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Titles & Synopsis of MLP 503 & 504 via Zap2it

While Zap2it can be pretty legit most of the time, the site does have some glitchy methods of making some fake looking episode pages via manipulation of the urls, though typically its crossing information with other shows.  The following episode titles and synopsis that have been found look pretty solid.  Screens and information behind the page break.

Thanks to Wayoshi of TRS Forums for the find.

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Season 5 Premiere Episode Title & Synopsis from Shout! Factory


According to Shout! Factory’s listing for an upcoming DVD release (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Cutie Mark Quests) in June, the first two episodes of season 5 are titled Cutie Markless (Part 1 & 2). Synopsis after the break.

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November Title & Synopsis for Steven Universe


The November episodes of Steven Universe have been announced.

  • Sun 132: Fusion Cuisine (11/06/2014)
  • “To impress Connie’s parents, Steven asks the Gems to fuse together to pretend to be his mother.”
  • Sun 133: Garnet’s Universe (11/13/2014)
  • “Steven wonders what Garnet does with her day.”
  • Sun 134: Watermelon Steven (11/22/2014)
  • “Steven discovers the power to grow a patch of watermelons shaped like himself.”

Disney XD October Synopses for Wander Over Yonder & Gravity Falls

DUO DO-GOODERS by chibiirose

Wander Over Yonder “The Date / The Buddies”
Friday, October 17 (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)
“The Date” – When Lord Hater gets stood up on a date, Wander convinces Sylvia to endure a dreadful date with Hater in order save the planet from Hater’s wrath.
“The Buddies” – Trapped on his own prison planet and surrounded by enemies, Lord Hater is forced to play the role of Wander’s best buddy in order to survive.

Gravity Falls “Society of the Blind Eye”
Monday, October 27 (8:30 PM – 9:00 PM ET/PT)
The kids, along with Old Man McGucket’s help, discover there is a secret society in Gravity Falls.

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Reddit AMA with Rebecca Sugar + New Episode Title & Synopsis



In case you missed it, Rebecca Sugar took to the internet waves last evening and conducted an AMA on Reddit.  As usual we bring you a text version, but of course click source to head over to the actual thread.  While Ms.Sugar kept the spoilers to herself, there are a few tidbits of unknown details hidden, such as the following:

Q. Hi, Rebecca!  Had a question that’s sorta left ambiguous in the show. How much does the populous know about the gems, or other magical things? I’m sure most everyone knows about the monsters, or at least they saw the giant Red Eye, but do most people know that there’s a bunch of super ladies who live at the end of the beach?  Also, do you think that the gem temple is a big tourist attraction? (Officer_Milky)

A. The Earth in the show is an alternate timeline for Earth, with a history that involves Gems… people have a different relationship to supernatural things, they’re vaguely aware, but they keep their distance…  When our Gems do their job right, people don’t have to know anything is wrong… Our Gems interacting with people is a recent development that has everything to do with Steven.

I know since the series has started I’ve questioned if the show was taking place on an alternative earth, actual earth, or a random earth like planet, namely as people do not react in horror when encountering gem activity nor any government presences.  Enough with the neckbearding though.



This evening at 6:30pm ET the show returns to the airwaves with episode 102 – Coach Steven.  While this is a fresh episode for the US side of the border, the episode did air in Canada several weeks ago and made the usual “sharing” rounds on the internet.  Thankfully it seems we will also get new episodes, weekly, for a period of time.  We already have a new synopsis.

SUN Episode 121: Joking Victim – “When Lars convinces Sadie to do all of his work, Steven helps by taking a shift at the Big Donut.”

AMA transcript after the break.

[AMA Source – New Ep Source]

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Synopsis for Episode 411: Three’s A Crowd with guest star Weird Al Yankovic

Correction: The Hub published an updated version of the press release. See our new post on “Three’s a Crowd” for the new synopsis.

A press release sent out today by HubWorld features a short synopsis for Episode 411, which includes a guest voiceover by Weird Al Yankovic.  Details behind the spoiler button.

Synopsis for Episode 411 “Three’s A Crowd”

January 25 – “Three’s a Crowd”: Pinkie Pie finds her status as “super-duper party pony” in jeopardy when the mysterious Cheese Sandwich comes to town and offers to plan an epic party for Rainbow Dash. Guest voiceover by Weird Al Yankovic.

Princess Coronation: Press Release, Promo Video, and Extended Synopsis

.:Incoronation READ THE DESCRIPTION:. by TokageTheBunny

.:Incoronation READ THE DESCRIPTION:. by TokageTheBunny

The Hub has published their official press release on the Princess Coronation event (February 16), the charity concert with the first “sing-along” screening (February 9), their prominent guests, and online games and activities they plan to release this Friday. They also attached a promo clip as well as an extended episode synopsis for “Magical Mystery Cure” towards the end.

As some of you may consider parts of the announcement to be spoilery, have a peek after the break!

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