ET/11am CT on Discovery Family.

Meanwhile, Wander Over Yonder was welcomed openly. The pairing of “The Secret Planet” and “The Bad Hatter” drew an estimated 532,000 on Disney XD on Monday night. It is the first time since “The Battle Royale” in October that the show has drawn north of a half million viewers. The Season Two average now stands at 471,909 per episode.

Next up is “The Hole..Lotta Nuthin” and “The Show Stopper” next Monday at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm on Disney XD.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily with Nielsen Media Research as its source.


LPS Review: “Guilt Tripping”


(NOTE:  This episode was released on Netflix on January 11th along with the first half of Season Four of Littlest Pet Shop. Therefore, in fairness to those who do not have Netflix, this review has been withheld from publishing until after its airing on Discovery Family on January 16th.)

Blythe is late to class and ignores the “No Running in the Halls” signs which are relevant for this particular episode. She causes a domino effect that leads to Whittany Biskit hanging on to the conveniently-placed fire alarm. Mr. Barish comes in and suspends the Biskit Twins (despite a better “excuse” than for previously incidents at the school)—and there was much rejoicing apart from Blythe, who feels guilty. Uh, can a teacher really do that? That’s our A-plot. The B-plot is that Pepper accidentally breaks Vinnie’s lucky rock and is now awaiting Vinnie’s punishment—and waiting.

So yes, the rest of the school behaves like the residents of Bikini Bottom did in “Gone.” The Biskits were only suspended one day (for Principal Morris’s fear that Fisher sues the school again), but the Biskits don’t return immediately because they’re at “treatment”. Blythe jumps to a lot of conclusions until she comes clean and vows to tutor them in all the schoolwork they missed, which in the eyes of Principal Morris is a worse punishment than anything he can come up with. It turns out the Biskits were undergoing spa treatment, but they still have to put up with Blythe tutoring them.

Meanwhile, Pepper spends almost the remainder of the episode nervously awaiting Vinnie’s punishment. However, Vinnie is too busy mourning his broken rock. Ultimately, Vinnie just wants Pepper to apologize saying that just letting Pepper hang while thinking about an appropriate punishment was punishment enough. He even allows Pepper to keep the rock—since he has a lot of them which we never saw before.

In the B-plot, we have a good story apart from the fact that lucky rocks have never been brought up before. And then, the gag at the end actually subtracts from that story. Otherwise, the suspense is enough to keep the viewer interested in what’s going to happen.

As for the A-plot, yes, the Biskits are terrible, but I’m seriously calling protagonist-centered morality on Sue, Youngmee, and to an extent Mr. Barish as they go endlessly about how life is wonderful with the Biskits suspended while Blythe is feeling guilty which she has every right to since it was her misdeed that caused the Biskits to get suspended in the first place. Because of that, the episode really suffers and it’s essentially a cross between “Gone” and “The Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble” with the way Blythe jumps to some extreme and ridiculous conclusions. Sadly, there’s not a lot to like about this episode.

Pluses and Minuses:

  • +  B-plot has suspense
  • –  Plot convenience
  • –  WTH, School (especially Sue and Youngmee)?
  • –  Blythe jumping to conclusions
  • –  Since when did Vinnie have a lucky rock(s)?