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SU Review: “Steven Floats”, “Drop Beat Dad” and “Mr.Greg”


“Steven Floats”

Steven and the Gems return home and Steven wants to get a donut from the Big Donut. It’s closed for the night, but Sadie says they’ll have fresh donuts the next day. So Steven sets his alarm clock, but is still so overjoyed to be home, that he starts jumping higher and higher. And he discovers he can float in the sky. His descent is initially very slow. The Gems keep him company, but can’t figure a way to get him down quicker as morning approaches and his donut might go to someone else.

Steven then discovers he falls quicker when he has negative thoughts (like dying) and tries to think happy thoughts again. He finally succeeds on thinking about how the Gems kept him company during the night and Steven comes to the ground—though not as smoothly—just as Garnet predicted because future powers.

Steven though he missed the donut, but it’s Sunday, and the Big Donut opens at 7:30 on Sundays. Of course, and Steven has a new power that he must learn to control through emotions.

The focal point was introducing a new power, or one that might have been inherited from his Mom. Steven is a very emotional kid, so it figures his floating power is correlated by how positive or negative his emotions are at the time. The Gems are there for support and do real well on that end. The only misstep is that Steven’s negative thoughts go a little too dark when he feels that he’ll lose his donut and will come down in a pile of bones. Yes, there were the many ways of demise in “Future Vision,” but here we had a rather high swing of emotions. Outside of that, this was a wonderful and funny way to get back into the swing of things.


“Drop while Beat Dad”

Ready for a twist? Sour Cream is preparing for a DJ gig, much to the disapproval of his stepdad Yellowtail. As Sour Cream’s roadie, Steven hauls the equipment around. After a pit stop at Greg’s car wash, Greg’s old manager and Sour Cream’s Dad Marty comes on to the scene. He’s here to give Greg something, but then tries to make up for lost time with Sour Cream by helping him with his DJ work—or so he says. It turns out Marty is merely trying to plug Guacola which is a guacamole-flavored cola which is predictable terrible and everyone except Onion hates it. After Sour Cream tells off his Dad, Marty gives the envelope to Greg—something he says he was legally obligated to do. Yellowtail comes back to give Sour Cream his old equipment in an apparent 180º from his thoughts on DJs.

As for Greg, the envelope contains a check for $10,000,000 and the episode ends at that point. I guess we’ll have to visit that further in “Mr. Greg” on Tuesday.

Again, the six episodes in this week’s Steven Bomb appear to be connected. If you came into this expecting an episode dealing with the conflict between Sour Cream and Yellowtail, that’s not what that is. It’s more an episode to set up the next episode and give us a reminder of what a lowlife Marty really is as if “Story for Steven” didn’t make that clear. This was more a sequel episode to “Story for Steven” and while this episode by itself was OK, it really was there to set up “Mr. Greg” rather than focus on what the synopsis said the episode was about.



We find out that converting a song about being a comet into a burger jingle is worth $10 million and Greg and Steven decided to go to Empire City—and bring Pearl along. There is still some friction between Greg and Pearl since Rose fell in love with the former and not the latter. This episode exists to resolve this conflict and it does so very beautifully.

Pearl’s solo, “It’s Over”, is one of the best songs in the series and it turns out to be the reason Steven wanted to bring Pearl. Words simply won’t do justice for this episode. It confirms what we long suspected as Pearl had a thing for Rose and has been a source of great conflict for Pearl when it comes to Greg and Steven’s determination to resolve it. How much of the $10 million they have spent (likely a lot of it) remains to be seen, but this was a great musical episode, a great heartwarming episode, and the best of Season Three thus far.


“Steven Floats”:  A

“Drop Beat Dad”:  B-

“Mr.Greg”:  A+


Ratings Report: SU, LPS, MLP, and WoY


Steven Universe concluded the “In Too Deep” arc with an estimated viewership of 1.552 million viewers for “Hit the Diamond” last Thursday on Cartoon Network. For the five episode of the “In Too Deep” arc, the average was 1.542 million per episode. Next up tonight, is “Steven Floats” for the US audience at 7pm ET/6pm CT on Cartoon Network as it was already shown in France on May 22nd.

Littlest Pet Shop concluded its four-year run with 204,000 estimated viewers for Part 1 and 163,000 for Part 2 of “Littlest Pet Street.” The 204K was the highest mark since the Season Four premier episodes. The Season Four average concludes with 142,923 per episode. The Season Three average was 152,500.

MLP hit a bit of a low, last Saturday. “Flutter Brutter” drew an estimated 177,000 viewers last Saturday on Discovery Family. That puts the Season Six average at 252,455 after 11 episodes. Next up is “Spice Up Your Life” before the summer break at 11:30am ET/10:30am CT on Discovery Family.

Wander Over Yonder went up from its low from the previous week. The pairing of “The Search for Captain Tim” and “The Heebie Jeebies” drew an estimated 230,000 viewers last Monday on Disney XD. The Season Two average now stands at 421,300 with five episodes to go. Next up is “The Sick Day” and “The Sky Guy” on Monday at 8pm ET/7pm CT on Disney XD.

Ratings information for this report comes courtesy of Mitch Salem and Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research.