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One Frame from the Season 3 Premiere

After two full-length songs and another longer scene, a single frame might not seem much, but I think those facial expressions make up for that.

Because we ♥ our Facebook fans so much…we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek photo from the new season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic!

Posted by The Hub a few minutes ago.

(I hope that’s not to spoilery for you? I can move it after the break if necessary.)

[Spoilers] NYCC Season 3 Clip – On Screen Footage

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG! by GlancoJusticar

We finally have on-screen footage of the Season 3 clip shown at NYCC, courtesy of the My Little Pony Facebook page.  Click here for the clip. Or watch it after the break.

[Update – The villain’s name has been corrected by Nayuki on Allspark]

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Title and Synopsis for Season 3 Premiere Two-Parter

A villain has arrived! by Sherbeht

A villain has arrived! by Sherbeht

We’ve reported on the release schedule for the Crystal Empire DVD (December 4, 2012), but up until now the episode listing was not known. As Equestria Daily reports, Shout! Factory has now posted it on their website. It’s hidden behind the break.

The Shout! Factory page (link according to Equestria Daily) is unfortunately unreachable at this time (and not yet in the caches of several search engines), but the data is corroborated by an independent post that has probably been published earlier and that provides more context than the Equestria Daily post.

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Second Season 3 Song/Preview

Crystal Fair Song

Crystal Fair Song

Seems everyone was asleep when this hit, but that’s what we have night shifts for here at DHN (who wake up regrettably late on weekends).

It seems we’ll learn more about Princes Cadance’s backstory, and about a certain Crystal Kingdom with crystal ponies. That name has a more fairy tale–like ring to it than “Crystal Empire,” don’t you think?

And I don’t want to keep this from you: Seth of Equestria Daily documenting the pony panel at Comoic-Con. We already posted a short summary, and DerpySquad will probably indulge you all with a comprehensive Comic-Con writeup once we know ALL the facts.

The video was released by PixelatedGeek along with a better version of The Failure Song that was released earlier. Many thanks for the heads-up to Elissa!

Watch it after the break, so the homepage doesn’t “scroll slow.”

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Exclusive Season 3 Clip from Comic-Con 2012

The Failure Song

The Failure Song

So it seems my best pony has failed a test and sings a beautiful song about the experience. Oh my Celestia. Heart-wrenching.

Thanks a lot to FrkygpMusic for uploading the first version, filmed on SDCC, and thanks to SweBow of Legends of Equestria for the heads-up!

Update: Some of our colleagues over on Equestria Daily actually got to attend the panel. Seth writes that Derpy might indeed return for little background roles, according to the panelists, and that the folks from Hasbro “have her everywhere now”; that it seems like Octavia might get a voice, and that it’ll be Cathy Weseluck’s; and also that Trixie and Luna will likely return.

Also, can someone make out whether someone actually says “Tune in next month …” at the end? I can’t really understand it.

I swapped in the PixelatedGeek version of the clip. Watch it after the break! (And feel free to watch the second song too.)

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New TV Ad for the Hub’s Royal Wedding Pages


As MDBjc and Calpain report, the Hub has broadcast a new TV commercial for their Royal Wedding subpages and the season finale. The actual footage from the episodes, however, is minimal. They launched their latest activity, “DJ Pinkie Pie,” not even two hours ago, so that now all the activities appear to be operational. The Flash includes simple looping animations of the mane six and Spike dancing, which you can arrange before the backdrop of Celestia, Luna, and several high-profile background ponies while Vinyl Scratch plays tunes from The Best Night Ever, Stare Master, and other episodes. Unfortunately, it is not easily possible to let only Twilight Sparkle dance everywhere all the time.

TV Guide with a sneak peak of MLP (Updated)

TV guide has posted an article with a sneak peak video of an upcoming episode! The article itself talks about MLPs way of referencing other media, like Star Wars of Big Lebowski.

Check out the article!

(YouTube embedded after the break. Spoiler Alert, obviously.)

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