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The Scare Master (Supposedly S5E21) published on iTunes!


FINAL EDIT: It’s over guys, S5E21 has been pulled out of iTunes and been replaced by Rarity Investigate!

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Titles & Synopsis of MLP 503 & 504 via Zap2it

While Zap2it can be pretty legit most of the time, the site does have some glitchy methods of making some fake looking episode pages via manipulation of the urls, though typically its crossing information with other shows.  The following episode titles and synopsis that have been found look pretty solid.  Screens and information behind the page break.

Thanks to Wayoshi of TRS Forums for the find.

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Equestria Girls – Probable Screencap Leak of Rainbow Rocks


Earlier tonight a random anonymous user of 4chan began to post what appears to be ‘camera on tv’ screenshots of Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks on the /mlp/ board.  The above image kicked off the leak, giving proof that anon could possibly deliver.  So far over 25 screenshots have been posted with more possibly inbound.  While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of this leak, the evidence seems to point towards “real”.  The above DVD is probably one of the copies of the movie handed out to various media outlets for preview & review.

Obviously major spoiler alerts.  We have so far collected 25 screenshots from the /mlp/ thread, and at the time of this post this thread was still active with possibly more screenshots inbound.  Check back later for a possibly updated gallery.

Image gallery after the break.  Beware.

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Finale Preview via MLP Facebook


As we come closer to the season finale this Saturday, an epic flood of spoiler material is slowly leaking onto the internet. This time we have a 30+ second clip via the official MLP Facebook page. For the moment you’ll have to head on over to the site to watch, check back later for YouTube version.

Video after the break.

Yet Another Season Finale Clip

This afternoon we have yet another clip from the season finale, this time from hollywoodreporter.com

Spoilers after the page break.

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Preview Clip via MLP Facebook for “Equestria Games”



New preview clip via the official MLP Facebook page.

New Rainbow Dash Mane from Canterlot Nights

Spoilers for Rainbow Dash? Yes, please!

A new spoiler dropped from the MLP CCG Twitter today revealing a new Mane for a certain somepony! After the break, we’ll take a look at her and see what interesting plays she might bring. Read more →