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New Season 4 Promo Airs During Littlest Pet Shop

A new promo for season 4 of Friendship is Magic aired today during the premier of Littlest Pet Shop. Watch it after the jump [Or an official copy uploaded to the Hub’s youtube channel here]! (Don’t watch it if you don’t like spoilers.)

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Multiple Lines from “Princess Twilight Sparkle” Revealed

The Hub just posted a screenshot of the first page of Meghan McCarthy’s script for “Princess Twilight – Part One.”

EXCLUSIVE: first look at the script from the season four premiere episode of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

Expand the element below to view it.

Screenshot of the first page of “Princess Twilight – Part One”


Title and Synopsis of “Daring Don’t”

There we go! The more or less promised Daring Do episode will air in early December.

Via Zap2it:

Synopsis of episode “Daring Don’t”

Daring Don’t

S04, E04 ()

Rainbow Dash and friends offer to help their favorite author finish her latest book.

Alternative Synopses for Premiere Episodes


The Hub has published a new synopses or rather episodic storylines for “Princess Twilight – Part One” and “Princess Twilight – Part Two.”

Possible “Princess Twilight – Part One” spoilers

“Princess Twilight – Part One” —Princess Twilight is busy adjusting to her new wings and new role in Equestria when Celestia and Luna go missing. Meanwhile, her friends are all having unusual troubles of their own and it will take all of them working together to help find the missing royals, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, November 23 at 10 a.m. ET/ 7 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

Possible “Princess Twilight – Part Two” spoilers

“Princess Twilight – Part Two” —The ponies need to put the rest of the puzzle pieces together to find Celestia and Luna before it’s too late. Their journey becomes even more dangerous when they must travel deep into the heart of the expanding Everfree Forest and learn stunning news about the Elements of Harmony, on “My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic,” Saturday, November 23 at 10:30 a.m. ET/ 7:30 a.m. PT on the Hub Network.

The document also gives a cast list. While the main cast is as expected, the guest cast is more revealing.

Possible cast spoilers

Discord (John de Lancie)
Princess Celestia (Nicole Oliver)
Zecora (Brenda Crichlow)
Royal Guard, Royal Guard #3, Train Conductor (Andrew Francis)
Sweetie Belle (Claire Corlett)
Big Mac, Royal Guard #2, Messenger Pony (Peter New)


Titles and Synopses for First Three Season 4 Episodes

After it had turned out that yesterday’s date for the third episode of season 4 was merely an extrapolation by Futon Critic, Zap2it has now corroborated the date and also published title and synopsis.

I’ve taken the liberty of changing the dates to the internationally standardized format ISO 8601.

Titles and synopses of season 4 episodes one through three
S04, E01 : Now a Princess, Twilight Sparkle’s Summer Sun Celebration plans are put on hold when Princesses Luna and Celestia go missing.
S04, E02 : In order to save Equestria from the Everfree Forest, Princess Twilight and friends must bring their Elements to the Tree of Harmony.
S04, E03 : While in Luna and Celestia’s old castle, the ponies are convinced it is haunted by the Pony of Shadows.

Promo for Season 4 Premiere

The Hub broadcast a few scenes from the season 4 premiere combined with a Littlest Pet Shop promo. For the synopsis, see our recent post on the Hub press release.

Catch it after the break.

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Synopsis of Season 4 Premiere Episodes “Princess Twilight”


The Hub just published the synopsis of the two season 4 premiere episodes on November 23, 10 a.m. EST!

Leading up to the episodes they will reair Equestria Girls.

The fourth season begins with a revealing two-part premiere in which the newly crowned Princess Twilight must balance her new royal duties and her friendship with the other ponies. Amid preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration in Canterlot, Princesses Celestria [sic] and Luna go missing and the Everfree Forest is taking over Equestria. These unexpected turn of events sends Princess Twilight and her pony friends on a quest to discover a mysterious foe who threatens to destroy everything. It is all up to Princess Twilight and her friends to help save Equestria from being destroyed. As part of the journey, Princess Twilight is given the chance to discover the secret behind the Elements of Harmony.

The press release also mentions the executive producers Chris Bartleman, Kirsten Newlands, and Stephen Davis but adds: “Also returning this season is … co-executive producers Meghan McCarthy, who also serves as story editor ….” It seems Meghan McCarthy has been promoted.