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Short: Rarity’s Peek Behind the Boutique: Customer Critiques


In what seems to be the final part of a trilogy, here’s this week’s installment of Rarity’s Peek Behind the Boutique: Customer Critiques. Video behind the break.


Short: Peek Behind the Boutique: Fashion Do’s & Don’ts


As promoted last week, here’s the 90-second short filled with fashion tips from Rarity. Check it out below.


MLP Shorts: Baby Flurry Heart’s Heartfelt Scrapbook

aunt_twilight_gets_to_work_by_dm29-d9v6eih[1]Aunt Twilight Gets To Work by dm29

Two new video shorts are up on the official MLP YouTube, featuring Pinkie Pie and Flurry Heart in a retelling of past FiM stories, presented in “felt” animation. Watch them after the break.

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